Feb 22 2024

Day 20,108

Lego dropped a hint about a gelatinous cube set… I am intrigued. Some of existing ideas here https://ideas.lego.com/search/global_search/challenges?query=Gelatinous%20cube%20&sort=top have some interesting interpretations.

I have sometimes thought that if the creature had an anesthetic effect on top of the dissolving cleanup effect that it might be one of the most comfy monsters in a given dungeon. Maybe a bit chilly for some, I think it could be a really deadly memory foam mattress / weighted blanket combo.

Maybe a place for critters immune / highly resistant to acid to bed down? My gaming lore doesnt remember very many things that are human sized that have that ability, but there must be something. Probably a dragonborn?

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Feb 21 2024, pt 2

Went back to watching SYFY’s Resident Alien, and it is a lot more entertaining now (possibly with the assistance of THC gummies used for pain relief). Some of the low humor tickles me, and I can tolerate “alien as autistic” trope well enough, if only for some delivery of deadpan truths at inappropriate times straight man bits.

Season 3 just started up, and they’ve let more people know he’s an alien, added a few plot elements that are to my liking, and the baby is no longer a major issue. It is leaning more into the Men In Black vibe sort of thing as season 3 begins, and I’m for it.

The first half of season two caused me to initially fall off, but went back when we saw season 3 was on hulu.

It is surprising how much ufo lore I have packed in my head, and amuses me when stuff about close encounters / grey aliens / reptilians / nordics / etc pops up. I wonder if the show will wobble into cryptids at all?

They are in Colorado, after all.

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Feb 21 2024

Day 20,107 Nachos for dinner last night! Extra yummy, looking forward to any leftovers for lunch today. I think that I am in the minority in that I eat nachos with a fork… just easier for me than relying on a chip that might break or whatever before stuff makes it to my waiting maw. Doodled while waiting at the doctors office to check on my foot again, all seems to be coming along, but it never hurts to be sure. Current music- all the nachos you can eat / parry gripp #doodles #nachos #cryptid #health #feb212024 https://www.instagram.com/p/C3nQeN1MuSJ/?igsh=MXQ3Mzh2bjNqeXJjYQ==

Feb 19 2024

Day 20,105 3d printer is currently down, and back is kicking at the moment so going under the hood out in the cave is not in the stars at the moment. It is a simple fix (hoprfully), just one at an oddball angle. Just as well, worked a bit on getting taxes done today, did laundry, unpacked a little bit, and rested on the ol’ heating pad with a side of pain meds. Mrs is working late in the office upstairs, but once she logs off, I think we are going to do homemade burrito wraps for supper. I think that there is a jar of jalapenos in the cupboard, and that might be just what I need to set me right. Until later, doodle journal. #doodle #cryptid #dinner #3dprinting #health https://www.instagram.com/p/C3jIwSYMk0P/?igsh=MWxiaG9md3lwMnhvMw==

Feb 18 2024

Day 20,104 Shopping for furniture, picking out colors and patterns for a couch / loveseat / ottoman / pillows We decided on some pretty nice shapes and designs, I think. They will be along in 3 weeks or longer, and I feel that they will look pretty spiffy in the living room and the study. Being a grey-bearded/ furred yeti, i think they will go with just about everything. I am looking forward to napping on the deep cushions of the living room sofa with my feet up on the ottoman, especially. #doodle #cryptid #shopping #feb182024 #homedecor https://www.instagram.com/p/C3gHRaBuneg/?igsh=MTNxbHJzZG0yOGY3aQ==

Feb 18, 2024

Fun Fact: More time has passed since the original publication of Fiend Folio and today than had passed between the Nazi invasion of Poland and the original publication of Fiend Folio! For the kids at home – 1981’s Fiend Folio was the result of a failed merger between TSR and UK publisher Games Workshop. The majority of the monsters contained in the book are taken from the pages of White Dwarf, a gaming magazine being published by GW. Whatever the original source of the monsters, TSR ultimately published Fiend Folio. It is their fault the world was subjected to a D&D monster book so bad it made Gary Gygax complain about random encounter tables. That’s the D&D equivalent of making Cookie Monster sick of chocolate chips. #fiendfoliofriday #kuotoa #timedilation https://www.instagram.com/p/C3a9BaEujca/?igsh=MWJnbDJveGg2dWZpMQ==

Feb 17, 2024

Day 20,103

We were going to go to Floyd and hit the farmers market, but @maximillian_deersteak woke up first, saw it was 29⁰F outside, and said “aw, heck naw” and let me sleep in. I had already started the doodle, so let’s pretend we went and got yummy baked goods and some healthy noms.

Instead, we are relaxing for now and I am having a little breakfast of cashews, a banana and a little blueberry muffin. (I miss those Costco monster muffins that are approximately the size of a volleyball)

Tonight, the remains of the burrito meat and beans from the other night may get repurposed into an ingredient for chili in the crockpot to top baked potatoes, if all continues to plan. If not, we can always just make taco-topped taters which would be easier and not create more dishes to wash, but have less leftovers for later.

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Feb 16 2024

Day 20102 a palindrome!

The black Pearl has more than 100k miles on it as of this week, maybe it’s time to finally trade it in get a family hovercraft, or at least a few personal jetpacks to put in the back end? The crv is also very close to 100k, though wear and tear on it has been minimal since covid. Went to a new pain management place, and they also do physical therapy. Not too sure how keen on them I am yet, but I’ll take a few visits while I decide if they are for me in long term. Waited for a bit, thus the early doodle. The team there seems attentive if a little pokey. I wonder how many other posts are tagged with #jetpackyeti or #yetiinajetpack ? It seems that Instagram wants me to keep my hashtags to five or less, so I wonder if other hashes in comments will still work? Ah well, out of the doctor’s office – now to head home and get back to Friday shenanigans. Adios for now, doodle journal. #doodle #yeti #jetpack https://www.instagram.com/p/C3aoFQGORD3/?igsh=cjh4eWh6Y2IxcmRs

Feb 15 2024

Took a quick trip out to send my swamp thing dolly back to amazon, as it was a repacked swamp thing box containing a batman doll and a dog toy. Amazon was good about taking the return, but they could have QC in place to be sure something like that doesnt happen.

Stopped at the boba place to bring back a thai tea w boba for me, an a strawberry with fruit jelly for mrs.

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