November 26, 2021 at 12:01PM

First wave of wonderful leftovers, cottage pie while we watch recorded Thanksgiving parade / dog show / cute animal videos for lunch.

Back is still mending, but less sciatica down my left leg. I think the cooler weather is adding to my usual aches, but I welcome the briskness of air.

Family has a running gamble (just for bragging rights) about when the first snowfall will hit. I went with wishful thinking of Nov 30, BHK was more conservative with dec 18th . In laws have not weighed in yet.

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November 25, 2021 at 11:16PM

Awesome tg dinner with family today.

Cottage pie made with impossible burger, peas, corn, and mashed taters on top with crescent roll “crust”

Two kinds of homemade mac and cheese, some with ricotta, some super cheddary

Green bean casserole

Corn pudding

Whipped potatoes

Parker house rolls

Leseur peas

Vegetarian “turkey gravy”

Brussels sprouts a la chex mix sort of seasoning.

Pumpkin bread w chocolate chips inside, chocolate ice cream

Movie #1 practical magic

Movie popcorn while we watched National Treasure

#thanksgiving2021 #Thanksgiving #dinner #macandcheese #cottagepie #vegetarian #nationaltreasure #practicalmagic #popcorn #brusselssprouts #omnomnom

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