I forgot until I was out the door this morning that it was vote-day! So much for getting to work terribly early. I managed to avoid all the tech-trouble that many of the stations were having today.

I won my ebay auction… so I should be getting more little figures than I’ll ever need, for cheapy-cheap. 🙂 Toys! Yay! Fun!

Where’s my PM thunderstorms?

Computer-controlled music played on explosion organs. – Remember that church organ that I thought looked like it was designed to fire projectiles at the listeners?

The Large Hot Pipe Organ is the world’s only MIDI controlled, propane powered explosion organ. The LHPO’s pyro-acoustic explodo-rhythmations will throbbatize your earholes and dance-ify your booty and make you realize what “Industrial Music” REALLY means!

Cool Doodles by Stanislaw Lem – I especially liked the Skeleton of a Procyte

I’m going to turn in a little early… I think a good long night of rest is in order. The vertigo passed about noonish today, but I had no real appetite… I’m going to put a little fuel in the body, just for doing so, and then it’s reading and playing with the Newtzilla before beddy-bye.

Going into work early… maybe I can bug out early, too. I have an urge to propel myself rapidly through the day today, for some reason. There’s a desire to burn off the daylight.

Still suffering from a slight loss of balance, but no longer groggy. I’m going to take it carefully, if swiftly. No bicycle today, all bus. I’ll take a cab home tonight. I’m feeling a little susceptible to collision today.

Pretty day today. Calm winds, pretty warm, but not hot. I can feel a little pressure in my back, but not in a bad way. Thunderstorms are coming tonight.

Have a good day, dear journal.

An orange cat… I’m not naming names… decided that it’d be fun to get up to snuggle and play extra early this morning.

He’s all tuckered out now, but I’m not ready to go back to bed yet… and it’s too early to go outside for walkies… still rather dark. Brain’s not up to really reading or writing too much at the moment.

Five hours until my ebay auction closes… nobody else has bid on it, but it’s usually not until the last moment that the sneaky-boogers jump in and start sniffing around.

Mild dizziness this morn. Not sure if it’s the groggies from an early rise, or if I’m getting symptoms of Dave’s cold. No other flu-elements yet, so we’ll see what happens. The ol’ noggin doesn’t have all the right marbles in the proper holes at the moment yet.

Well, off to the morning routine. See you in a bit, dear journal.