psychic flower... it can read your mind.. But it won't. It respects your privacy. He's not really an amputee... I just didn't draw his arms and legs. bus driverRed Dog, the pir8 guy! Let me see if I have Riker's Kazaa letter...Riker at work got an email today, regarding his Internet account, Kazaa, and Goldmember… nope, not cc:ed to me yet. I’ll post it tomorrow.

The long and the short of it is that they saw him with Goldmember shared on his computer, and they’re going to press charges for illegal distro of copy written goods. Sent such a scare, that kazaa is verboten at our workplace. Ah well… I’ll still do it from home. I just grab mst3k and cartoons these days, anyhow. Yikes! I still have to burn some CDs, typing of which.

Dream last night of a neighbor coming over, complaining about my reading lamp being to bright, and burning his eyes. I was nice, and apologized, even though I couldn’t see where the light would get out.

Bought a fresh batch of Newt food this evening…and got myself some junk. chocolate-cookie crunch tofutti. yumitty-yum! Strange to see an ingredient “cookies”.

I think I’m ready for a little snack. Nigh nigh, dear journal!

When he was nearly thirteen my brother Jem got his arm badly broken…

I want to just goof off today.

I’d like to get to work, have someone offer to take me out to a long lunch near my house, and have Kev call mid-payment of the check, and have them drop me at home… so I can return on Thursday, refreshed.

Erica in accounting (She’s been at the company for five years, from 16 to 21…) gave her week’s notice on Monday.

Another victim of the hubbub here at work, and not wanting to work with the Finn too closely. More’s the pity… ol’ Rico is an excellent worker, and a good person. We keep swapping out wheat for more chaff… I wonder who’s next to call it a day?

Taken out for potato pancakes. That’d be nice.

Next week or so is birthday week… Bro and Kev.. This weekend it’s going to be prezzie time. Bro’s easy, Kev… I’ll have to roam the software and toy store aisles, and see what calls my name. Also sweetheart’s Lj-versary.

Newt’s Birthday is first week next month, and sweetheart’s is the second week. They’re both easy to shop for too. Then I’ll be set.

Beat the Geeks on Ben Stein’s Money… I suspect the geeks’ show is dying, to have to guest star elsewhere. I don’t like the movie geek “Marc”…he gives me a weird vibe. The TV and music geeks look like they could carry a pleasant conversation though.

Sending more healing vibes to my sweetheart… she’s still sicky, :(…. *huggo-lovies-mendo-fixits* it seems to be going around, too. Everyone should be drinking lots of fluids, and resting!

Enough dawdling… time for me to head out. I think I’m going to spoil myself a little today, and get a big, hot lunch of something really good tasting, and probably not too good for my health.

Have a happy, dear journal.

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Looks like Tropical Storm Isidore is going to get us wet, but not blown. Still pretty variable… Rainfall estimates ranged from 3 to 25 inches. Feet of rain! I’m glad that I live someplace with good drainage! (We’ve already lowered the canals to be extra ready.) We’re already 10 inches above normal this year.

Realvideo weather channel clip

Found a new nearby hobby store… maybe I can get some custom terrain there at a reasonable cost. They’re open on Sundays! Hoody-hoo!

I put a bunch of my old magic cards up on mkrealms’ neutral grounds for trade… maybe I’ll find a MtG monkey that will give me toys (or even spending money) for my cardboard!

Sometimes I think that Newt’s Amber eyes are turning just the littlest bit green…but it might just be a trick of the light.

Speed of light broken with basic lab kit. I’m not as interested in the applications of this so much (since, as the article says, it doesn’t mean we’ll have warp drives or time machines anytime soon) as the low cost & ease of doing it. It’s like Edison & Tesla!

Carpe Vultus – Man is driving car. Man has seizure. Man crashes car into Woman’s car. Woman sues – not for the damage done to her car (one would assume insurance covers that), but because she was freaked out by the bizarre faces Man Having Seizure was making. Woman wins, Man has to pay £3,500 in compensation. Ugh… well, at least it’s not in the USA this time…we can point fingers at other legal systems for stupid lawsuits too.