2 weeks in, so far.

March 12 was my first full day of self quarantine. 

I really haven’t gone anywhere outside of my home block for 14 days, and it is a little surreal.

I am thankful for modern conveniences, like streaming games and TV. I still haven’t assembled my 3d printer or made solid progress in straightening my office past the first major foray. I think that part of my reasoning is because of dust and concern for my lungs, but also likely pure ptsd/anxiety about major projects, and realizing that is giving me counter-stress about not doing it.

Pyewacket seems to be enjoying having his mama and papa here full time.

Sleep has been difficult. Mr. Man has been spoiled by us getting up to entertain/feed/follow him around if he wails loudly enough at 4am.

Feeling a little bit better

I talked to DC for about 80min+ on the phone, and now feel better about his level of fair skepticism regarding JC and colloidal silver.

I will count that as a win, even if he is a bit irrational about vitamin c and organic food. That shit won’t hurt him, except maybe financially.

Fears about ignorance might make life bad and short for me and the ones I love. Worries about triage and respirators, since I would be tossed on the sacrifice pile should it come to that. Probably my wife and inlaws, too.

Herd immunity does not apply right now.

We discussed COVID-19 of course, focusing on decontamination, but also caught up in general. His and J’s health, my family, gaming, his work and ours. Telecommuting via google classroom to teach senior high school students math.

How current students are very different than those 15-20 years ago. Phone dependance, nobody does homework assigned (his school does not grade homework?), kids being far more tolerant of different skin colors and sexuality than when he started. Lack of religious interest (he is at a secular private school now).

We spoke a little about Glyos, artificial intelligence gaining sentience, if some baseline humans are less “sentient” and how to judge that in a machine.

TV shows like humans, the tick, DEVS came to mind. Also other Amazon prime shows.

How am I doing?

Fearful for my family’s health. Wife and I have autoimmune issues, as do her parents. We are not far from DC, and there are a number if people not playing smart.

I feel we are doing our best to be isolated, I am frightened, because all of us are likely to be triaged to the “no respirator” zone, or worse a death sentence should we need that level of care.

That, bundled with the huge level of mismanagement at the very top is creating terror.

That said, I feel fortunate that we have the resources available to hole up in our house in a relatively rural area for the time being. We have food, internet, medicines for the time being. We have each other, and that counts for a lot.

What is that?

My first reaction to hearing Imagine being sung by dumbasses.

Dear celebrities singing Imagine… I generally like the song, but it is way off the mark for the current situation. I mean really tone deaf.

If somebody, somewhere is getting comfort from religion right now, maybe don’t crap all over that, even if you don’t. Save it for later, when everyone is on more even footing. Don’t punch down on poor folks who have literally nothing but faith to fall back on.

I think that is simply not useful right now. Just drop some of your stacks of cash on the problem, huh?

If you must, maybe stomp on specific problems like some religious (or not) leaders being vile, manipulative SOB’s by having huge mansions while there is a homeless population in real trouble, or those profiteering from a disaster by funneling resources into non-medical solutions or selling snake oil? There are plenty of people both secular and not aiding the spread of mess.

Better yet, Be a helper. Help fund resources that do good works. Stay at home and share videos of your pets, or you encouraging folks to do the same.

At the very least… don’t be a dick if you can avoid it.

More local covid19 info

A MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN: The State of Maryland now has 580 confirmed cases of #COVID19—an increase of 157 new cases, which is by far the largest one-day increase to date. There are more than 1,200 confirmed cases in the National Capital Region—in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

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