Scribbles from Today, as always, hover mouse over image for minor commentary.

WOD - Combover... On the bus I saw this guy... well, see next picture. A guy on the bus.... he had some kind of gunk in his hair to slide a few long follicle/tentacles from his sideburns over what should've been a purely bald pate. the oil-factor was what got me going.

My mind drifted to micro to macro scale, and then to old west Science fiction. Migelito Loveless, where are you now?

I was drawing an atom, and it came to me that the bottom looked like a basket. Ray Palmer shoots, and scores! It's Valent!View of the sun from somewhere in the asteroid belt. I hope you brought a sweater... and a good book. there's no atmosphere at all. Look out! It's a steam-powered robot, armed with a gatling gun... Why rob banks when your automaton can do it for you? If the guys at the OK corral had two of these, the fight might've gone a bit differently.

That Steam gatling has – Robot legs, a front loading steam engine (wood or coal heat the water), a lovely pressure gauge, a steam whistle(whoo-whoo!), and a giant front-mounted gatling gun.. The flat top also serves as a bun/pastry warmer.

I was so tired at work today… it was feeling like someone took a straw, stuck it into my vitality tank, and was siphoning it. I’m all groovy here, though. I think I may’ve gotten up too early this morn (6am). I didn’t have any food until 3pm, either. rethink that strategy tomorrow.

Brought home some cardboard boxes for Newtie to play with… he’s contentedly chomping on his crinkle-bug inside one now. The sounds of a happy cat in a make-shift habitrail. It’s a multi-story tube, with a hole in each one that he can fit through… though when he exits via the top, it gets kicked sideways.

It’s nice, being able to please him that easily… it makes me feel good, knowing that he’s so content and chipper.

Found a three-column template today that’s css, works on Netscape 4.x, and doesn’t use frames. Score! In English, that means I don’t have to deal with multiple pages of the same crappy design for each browser I’m supporting. Good news.

Time now for tofu in peanut sauce with mixed veggies.. over white rice. Home made. That’s right. yum!

Dreamt that my sweetheart and I were working in the Peace Corps together… and after our year was up, it turned out that there was a TV spy from some European reality television show. We’d become big celebrities overseas… I was annoyed, because for some reason, they didn’t need my permission to film us. No signatures or contracts were collected before putting us on the air.

The upside of it was that after the show became wildly popular, a huge surge in volunteer work and peace corps-type activities took place. I recall that my beloved was really disappointed in Conan O’Brien. “I thought he would be funny… but he’s a big dumbass. All he talks about is ‘does my hair look ok to you?’… And he smells like sardines. The band is really nice, though– they showed me how to do a chord that I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time.” < -approximate dream quote. To be fair, Conan did smell like a stinky, long-dead fish...bad enough to make my eyes water. Sweetheart taught English and crop skills to the people we were working with... My instruction was also English and assorted engineering stuff, like building houses. I remember it being very difficult, lots of hands-on but quite rewarding. Our two-person hut was tiny, but somehow, we had room for about 200 books, our bed, and each other. On a wholly other note - this is a lot of fun…I like having a coffee-hungry nun attacked by scissors while trying to circumnavigate large muffins. Turn off the sound, if you’re at work!