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getting chilly!

There is no current Advisory for Calvert County.  The potential is a gradient of snow from approximately ½ inch of snow in the northern areas of Calvert down to nothing in the southern end.  If precipitation starts it will be flurries after 9 pm with the most significant band between midnight and 6 am.  After the precipitation, a cold front will move through the area with winds potentially in the 30-40mph range and some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

Saturday morning could be in the single digits.


Snow will develop during the afternoon hours (3-5pm) and continue into the night ending between midnight and 4am. Northern Calvert may see around 4 inches and Southern Calvert may receive 2-4 inches. Winds will be out of the Northwest to West at 15-20mph with gusts of 30-35mph. Temperatures will remain at or just above freezing during the day and return to below freezing toward evening. There is a potential for some ice accumulation of 1/10 of an inch or less. Tides will not be a factor.

10102 – Monday

BHK and I went on a little walkabout to pick up the mail and stretch our legs – hit the boardwalk where someone put together a nifty, albeit a bootylicious snowman – snow was piled up from the plows in the back area parking lot to about 8-10 feet.


0208001525.jpg  downsized_0208001529.jpg  0208001523.jpg

Walkies were fun, though I was more than a little sore afterward. Some stretching and a heating pad is putting me right.

Chris & Mandy came over for some supper – Taco salad (real meat for them, pseudo-meat for BHK and me) It was tasty, but poor Chris was knocked out from his weekend of meteorology – and he’s likely going back to DC tomorrow for a few days at a hotel – expecting 10 to 25 inches feet more of snow tomorrow afternoon into the evening.

BHK looks like she’s going to hit the sack early, and I think I’ll join her, once I’m sure the phones are charged and the doors are locked, although, it’s very unlikely anyone’s coming in through the back door – there’s still a couple of feet of snow on the deck.

Amy got a DS, though her sister is apparently fond of making off with it- I want to set her and BHK both up with Acekard2 and a good collection of homebrew software.

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10,098 – Saturday

As you can see by the pile o’ previous pix, it’s been snowing, dear journal. Supposedly a storm of epic proportions, 2012 come early, the great white wall o’doom.

First time in 30 years that the post office hasn’t delivered mail (from here to DC anyhow).

For my own future swift access – 


0206002020.jpg  0205001546.jpg  0205001549.jpg  downsized_0205001619.jpg  0205001620.jpg  0206001549.jpg  0206001722.jpg  0206001722a.jpg  0206001723.jpg  0206001723b.jpg  0206001723a.jpg  0206001727.jpg  snowy blizzard as seen from across the street  0206001419.jpg  0206001023.jpg  0206001012.jpg  downsized_0206001011.jpg

Eh, This is downright pleasant compared to a hurricane. Sure, the snow is two feet deep at the non-drifted points (as tall as me at the high end) – but we still have power and heat. BHK has shoveled a tunnel over to the Naille’s next door – I’m opting to stay inside with a pair of sweats on, and a couple of kitties to keep me warm while I type.

I’ve caught up my journal from the last couple of days, some are shorter than others, but at least I have the logs in place.

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Sunday – 10,087

Snow Day! Staying in, avoiding the slippy-slidey foolishness outside if we can help it.

Everything is covered with a light coating of clean, crisp white. I rather like it, though it seems like it’ll all be gone before my birthday.

I finished GASP! finally – a fun read. I’m not sure if I want to put it on bookmooch, send it to a friend, or save it for a future read.

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