Quick update

Too sick to draw much more than this right now

Quick Scotto update –

Tl;dr-Had a rough couple of days, but things are getting better now.

More info- The day before yesterday, I had a bad case of the chills, couldn’t keep food down, and was as weak as a kitten. Yesterday, I went to urgent care to get my leg looked at, as I had a hot, tender, red band around my shin, just above my ankle, and extending about 1/3 the way to my knee.

By the time I left urgent care last night, it hurt to walk on that foot. Putting weight on it would be excruciating, and is probably the worst pain I have ever felt where I didn’t pass out. The pain increased along to midnight, and then started to decrease about 4am.

4 doses of antibiotics later, I am doing much better. Leg is still red, but applying ice helps, and keeping it elevated. I can get up and walk to use the restroom without screaming in agony now, which is a plus, especially for Mrs and Pearl.

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Slow Sunday, I disassembled shelving while Mrs Mermaid put my computer desk together and rearranged the boxes to make room for my workshop.

Aside from that, she made us some fantastic chick’n rice bowls, with Italian shaking peppers that were delicious.

Now, we are catching up w season 2 of surviving summer, after having shared a little chocolate ice cream or dessert

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Places for six butts

Got some fresh furniture for the living room and the yellow room.  Living room now has a new loveseat,  easy chair and sofa, so that is seating for six covered. The configuration will likely be Mrs and me on the sofa, inlaws on loveseat and cat on the easy chair, but time will tell.

The yellow room got a nice gaming / LEGO table, with enough space to play our largest boardgames with room to spare, and 8 chairs to surround it. If I still had an occasion to play RPGs, we would be well set, given that the pantry and kitchen is just a doorway over.

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Sept 10 2023

Getting into the Autumn vibe this morning, the gang did a double pumpkin run, Krispy Kreme for pumpkin spice donuts, and Dunkin’ for Pumpkin Hazelnut coffee. (I had an everything bagel wth egg and cheese, and a Boston cream, but the vibe was still there.)

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Out and about on a rainy day

The black pearl

The inlaws, Mrs and I went to scout around Olde Salem Days today, during the end of a rainstorm. I feel for the vendors and visitors who missed some cool shopping, but I am happy that the chance for major illness spreading was cut down.

After a quick orbit of town, we swung by hang 10 for some orang dole whip, and then returned home to check out the delayed Virginia tech game.

Currently on couch while the ladies are in the dining area checking out stuff online.

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