percentages are precip… temperatures in Fahrenheit

Beware of water, Mr. Dunn...

Today Sep 05 Scattered T-Storms 89°/75° 50 %
Fri Sep 06 Scattered T-Storms 88°/76° 50 %
Sat Sep 07 Isolated T-Storms 87°/74° 30 %
Sun Sep 08 Scattered T-Storms 87°/74° 40 %
Mon Sep 09 Heavy T-Storms 85°/76° 80 %
Tue Sep 10 T-Storms 87°/74° 90 %
Wed Sep 11 T-Storms 88°/75° 60 %
Thu Sep 12 Scattered T-Storms 88°/75° 40 %
Fri Sep 13 Isolated T-Storms 88°/75° 40 %
Sat Sep 14 Isolated T-Storms 89°/75° 30 %

I’m glad I have my “Unbreakable” costume to wear… it’s green, but doesn’t say Security on the back. No rain here yet… but I can smell it.

Sweetheart – in the works. possibly multiple designs. Playing with femo. Fun .:)

Dan – black t-shirt with swirly orange and white design on the front, maybe his name on the back? Brown/rust colored pants, black sneakers, and his moustache. Maybe a little blue leg brace on his right knee, too. (Don’t put on his bald spot, be nice, Scotto.)

Brother – Surf-shorts, t-shirt, long hair, sandals. Maybe a surfboard?

Holy Viagra, Batman! maybe not safe for work…

Well, Ford has given up on making electric-only cars. That’s pretty sad. I would love to see electric-only cars (instead of hybrid) ruling the highways. Personally, I never heard of their car, the THINK. It looks kinda dippy, but cute…very much like it was designed for a non-US market.

Even the limited range would work perfectly for me… (6 hours to charge a battery and you can go 53 miles. Seeing as I live within a 20 mile trip, it’d work out ok, but they need to up the ante for the bigger commuters, and plugging in at work might be a no-no, too, depending on the trickle draw) I hope hybrids can bridge the gap, eventually.

My new favorite online dictionary – Onelook… where else could I discover this – Hungarian – lóvé : money Non-count noun. Originally a gypsy word. ‘Tele van lóvéval’ means he is loaded with money. Love=money! Other good slang expressions there, too. Probably not safe for work.

Factoids not about Scotto-

  • A necropsy is an autopsy on animals.
  • 0.3% of all road accidents in Canada involve a moose.
  • 13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them.
  • Behram, an Indian thug, holds the record for most murders by a single individual. He strangled 931 people between 1790-1840 with a piece of yellow and white cloth, called a ruhmal.
  • The most murders by a woman is 610 young women, by Countess Erzsebet Bathory of Hungary. (So she could bathe in and drink the blood) between 1560 and 1615.

Tropical paradise made from recycled bottles

If you can’t afford beachfront real-estate, why not make your own?

A British carpenter who dreamed of living on a private sunshine isle built himself one using 250,000 plastic bottles.
Richie Sowa spent four years making the floating Spiral Island, which measures 66ft by 54ft, weighs 60 tons and has three sandy beaches.

The mangrove-covered paradise, which is anchored off the coast of Mexico, includes a two-bedroom house with a large living room and kitchen.

The walls are made from palm trees and the roof is plastic sheeting.

Richie hopes to make the island totally self-sustainable and is growing food including tomatoes.

Here’s an article about what we’ve done regarding Saudi oil in the last year...the short version, we’re still giving them a pile o’ money. I’d think boycotting them and getting our juice from other sources would be a stronger message to the world than declaring war. No one body is to blame… Democrats and republican both should be ashamed of how little they’ve done.

Looks like art conspiracy has decided to stop remote hosting… bah! I guess I’ll start using msn’s host, until I fill it up… I hate having little picture-holes in my journal, though. I should go back, and update with a link to the site, so people can connect directly to there to see.

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