Two years ago today.- The Laundromat encounter.

A year ago – The account of the Fisher king

Surfing elfwood… there is such a great range of talent there… from the “Who gave that monkey a colored stick” to “Holy moley, that’s fantastic!” Moderator’s choice can sometimes help to find the niftier images, unless you prefer to graze the gazillion piccies there one at a time. This guy has done a great job with sculpey. I was looking for 3-d art this time, and discovered that sculpey works as a keyword! fimo’s next.

I like this girl’s stuff, too. I’ve got to get some of that glow in the dark sculpey.

Leftovers tonight… oh, tofu, thou art mighty.

Sculpey, sculpey, sculpey. say it with me. it’s a fun word. Polymers rock.

Oh, my ears and whiskers… ERASER CLAY! You can make erasers!


loud guy by my window #2…I think I scared him. I walked over to his car, and he was digging the music, bobbing his head to some urban bass junk…. He didn’t see me until I knocked on his car window. I told him that he’s parked next to my apartment, and that I’d appreciate some consideration. He said no problem, and drove away. All I wanted was the radio at a neighborly level. If your windows are up, I don’t need to be able to hear it in my house, thooming.

Dunceworthy folks at work. I’m beginning to get sick of the whole HR group… I’m trying to adjust aflac on of my insurance for about four months now. Finn tells me that a representative will be at work tomorrow….and I can get things taken care of, then. Great! I ask why *she* can’t do it, as she has all the information re:what I want done and so no.. and has been working on getting it taken care of since day one (har-dee-har-har) and she tells me it’s not really an HR issue. Insurance isn’t HR? Hm. Fooled me. Why’s she been “working on it” for the last quarter, then? She’s not winning any prizes in efficiency, work ethic, or charm. Ah well… she has to live with everyone at the company actively hating her (save for Kev and Paul…and she’s burning those bridges, too…) I now know that if I want anything remotely HR related done that I’ll have to do it myself, either by going over her head, or cutting in on her power from the side. So be it.

Chupa is becoming problematic again… wants all of the power, but none of the responsibility that goes with her department… Since Lourdes is out for an operation, someone has to open the mail shop at 5:30/6:00 am… really her part of that department, so she has to get up an hour earlier (she arrives at work at about 6:30 now.) to let people in. She claims that this is unacceptable, and that “Somebody better take care of it.” to which the board replied.. “You take care of it… it’s your department. If you can’t, or won’t let the people in… find someone you trust, and have them do it. if you don’t trust anyone, tough beans. Nobody’s waiting for you in the parking lot for an hour again. If the job doesn’t go out, it’s your head.

Sappho’s ankle is mending nicely…she’s off her crutches, and taking things gingerly.

More hubbub brewing at work… it looks like one of the Mail shop guys is going to be suspended for a day or two for mouthing off to Chupa…I don’t think that he deserves it… she butted in where she doesn’t belong, and got told to buzz off. No cursing, just told her to “Go away”. She claims that she went home and had a panic attack. Man… she’s in the wrong business if someone telling her to take a hike is going to stress her out that much. I saw the tape… not worth her losing any sleep over.

Newt’s very talkative tonight.. I wonder what’s gotten into him? I suspect that the loud music guy may’ve been there for a while.

woke up this morn, no soreness at all, but a trifle groggy. that cleared up about five or ten minutes afterwards… but by the time I’d shaken the cobs free, it seems that last night’s dreams also departed, too. only fragment I remember was redesigning something… maybe making a toy or a model.. something with my hands.

potato chip amphitheatre is mostly obscured by three brown columns… strange to see a crane hanging down into the image.. like a skyhook, attached to nothing. Not rainy today, yet.

How gullible are you? I got two questions wrong. (The Toilet one… and Chabungungamung Pond.)

I want to implement this on my homepage, in a guestbook. a more permanent guestmap.

I’m the thidmost southern member!