Dec 6 2023

20,030 days out. Been fairly busy and will continue to be so for the near future.

Christmas and all that entails is fast approaching, inlaws will be back in town soon, Amy is coming to visit, and hopefully we will get to see JHC and her gang, too, all before the year rolls over. Looking forward to all of it, even if a bit more dancing is required.

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December 4, 2023 monday

Earth time – 20,028 Days in. Put in mostly work during the day today, more time at recycling, or making some phone calls, picking up groceries and etc. A typical Monday.

Mind wandered a little while driving, but otherwise I stayed on task. Might be due another Greenway walk tomorrow if I can wrangle it. Back was tricking up pretty heavily yesterday, better today, but not perfect.

Trimmed the beard back to the O beard, but it will be back to full Santa by Yuletide.

Current garb, a red t-shirt and denim blue dungarees. (When I was outside, I added black / orange socks, white sneakers, black/orange knit hat and grey zip up fleece.

Today, the lefthand sun was stronger than the one on the right. Iykyk.

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Tannenbaum doodle

December 1, first bits of our advent calendar opened up.

Logic Puzzles and a word search. (We are saving opening candy for when the in laws return, hopefully before Christmas itself arrives.) It was a good bit of kitchen table fun, the logic puzzle asnt great, but he word search was reasonably challenging.

Had chocolate chip french toast and a cheese omelette for breakfast, leftover shepherds pie for dinner. Good stuff.

No Lego calendar this year as the offerings weren’t a big grab. Still doing my shopping for holidays, a few done, some still left to get.

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Doodles Nov 30 2023

Doodling is harder to do on my back in bed than it is sitting up on the couch, plus I mostly just scribbled while on hold with a few calls. Focusing on holiday shopping mostly today, along with getting some emails and phone calls out for house miscellaneous. If you know me and need my address, let me know, and I will pass it along. I was talking to my buddy Kev and didn’t realize that he had already sent out Xmas treats. Fortunately, mail forwarding is happening and stuff will get here, but it reminded me that a few folks might need to update contact info.

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Yesterday, we had a little salt shaker of snow in the early morning for maybe five minutes, and I really am looking forward to a little blanket of white on the ground sometime soon. It was the first snow in our new place, and it brought a little joy to my heart. The wind has been whipping around quite a bit the last couple of days, to the point of some leaves doing a little staccato on the back window, which drives Pearl just a little crazy. She has been extra active and talkative as a result, and has been very sweet and a bit rowdy, too.

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Nov 28 2023

Walkies on the Greenway today, more like brownway. Trees are pretty bare, and the geese aren’t kicking around here at the moment, but who knows what is going on up river? A few fish in the water, but they weren’t well captured by photography.

Social distancing day 1355

Days since new home 232

Days since birth 20,022

Days since Halloween 28

Days until Christmas 27

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Today was a simple day, mostly of minor household chores.Laundry never stops piling up! Monday after Thanksgiving found me not needing anything from retail, as the Friday before it. The majority of trees that were going to drop foliage have done so now, even if most grass is still green. Brisk enough outside for me to enjoy, but not need more than a light sweater at most.

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Went on a little jaunt this evening to look at Christmas lights after a little light decorating at home (spearheaded by MIL). Some pretty big setups outside already, despite the face that it isn’t even December first yet. #nutcracker #salemva #doodle

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