prologue, or why fonts are fun.

SO DON’T BELIEVE ME! I don’t care. They exist! (They do!)

And they wait! (Oh yes!) They wait! In the dark. To suck the marrow from your bones. To scoop the soft tasty parts from your skull (for dessert!)

Creatures of mist and memory

The nightmare people.

And… they’re coming, brother! they’re coming…

…for you!

And only one man can stop them…


Strange visitor from beyond humanity, once confined to a forgotten sacred cave by a den of mutated turkey vultures — Mr. Scott O’Bear, heir to the mysteries of the unknown, miraculously escaped his ordeal unscathed! Purified by the experience, he exacted swift vengeance on his ghastly tormentors as Scottobear!! Since then he has wandered the earth, searching out other such abominations… and destroying them!!!

Probably not to be continued….