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10,082 – Tuesday

Our initial plan for Tuesday Date day was to go see Avatar – It wasn’t meant to be, given that after shopping we got a bit sick instead of a movie, we  downloaded and played wii uno.

latest ATW man pics courtesy of ATW! My camera died right after Christmas, and the phone cam isn’t as up to the task, it seems.




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Saturday – 10, 072 – 1/16

Still not feeling so hot – yummy quiche for breakfast, and tonight we watched fanboys & extract and had a nice picnic upstairs – tried the new domino’s pizza – no the greatest, more than a little greasy. Movies weren’t the best, but it’s nice to spend time with BHK in our little treehouse.


spinach and cheese quiche!

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10,069 – wednesday

Hump day again, again, dear journal. Some good news – Netflix is coming to the Wii this spring- http://bit.ly/6tYtRz

Woke up with a sore throat – hopefully I’m not succumbing to BHK’s lingering congestion, and it was only dust from the loft. We’ll know more soon enough!

Telephone interview today – it went well! I look forward to hearing more from them soon.



Nurse Newt Making sure I’m tucked in.

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10,062 – wednesday

It’s weird that my life is so cross-referenced on the web that I post 4 entries in various parts of facebook  for each journal post I make. sorry about that!

Watched There Will Be Blood last night with BHK. (We’re rolling the netflix queue again)… and, not to sound like the horse from Ren & Stimpy, but No sir, I dodn’t think I have any use for the movie. It seemed like a very long 2nd act to me. Didn’t surprise me that it was from the same cat that did Magnolia, another film I didn’t really dig. No sir, I don’t like it.

My newest nickname is “Dr. Polarbearchesthair” for taking care of BHK while she has the sickies – If I can just get the laptop to the bed, maybe she’ll rest! Fortunately, she has her DS and a copy of Lego Indiana Jones to keep her situated for the time being.

assorted doodles from today – first – from the end of there will be blood. Take that, Eli!


The next – a random guy blowing bubbles


Lastly, my head falling for no good reason.


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10,061 -Tuesday

I like that I live somewhere that still uses horse-drawn carriages alongside the jets. 

BHK and I finally viewed Watchmen last night – not bad.. I actually think I prefer the revised ending, though the characters itself needed a lot of explanation to BHK. I give it a 6/10… Better than it might’ve been.

BHK still has her cold – looks like it’s moving down from her sinus to her chest now – hopefully, it means she’s getting better.

Got Heron: Steam Machine for the Wii – or “Yet another pipes game” – it’s a lot of fun, and stress levels are high, especially in multiplayer.

Off to the grocery – going to get some filling for tonight’s quiche feast!


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9997 – sunday

It seems that Christmas is in the air in this part of North Beach. BHK and the Nailles… not even thanksgiving! however, I don’t mind the music, especially if we get sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles, while watching Christmas Vacation. The Naille’s already have 5 or more trees up at home… BHK and I aren’t going to do a tree until at least after Turkey Day.
Dinner was with the in-laws – hot dogs on the grill, baked beans and smokin’ sweet bbq chips.
Jungle Speed yet again. Lion is my lucky animal… no bears there.
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9860 – Wednesday

Threw my back out pretty seriously this morning – this evening, and I’m still recovering from it a bit. I’ve alos decided to get back on the diet wagon, monitoring my intake more carefully again. I can keep weight off only when I’m more observant about my workouts and how much I’m feeding myself.

Got another nice short haircut for my interview on Friday. Just have to trim the beard and print copies of my tightened resume, and I’m set! 

Jay and Sean officially announced that they’re having a second child! We went over this evening to celebrate and do some long overdue chitty-chattin and eating of many cheese and crackers… and watching “will success spoil rock hunter?

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9804 – saturday

Good morning, dear journal – I will be updating you little by little over the course of today.

Using my starry-eyed icon to represent my brain on oxy-c for my back today. Very painful, but I’m taking the stupification way out today, along with my heating pad.

Later – Bhk home from her schoolwork – Back is still fairly out. Heating pad is helping, and I’m having chinese food with the in-laws while watching NCIS.

Bugah comes over tomorrow. I can hardly wait! We’ll put in some quality buddy time this week – I have to remember to ask if Harry Potter is acceptable for him to see. Certainly Wii games and some outside time by the bay will happen.

Set up my google voice account – 410-929-6473 (can call it anywhere from the continental usa for free) – likely will go to voicemail, though.

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atw man 4th

atw man 4th, originally uploaded by scottobear.

happy 4th of july from the atw man – watch your fingers!

note – seen after we went out too catch the Land of the Lost Movie today – I rather liked it, and I’m a fan of the original show.