Painful headache this afternoon. Migraine-level. Made me sick to my stomach, but the head-throb was the worst. I took some naproxin, and made it as dark as I could, then went to sleep. Newt welcomed the daytime stay, and snuggled on my neck. A good drug for what ailed me.
F-ing head! Not shown… The spike is white hot.

Woke up, mostly relieved, and scribbled my dream images down on the palm.

My dreams featured these two elements… I don’t remember much else about them. A Beekeeper at night, with a droopy moustache, and a crazy woman laughing in my ear.

"The honey is sweetest at midnight, friend. Steer clear of the smoke, and you'll be safe." Uh, what?Man... She was scary. Some sort of villain, to be sure.