Wow… sleepy day. been resting off and on, trying to shake my yuckies.

too early to tell yet.

I can hardly wait until Halloween. I made a little cartoon.

Random classical dancer factoid – Your average male dancer is expected to be able to leap somewhere between four and five feet off the ground. Baryshnikov is an exception: on a good day, with a good wind, he can reach six feet. Not bad for a little fella (he stands 5’8″ in his leotard feet), especially considering the world’s record for the high jump, which was in the neighborhood of eight feet last time I looked.

Random Scotto factoid – I can standing jump somewhere in the neighborhood of two feet and some. (Assuming my doorknob is 3 feet from the ground.) Dang. Six feet? That’d put Mickey’s Feet at my face-level.

I didn’t know the Guinness book was online, until today! Neato!

Good news! The state of Washington won its first anti-spam case! Huzzah. The law here says that unsolicited email is not per se illegal, but rather is a civil violation if it fails to include a legitimate return address, has a misleading subject line, is mailed to Washington state individuals who have opted out from receiving UCE, or misuses Internet resources, like relaying through mail servers that don’t allow this (even if they’re technically set up to allow it). Here’s the law.

Let’s get that in Florida!

one month until a special day! (30 days, anyhow)

Recently heard –

“Rave is nothing like disco! Disco was crappy, cheesy electronic music, ugly expensive clothes, lousy dancing, drugs up the ass and wild sex! Rave is… uh, um.. well we don’t have wild sex… oh, forget it.”

Played Mageknight with Dave earlier, I won two out of three games. (I won a 300 and a 200-pt, he won the final 200-point) His winning tactic was a good one… send in fliers with area effect attacks to nail me from behind, while I wasted time spinning around to get my firing arcs in line with the enemy… then sending in big muscle to finish the job. Plus, he killed off my medic just about first thing. Excellent methodology.

My way of winning is usually a static artillery, and formation movement… taking advantage of cutting off his ranged attackers by going into close combat quickly with his weaker elements. I need to download and print these out… my special abilities card doesn’t list the circles. Unlimited special abilities card Dungeon special abilities card

for the record… I’m guilty of liking both disco and rave music.

Soon, the new building going up will hide the potato-chip looking amphitheatre… drat.

A year ago today – Ziito, Vulkon, and helpful hints re: gremlins. A year and a day ago, my sweetheart sang to me.

Two years ago – Bon Jovi, present reminder, and federal spending thoughts.

Lucasarts plans to release a sequel to the very, very awesome PC adventure game, hopefully in 2004. Here’s the press release. He that pulls the linoleum knife from this mailman shall be rightwise born king of England! See also this.

Healing vibes to my sweetheart… *beambeambeam*