Apr 19 2024

Day 20,164

Earth Day is coming soon! Will you be ready? What are your plans?

We will meet some of Max’s friends for an outdoor visit and a hopefully tasty milkshake at a nearby hot dog shack before the Great Reckoning of Azathoth or whoever munches on us like so many weed edibles on April twentieth, unless we can find a convenient way to continue beyond reality.

Pearl has a pretty solid lead on a way to translate us all into abstract concepts and, hopefully, back again, so we have that going for us. Smart kid.

Hope you have a good one, dear doodle journal.

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Apr 17 2024

Day 20,163

Since I first thought about Nessie (or Chessie, or Champy, or Smithy), I’ve usually envisioned it as a “her”, and like to think that it has some sort of tentacle/antennae/horn dealie-bops on her forehead.

Smithy is an aquatic cryptid rumored to live in Smith Mountain Lake—a large reservoir created in the central highlands of Virginia in the United States by damming the Roanoke River in 1963. The first reported sightings of Smithy began in the summer of 1979. With few exceptions, most reported sightings have occurred very near the Smith Mountain Dam, either shortly after the warning alarms were sounded to signal the periodic activation of the dam’s hydroelectric turbines or while the turbines were running. While some locals speculate Smithy is an unusually large catfish, some sightings suggest this mysterious creature is more serpentine or reptilian in appearance.

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Apr 16 2024

Day 20,162

Running errands yesterday and today, and the pollen was crazy! 🤧 The black pearl is covered with a fine dusting, and the nooks and crannies are even more caked with yellow particles.

Trees are spreading spores everywhere, and it’s giving folks hay fever. Yet another good reason to wear a mask. I wonder if the one I’m using now will yellow around the area where I inhale over the next few days?

Old phones are now back with Verizon, wiped and ready for wherever they go from here. Not sure what I will do with the 256-gig microSD card. Now I guess I can use it with a game emulator or the 3D printer for models… or maybe juice one of the Pi boxes up in space. I still want to build a Plex server, but that’ll be more of a NAS solution.

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April 15 2024

Day 20,161

Picked up some shaved ice for myself and my sweetie as a midday treat while I was out running errands today (dropping off recycling, FedEx shipping, picking up some lightbulbs from the hardware store, etc., etc., etc.).

Shaved ice was right up my alley, as it was in the mid-80s today, and I haven’t had it in ages—probably pre-COVID.

I got a tropical yum of orange, pineapple, and tangerine for myself, and a half-and-half mixed-berry, grape, and lime for her. (I let her choose, and she went with what I’d hoped she would like.)

It was a fortunate happenstance, because I had initially planned to get bubble tea and a sushi roll for us, but I had forgotten that the Lucky Cat Café is closed on Mondays.

Cooling my heels now, before we make some falafel for dinner.

Hope your Monday was as productive and pleasant, dear doodle journal.

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Apr 13 2024

Day 20,159

Painted pig update: another several coats of paint, a rainbow, really, but maybe a little messier than some others. I’m curious to know what “yellow better” means.

Also, there’s an old sign for Kenny’s Big K Burger. Sounds like a good deal for just a little over four bits.

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Bonanza season 1 ep 31 Dark Star

“The danger is in the flesh, not the fantasy.” – Ben Cartwright

Little Joe in a whip vs gunfight!

An exorcism!

Holy cow! A Romani woman, accused of being a witch and a shapeshifting timber wolf, is nearly sacrificed to Asmodeus and his nine white dogs… but is rescued just in time.

Ultimately, Little Joe wants to marry her, but she is a fish, and he, a tree, so it was not meant to be.

Beware of the many unkind stereotypes about the Romani people.


Wed Apr 10 2024

Day 20,156

I have had a Red Dead Redemption/Planet of the Apes mashup on the brain lately, and I want a mod to play as a simian. Space monkeys are great, but I just can’t get enough cowboy apes, maybe because they are so rare.

I got to see the taxidermied gorilla in RDR2 (in the region of West Elizabeth) and the Sasquatch in Tall Trees in RDR, so why not?

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Apr 9 2024

Day 20,155

Just a grumpy Apeonaut in a corridor, wondering where his bag of juice is.

Today was a pretty standard Tuesday.

Let’s see, what were the good things about today?

I learned that @hang10iceandcream reopens on Friday (some dandy french fries and Dole Whip in our future)!

I turned off the TV’s auto-smoothing (watching Dinosaur with it on was making me a little dizzy).

I learned the word “judder” – to shake violently or with great force (possibly a mix of “jolt” and “shudder”?).

I found out that Amy is coming back to visit at the beginning of July!

I found a new place to go for walks; I may get out there tomorrow or Thursday.

Pearl snoozed briefly on my head last night. (She usually is Max’s pillow-pal.

#doodle #apeonaut #hang10

April 08 2024

Day 20,154

Eclipse day! We didn’t get full coverage, but we got all but a small wedge. Pearl wasn’t worried about the change at all, and we very nearly didn’t get to see anything, but the clouds parted enough to make things viewable just at the final moments of the best parts of the event.

I imagine that all the wood folk and the mountain beasts did just fine.

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