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Writer’s Block: Lame jobs (9358-predated)

I’ve had a lot of jobs that had rough aspects to ’em.

Hardest physical work – Roofing. Back-breaking gig of spreading sticky tar with a mop over a flat, reflective roof in Florida’s summer sun was probably the most difficult physical labor in my life. I surely couldn’t do it these days. Additionally, half of the crew I worked with was drunk, half were surly and half didn’t speak English to me. (those halves were not exclusive of one another, math nerds.). Who the heck drinks alcohol all day in the sun? Why be mean to people that are trying to get by? I can understand not speaking the language – but working with someone that doesn’t have a common tongue can be a challenge for me – I like conversation, at least every here and there.

But… I don’t think that was my worst job.

I’ve had a couple of jobs where my boss was abusive. The chief of one marketing company I worked at had some very serious mental problems. Off the top of my head, he – threw a mug at the head of his pregnant daughter-in-law, bullied his employees – including, but not limited to: yelling at the top of his lungs / threats of physical violence / calling the sheriff on folks that he hired as cheap labor – who were illegal aliens. (that’s how he got out of paying them any benefits).

That said, before I left that workplace – it was comical to see people stand up to him. He was such a classic and stereotypical bully that he didn’t know how to react when someone didn’t react in a cowed fashion.

He called a dock worker out to fight, and the dock worker agreed… asked him to step outside. Bad boss responded by calling the police, claiming that the dock worker threatened him. When the big boss asked for witnesses, the entire staff refused to bear witness for him – told the truth, in that he’d called the guy out. The cops still escorted the worker off the property, but it made the big boss look like a complete feeb – and it crushed his bully-boy spirit for a few days.

Later on, he was tried, and for the most part, found guilty for all sorts of charges hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe into the millions owed to clients, employees and the irs – for details there’s good ol’ public records

for both palm beach county see here – (see especially tax evasion) – and broward county (contract indebtedness for the most part.)

The thing was.. if you removed that crooked and cruel boss-guy from the equation, it was a really good gig. My immediate leader was a good friend, and despite his being the nephew of the owner, was about as good a head honcho as I’ve ever seen. Strong work ethic, good with people, and able to take care of business. He’s now working in Guantanamo Bay… and I suspect that he’s a heck of a lot happier!

Either way, I have long since moved to greener pastures, and I know I’m better off as a result.

9069 – Sunday –

BHK and I decided (after a little option juggling) to go on a little road trip to the Eastern Shore, visiting primarily Easton and St. Michael’s.

St. Michael’s is known as “the town that fooled the British” due to the clever action of early settlers. During the early morning hours of August 10th, 1813, British barges off the coast of St. Michael’s planned an attack on the town and a harbor fort. The people of St. Michael’s got word of the impending attack and hoisted lanterns high up onto the masts of their sailboats and into the tops of trees. The high lights caused the attacking British to overshoot the town. The rouse worked and only one house in St. Michael’s was hit by cannon fire. That house still stands as a private residence and is known as the “Cannonball House.” The cannon ball fell through the top of the roof and rolled down the stairs. The Cannonball House is located on Mulberry Street, adjacent to St. Mary’s Square.

I acquired a George Washington (it’s for the university, but just says George washington, with his face in a little cameo in the center) sweatshirt somehow – BHK got a giant one for her tiny mama, and it made it back to our house for laundry. It fits me, and I have since claimed it as my own.

I cannot tell a lie. I spilled some cherry pie on my George Washington sweatshirt. Irony? Or just me being a slob? Who says it can’t be both?!

We roamed the mostly silent roads and sidewalks of St. Michael’s… I’d say at least 2/3 of the shops were closed for the season, due to reopen in late march… but we did visit a few nifty spots that were open. A “Shabby Chic” sort of shop to get BHK a hair band and a tiny statue of liberty salt shaker, a wool store full of nifty yarn, a coffee shop that had mancala boards out (though we didn’t pause long enough for a game. Just as well – she’d have trounced me soundly, no doubt) – swept by the radio-research base to look at all of the spinny-antenna stuff, and get photographed by the man.

My big purchase of the day was an assortment of hot sauces. 44 cloves garlic sauce sounds especially yummy. More in depth reviews to follow as we try them.

Some shots from today, more to follow tomorrow, as flickr uploader figures out what I want.

a closed but “to be revisited” action figure / gamer / skateboarding store called the Bunker, Delicious and Cheap Natty-Boh Beer, A cafe that looks fresh off of the Prisoner TV series

S6301438.S6301437.S6301418 - welcome to your village.

Cool Radio Tower / Research Lab

.S6301417.S6301416 - blam- bullethole.S6301414.

Geodesic Dome home! It was 4 or 5 stories tall.

S6301412 - dome home..S6301413 - geodesic dome.Pano - S6301412 - 7536x5232 - SLIN - Blended Layer.

Count Chocula’s hideout, near the Marine Museum


Cool house, rules on ball-cap wearing next to betty boop, and decorative cabbage.

S6301408.S6301406 - keep your hat on striaght, punk!.S6301405.

Peace graffiti, kitty sign, fisherman bear.

S6301404 peace graffiti.S6301403.S6301402 fishing bear.

Iron Fence, more cool cabbage, headstones at the church

S6301401.S6301400 cabbage.S6301399.

More of the cool church and graves.




Hey! More history! Frederick Douglass was a slave here! Thankfully, he moved on to other venues.



see also – some attempts (not all successful) at a new panoramic stitching technique.

Pano - S6301410 - 4988x6122 - SLIN - Blended Layer.Pano - S6301397 - 2812x3879 - SLIN - Blended Layer.Pano - S6301394 - 5008x5321 - SLIN - Blended Layer


We ended the day at general tanuki’s – the bubba roll (coconut shrimp w/ avocado & peanut drizzle) and asparagus tempura rolls were especially good. we may end up taking larry there next time we get a sushi jones.. they do burgers (and some yummy looking specials), too! BHK and I split a Natty Boh and some spring rolls… it was a great end to a lovely day of walking around, getting some fresh air and just being together.

After we got back home, we watched the Prestige. I liked it, save for the ending. The buildup and interaction was good, but the closing was a little screwy. – I didn’t like the Tesla device / tank element.

Do Kev and Paul have to deal with Cthulhu at Guantanamo bay ?

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9047 – Friday

I’d love to get this for Todd or Kevin. Kev, because he loves the ol’ stratofortress…. and Todd, because he needs a way to get out of the office in style.

Me… I’d rather have a bunch of these stone pillows piled in a corner like an ogre’s cave… a place to curl up and snooze comfortably.

I don’t think that a white woman as president would change the world any more or less than having a black man in the office. Both *seem* like they’d be a big change, as far as the USA goes… but not so much in the international arena… but I don’t think it would make such a big difference after a brief period of barking by racists and sexists… (on all sides of the fence)

Margaret Thatcher or Idi Amin, anyone? (or Aquino and Mandela, for the positive side of things) Those should prove that if anything, genitalia and skin color shouldn’t mean too much regarding national leadership. There are good and bad leaders of all stripes.

When I hear that someone is voting on the basis of gender or skin tone, my mind plays a sing-song voice of “I’m voting for Joe So-and-so, because of his dreamy blue eyes”…. it makes as much sense to me. This isn’t friggin’ American Idol… vote for the “talent”, not the “style”.

What happened to judging folks by the content of their character? That alone is the big reason I can’t get behind Clinton. She’s a good politician… but I think that by being so, she’ll tell anyone what they want to hear to get elected… and she hasn’t done a very good job of showing consistency on any issues I care about. Obama may be as bad or worse… but I don’t have the huge pile of information like I do on Hillary. I can’t in good conscience put a vote toward her… I don’t even want her as VP, which I suspect she’ll get.

Um.. Ann Coulter supports Clinton over Bill McCain, because McCain isn’t conservative enough? Isn’t that like getting an endorsement from the devil?

Slang of the moment (via BHK) – Electile Dysfunction. – The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President put forth by either party during an election year.

Ok… enough with the politics. Waxy Monkey Frogs are awesome, and I love them.

Yikes.. Microsoft to buy Yahoo… I hope not. I’ve long enjoyed Y!’s style and reliability. I fear that might get lost in the shuffle. My biggest worries are for flickr…. I’m glad I found the downloader when I did.

Rainy-rain rain today. I like it.

Added bonus about tomorrow… since it’s a Saturday, I didn’t have to fudge anything to take the day off.

I’m fully aware of the fact that my nose will be buttered by BHK sometime tomorrow… and I don’t have a chance of dodging it. I imagine that caches of grease are already placed throughout the entire county, just waiting to be used. I know it is an expression of love.

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9027 – mon

First and foremost – a quick random pic of newton for his fans.

I imagine pye was along shortly after to play.


Bhk and I had a yummy supper of tomato soup and pizza-bagels. Just right for a cool night of watching more psych and installing our water cooler.

Not much to say today – have an assorted news links edition, dear journal.

The AP has a story on Netflix’s move to head off expected competition from Apple: the company will lift limits on streaming its movies for most subscribers. The story reports on rumors of an Apple movie-download service that may be announced by Steve Jobs on Tuesday. In the past Netflix has imposed limits on how long its subscribers could watch streamed movies; for example, those who paid $16.99/mo. could stream up to 17 hours per month. The limits will end on Monday for most subscribers (except for those paying $4.99 for two DVD rentals a month, said to be a small minority). The company has 6,000 movies available for streaming, compared to 90,000 that you can get delivered in the mail.

via consumerist

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to give you 100 gallons of free heating oil to help survive the cold cruel capitalist winter. The hogshead of liquid warmth is available to anyone enduring a financial hardship who fills out a handy online form.

Eligibility is determined with two questions: First, do you live in one of these 16 states?

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Second, do you need the oil? Need is relative, but if you have a family and make less than $40,000, you probably qualify. Citizens Energy, which administers the program, evaluates each application on a case-by-case basis and issues eligible applicants a voucher redeemable for 100 gallons of CITGO heating oil.

It’s almost sweet of our communist friends to shove the inequalities and harsh realities of capitalism in our faces with a program that actually helps people pay for an increasingly unwieldy cost of living expense.

For more information, call Citizens Energy at: (877) 563-4645, or fill out their online application.

Individual Households [Citizens Energy]

Call for Guantanamo to be closed I wonder how that’ll hit Kev and Paul? Continue reading 9027 – mon

9111 – New Year’s Eve Eve Eve – Saturday

Spent the day just lounging and folding laundry – Watched 95% of Tin Man… not terrible, not great. I think the 6 hours could’ve been boiled down to 2-3 really good hours.  Something that probably looked cool on the storyboards, but implemented a little weakly.

The only thing we did today was go out and get the mail… nice grab – Kev got me the 4 DVD “final edition / directors cut / us / euro release” set for Blade Runner, and Misti & Co. hooked us up with a $50 gift certificate to Aardvark’s – our friendly neighborhood gaming/comic shop.

Polar Bear Plunge will still happen, unless it gets *really* cold by Tuesday morning.

BHK and I are recovering well from the visits of my Mom and Wilton… it’s fun to host folks, but it’s also nice for some alone-time too.

I’ll be slowly catching up with last week’s entries – so much happening that I’ve not had too much time to document the events.



9079 – Sat

Nice morning, until I got out of bed, and pulled my back. At that point, I was in extreme pain and after much shrieking and frightening BHK, I took a shower to loosen up a little bit and went to urgent care. I’d say it took me about 45 minutes to work out how to walk from bed to the shower…the pain was pretty significant. Agony is a good word, that sounds about right.

Needless to say, I missed my allergy shots. I get to call on Monday to see what I can do about rescheduling.

After getting looked at, I was given a ‘scrip for an anti-inflammatory and a narcotic to knock me out for when I got home. The 800 mg of Ibuprofen given to me took quite a bit of the edge off, as did the change in position from sitting to standing. I was feeling good enough to grab a bite to eat and a haircut… Ledo’s calzone for me, and BHK nom nom’ed on some tortellini. We shared the spicy ravioli appetizer… probably the highlight of the meal.

Seen in the parking lot, after my trip to ouchie-land: if clicked and embiggened – License plate reads “Sons Confederate Veterans
How do those folks rate a plate? I guess money talks. It is interesting to note that they don’t want any connection to the KKK around the Confederacy… The sad fact is that when I see a confederate southern cross “battle flag“, whatever else has happened, I assume the worst. Despite the wealth of history and culture… it just smacks of white supremacist behavior to me. I have to wonder if the owners of such plates get into or out of more scrapes with other people… Is a police officer more or less likely to give a ticket instead of a warning? If they drive through different parts of town, do folks cheer or give him the finger?

I wonder the same about pro-life or pro-choice bumper stickers and plates, too.

First Christmas Present arrived… From Kev, via Amazon (His isn’t due to arrive in Guantanamo until after his item is released on the 18th… not telling what it is here, in case he reads this. I haven’t peeked at the invoice, so my present is a surprise, too.

Rested at the in-laws – Chinese food and we watched Flyboys. Not a bad flick. It fed my desire to see biplanes vs triplanes in arial combat, so there you go. I was pleased to see a zeppelin, disappointed that they took a huge pile of liberties with history. (I didn’t mind that so many “Red Barons” were there… but it was pretty goofy from a historical context)

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8913 – Thursday

Neighborhood shakeup tonight at about 7pm – A minivan chasing another – apparently the second vehicle had 2-4 people inside with the side doors open and guns showing. The vehicle being chased was honking and swerving all over the place to avoid being shot.

BHK called 911, and the response time was *terrible*, and she was never questioned by the police for a report on the matter. I’ll be investigating that situation more tomorrow after work.

I’m just glad that she’s ok.

Random factoids and semi-specific things about people I know (or knew):

My brother is *really good* at shucking oysters. At least 4-5 times faster than me, or 2-ish times faster than anyone else I’ve ever met in the service industry.

My wife is a superb analyst, and can get to the core of a matter quite swiftly. She’s going to be an awesome lawyer. (and dangerous gamer)

Steve Jacoby has some beautiful children, and has the makings for a pretty cool dad.

Tina keeps a lovely home… everything is crisp and neat, even with a pair of kitties, a bunch of birds, and living the software company lifestyle.

Bruce can make me misty with just a bowl of cheerios .

Ray has a very real skill at blending words and experience into story.

Kathleen has a great memory, to the point of us calling her queen index when we were gaming. If she doesn’t have knowledge, she can find it fast.

Cyn has a fantastic skill at illustration, both on paper and skin.

Doug Wu has a near encyclopedic knowledge of comics from the silver age. Knows more than anyone else I’ve ever met.

Danny is a mill that grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine. He’s a living example of “the devil is in the details.”

Father-in-law is loved by everyone he meets. *Nobody*, and I mean *nobody* has anything sideways to say about him. That’s amazing.. and due to him.

Mother-in-law is a superb cook. Some wicked good queso, for example.

Mother is a master multitasker. I’ve never seen her with too much on her plate.

Wilton is an excellent carpenter – can put all manner of stuff together with quality and speed.

Got a calendar? Circle this date: Sunday, August 12th. Next to the circle write “all night” and “Meteors!” Attach the above to your refrigerator in plain view so you won’t miss the 2007 Perseid meteor shower.

LONDON (Reuters) – Lawyers and judges are to break with centuries-old tradition and cease wearing horse-hair wigs of white fake curls in non-criminal cases, the head of the country’s judiciary announced on Thursday.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, said new dress rules would mean the requirement for the wigs, which legal professionals have worn since the 17th century, would not be needed in civil or family court cases.

Wing collars and bands can also be dispensed with in such cases according to the reforms, while judges will need just one gown in future instead of a variety of colourful outfits currently required.
The wigs will still be worn in criminal courts.

“At present High Court judges have no less than five different sets of working dress, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are sitting and the season of the year,” Phillips said in a statement.
“After widespread consultation it has been decided to simplify this.”

A review carried out in 2003 found that more than two thirds of respondents wanted to eliminate the wigs in civil cases, although most said criminal court judges should still wear them.

Opponents of wigs thought they were anachronistic, as well as uncomfortable and expensive.

A shoulder-length ceremonial wig costs more than 1,500 pounds while the shorter ones worn by lawyers cost about 400 pounds each.

However, the idea of abolishing them has been met with disapproval from some lawyers who feel the wigs give them an air of authority as well as anonymity.

“While there will never be unanimity of view about court dress, the desirability of these changes has a broad measure of agreement,” Phillips said.

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8844 – the ides of may

Ides of may. I miss my pop today – This is the anniversary of his death, but I’m not feeling as melancholy as I have in the past. It has been many years now since he passed away – 18 years, I think – just about half a lifetime ago.

Mom got a call from bro last night – he went before the judge and has 6 months at a work camp. He doesn’t know when he’ll be transferred, but he won’t have probation after that. I’m not sure if he’s getting off easy or hard.

Most of my challenges these days are physical or financial – those can bleed over into the mental, emotional and spiritual sides, but for the most part I’m doing quite well. I really like my new life here – I can understand why so many Florida expatriates have such little desire to return. There are some things that I miss, like the water taxi and a few of my more well-beaten paths around Broward & Dade, but they don’t hold a candle to the new stuff that I’ve been enjoying and looking forward to. Crime concerns are greatly diminished, not counting Baltimore or DC – and the people here have a small-town sort of feel. A lot of very polite and kind folks that are good about making me feel welcome can do wonders for any atmosphere, though the bay is beautiful in and of itself.

BHK and I are watching the dust slowly settle around the house – the blue house is pretty much empty save for a trunk and some light misc. I still have a few things in Florida storage, but aside from my bike, I don’t miss much of anything there. Most of what I miss about Florida is no longer in Florida . I miss gaming with Ray and Kat, but they’re in Texas , now. I miss goofing with Kev, but he’s in Gitmo. I miss hanging with Steve and Brent, but Brent died, and Steve is in Seattle . Doug is in Seattle , too. My Bro is pretty much lost to me.

Danny’s still in Florida , and I miss doing stuff with him. He should be heading out to us this summer during vacation.

BHK got me a Blueberry Vanilla Ice for after work – it was a welcome closure to the work day. Got a haircut in prep for tomorrow’s thing.

blueberry vanilla shaved icemild blueberry vanilla shaved ice

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8815 friday – four-twenty, duuuuude!

Quickie – Spent the bulk of today at work prepping for the grand opening of the tiki bar. (Cyn sums it up nicely here)

Speaking of Cyn, she gave us Loreena McKennitt tickets for Tuesday! Too bad Kev isn’t nearby.. he’d love to go.

BHK feeling under the weather last night – tucked in early. I tried to get work done, but that DNS issue horked those plans but good. Upside, she’s feeling mucho better now, so our trip to visit Amy should still be AOK.

I’m going to be attending a seminar on metallurgy and geological studies with BHK, CB, LB, TM and the spaghetti lady. (ie: Some party being held for VIPs from the jewelry store) All of the aforementioned came over to our house last night for pasta, and to watch Borat and Matchstick Men. Food was good, and the movies were fun (Matchstick Men was interestingly acted, though predictable, plotwise).

DRAGON and DUNGEON to Cease Publication – The license with Wizard of the Coast is being allowed to lapse, by mutual agreement. WotC will be moving to an online model of providing D&D material, but further details are unavailable. While I haven’t been fond of Paizo’s product and haven’t read either magazine in years, it’s kind of sad to see these magazines go. The last issues will be cover dated September 2007. I really liked that in the old days there were all kinds of fun game inserts, like snit’s revenge.

Unlocked all of the “utilities” in WTF – still about 5 games left to go.

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