A jellybath…. could be good… could be creepy… could be sexy… could be icky. You can’t eat it.

Weird stuff…but well thought-out. I’d like to know what the composition of it is, and how the dissolution packet breaks it back down…. seems ideal for pranking.

Cool diagrams of skyscrapers… I’m partial to the north bund tower, or all of shanghai… but it’s neat to do a local search, too… strange, the things online. here’s my city’s… not too many… but Miami has some pretty ones.

update – monuments… neat.

From a new Semantics column on Ambient Findability

“Having achieved this network nirvana, the question is inevitable: what’s next? For an information architect with library roots, the answer is obvious: ambient findability.

I want to be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Me too! I want to by lying in my hammock, gazing at the stars and be able to yell out, “When were dogs first domesticated?” and have an answer.

Ahh… long weekend ahead, all my chores are done, and a thunderstorm outside. Looks like I lost power while out to laundry…several thooming bolts from the blue went off a few hours ago, and my VCR’s LEDs are blinking. I probably should get a small ups for the TV and its accessories.

Newt welcomed me home with a loud hello-mer…. I wonder if the thunder spooked him? Quite affectionate right now, so I’m off to lounge and snuggle.

Oh! My brother the entrepreneur decided to use the packing for my computer desk into a nicely lettered sign – parking $5, all day… honk twice. Smart kid… making use of the nearby art festival and his lack of a car to turn a buck.

Played a couple of games of heroclix with Dave… 300 pointers, one game over beer, the second over coffee. Dave won the beer game, and I took coffee.

I think Professor X is a jinx piece… I’ve never seen him play on a winning team where Dave is involved. The leadership power is tempting, and mind control fun, though. I like telling other people’s pieces to cause mayhem.

The second game was very close, too…I think that if I’d not taken it that turn, he could very possibly have won the following…. the first game, however was all his.

I didn’t go to the art fair today…but I heard that it was only mediocre from my brother.

Zen-kitty was looking good… Marley has lost weight, and has some red spotting on his nose…they’re taking him to the vet on Tuesday. Luna is putting on weight. The humans all look healthy.