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Feb 27 2024

Day 20,113

Roamed in the forest of memories a lot today while I did chores and ran errands. Funny how much I remember,  and how much that I don’t. I can still envision some the faces of folks I haven’t seen in years, the laughter of some, the distinct scent of places, what the ridge on Newton’s head between his ears would feel like when I gave him a little lovey kitty rub… and then there are huge gaps of time that are just a blank. I can’t remember certain teacher’s names or faces, short of the most basic details. I’m sure some things have completely evaporated,  like my English teacher in the tenth grade. I read a ton of books that year, and I recall the plots and character names, but the teacher is a total void.

I wonder if talking to folks I knew both then and now, if they would spark even a little recall? My old gaming groups… I remember those that I hung out with for years, but then there are others that I remember only the name of , like Tony and Elaine who are just bookmarks for events. I don’t even remember any of Elaine’s characters,  and I only remember Tony’s Silver Hammer guy because the name has a Beatles hook.

I remember a only a couple of  things from the first 10 years of life, more from the second, and a bit more from the third, fourth and fifth, though some things blur and are colored by time and brain.

I’m glad that I have a lot more photos and am able to reach out more through social media now, but some things are gone forever. I don’t know if many photos from my teenage years exist…thankfully I have some from my 20s and onward,  and I’ve inherited a few from when I was little from family and friends sharing. I’d like to have a photo of my brother and some of my pals from every year… I think kids these days are really fortunate that every phone has a camera now, and that everyone has a phone. (However much that might be a double edged sword otherwise)

I’m glad that I’ve kept a journal online with public and private entries that I can go back to every now and then, but that really only starts in 1998. I’ve got paper notebooks from earlier, but not a lot of photos.

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Feb 25 2024

Little girl making sure my goldfish crackers don’t contain any actual fish. She is very helpful when I unpack groceries. #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva

Feb 26 2024

Day 20,112

Every day, spring grows closer. Grass, phlox, and assorted little wildflowers are starting to appear, even as the trees are still pretty leafless.

Most notably, birds seem to be more apparent- maybe because the grasses are seeding? They look to be bouncing on lawns and the ground more this last week or so.

I’ve been playing with doodling in hot pink and green lately, mostly because I’m having a little trouble getting under the hood of the 3d printer, but now I wonder if I could produce some neat filament to print a black light poster kind of thing? I wonder how printed PLA would do under UV for an extended period, if I made some kind of wall hanging with a black light bulb pointed at it? Ah well, time to get out and about. Until later, doodle journal.

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Feb 25 2024

Day 20,111 @maximillian_deersteak and I had a leisurely day today, some light chores and a little drive about, stopped at a local mexican ice cream place she had a mangonada. Did a light tour of the area, and came back home to relax in the cozy room. Saw a large number of robins, blue birds, squirrels, and a couple of crows – seems like spring is warming up nicely. #doodle #duckdate #feb252024

Feb 25 2024

12 years ago today, I bumped into Slicey at Piece A Pizza in Catonsville. Less haunting than the Cluck U chicken. I hope he is back with his 7 siblings. #mascot #pizza #slicey #pieceapizza #catonsvillemd

Weird Virginia school color change history.

VT colors

HEX COLOR: #630031;
RGB: (99, 0, 49)
CMYK: (41, 100, 56, 48)

RGB: (207, 69, 32)
CMYK: (13, 87, 100, 3)

Roanoke’s official colors are blue and gold, but as Maroon athletics kicked off more than 100 years ago, blue and gold uniforms were hard to find. As a result, the teams had to compete in the uniforms that were available – which were maroon.

Orange and blue were adopted as the University of Virginia’s official athletic colors at a mass student meeting in 1888. UVA athletic teams had previously worn silver gray and cardinal red, but those colors did not stand out on muddy football fields, prompting a student movement to change them.

In 1896, a committee at Virginia Tech selected burnt orange and Chicago maroon as the school’s official colors. The committee’s goal was to replace the original black and gray colors, which some say made athletic uniforms look like prison garb. The committee’s choice of colors was unique because no other college was using the combination of burnt orange and Chicago maroon at the time. The new colors were first worn in a football game against Roanoke College on October 26, 1896. 

In the 1970s, Radford adopted the nickname “Highlanders” for the athletic teams in celebration of the Scottish heritage of Southwest Virginia. In keeping with the Scottish theme, school colors were changed from purple and gray to the tartan plaid colors of red, white, blue, and green

Feb 23 2024

Day 20,109

Asemic writing: “Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic /eɪˈsiːmɪk/ means “having no specific semantic content”, or “without the smallest unit of meaning”. With the non-specificity of asemic writing there comes a vacuum of meaning, which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret.” Sometimes a journal or a doodle can be asemic, too. Oftentimes they aren’t, though. #doodle #greenman #forest #feb232024 #roanokeva

Feb 22 2024

Day 20,108

Lego dropped a hint about a gelatinous cube set… I am intrigued. Some of existing ideas here have some interesting interpretations.

I have sometimes thought that if the creature had an anesthetic effect on top of the dissolving cleanup effect that it might be one of the most comfy monsters in a given dungeon. Maybe a bit chilly for some, I think it could be a really deadly memory foam mattress / weighted blanket combo.

Maybe a place for critters immune / highly resistant to acid to bed down? My gaming lore doesnt remember very many things that are human sized that have that ability, but there must be something. Probably a dragonborn?

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Feb 21 2024, pt 2

Went back to watching SYFY’s Resident Alien, and it is a lot more entertaining now (possibly with the assistance of THC gummies used for pain relief). Some of the low humor tickles me, and I can tolerate “alien as autistic” trope well enough, if only for some delivery of deadpan truths at inappropriate times straight man bits.

Season 3 just started up, and they’ve let more people know he’s an alien, added a few plot elements that are to my liking, and the baby is no longer a major issue. It is leaning more into the Men In Black vibe sort of thing as season 3 begins, and I’m for it.

The first half of season two caused me to initially fall off, but went back when we saw season 3 was on hulu.

It is surprising how much ufo lore I have packed in my head, and amuses me when stuff about close encounters / grey aliens / reptilians / nordics / etc pops up. I wonder if the show will wobble into cryptids at all?

They are in Colorado, after all.

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Feb 21 2024

Day 20,107 Nachos for dinner last night! Extra yummy, looking forward to any leftovers for lunch today. I think that I am in the minority in that I eat nachos with a fork… just easier for me than relying on a chip that might break or whatever before stuff makes it to my waiting maw. Doodled while waiting at the doctors office to check on my foot again, all seems to be coming along, but it never hurts to be sure. Current music- all the nachos you can eat / parry gripp #doodles #nachos #cryptid #health #feb212024