Good luck this morning… I found $25 dollars in a pack of smokes on the bus. I tossed the Winstons out, and kept the money as a just reward for anti-littering.

Home early, and taking it easy. New duties at work tomorrow…plus meetings about the website. I find out exactly what the duties entail tomorrow too…but I don’t imagine they’re too much fun… sales and the mail shop were bleating about having to do it… and Kev offered our dept… I hope it’s nothing tedious. Kev did mention that it’d only be for a little while…. that sort of softening suggests that it’ll be PITA work. Hopefully, it’s something I can automate programmatically.

Tonight’s book… Starting fresh with Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software by Steven Johnson, paperback edition. Tony gave it to me just yesterday. Got to dig found lit, given freely. I was interested in it last winter, but my reading queue was already quite full… glad to have it reappear.

Newt’s adorable tonight…curled up in the middle of my Indian-style sitting position. Time to read some non-backlit text, enjoy purrs, the scent of nag champa, and some science. Throw in some snuggly sweetie read-dreaming too, while I’m at it.

See you later, Dear Journal.

Wow… pleasantly exhausting dreams last night. I wonder what factors make some vivid, and others difficult to remember? Emotional content? Adrenaline?

Seventy-eight full-color reasons to be glad you’re not in high-school any more.

They certainly seem to have more variety of industrial-distributed food, though.

Makes me miss my Speed Buggy Lunchbox.

some terrain for miniatures wargaming. Here’s a use for those AOL Discs…put a small glob of thick white glue on an old CD, then pile on bits of sprue, kitty litter, gravel or sand and cool looking bits on to it. (sprue and cool stuff first, then the grit just to cover any glue, then paint.. base in black, and dry brush the colors.

Hm… interesting. I submitted my figures to mkrealms, for an evaluation (Note, I paid about $28 total for the two starter sets of 10 that brought them together) not bad…$73 worth of figs. That Chaos mage is worth $21? Nutty collectors.3x the price, right out of the box.