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Friday – 10203

doodle - 4/16/10

Had the in-laws over for supper – cooked hot dogs (meat for everyone but me, veggie dogs for myself.)

Finally got the taxes out of the way – there was an issue with last year’s digital signature – fortunately, it’s now a pretty well known issue with the IRS – if you didn’t file before a certain time, just make your AGI 0 rather than what was actually made, and it’ll pass through with no problem.

Neighbor Chris looks to be mending ok – I have been wanting to spend more time with him – hopefully he’s getting as much rest as possible – I know how mending from back surgery can be.

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A return to doodle posts?


As a Side benefit of getting the DSi – I suppose I’ll try doing the occasional doodle-post  again!

As mentioned above, Amy is here, and we’re getting lots of gaming in – Jungle Speed and Small world taking up the lion’s share of our time.. though Pop-up pursuit is a lot of mindless fun, too. I’m looking forward to playing a little cir-kis and buzz word before our time is up, as well.

We also have been doinga little Super Mario World-Wii – which is fun, but hard with multi-player.

9720 – sun

As always, Happy Birthday, Oneeyedcat! We Love you and yours!

We slept in this morning, after the late night out… Chris and Larry stopped by to check out the garden, and bring us some biscuits and bacon… (I focused on the former, BHK, the latter, of course.)

While folding laundry, We watched the first episode of Primeval: Season 3 . Looks like it’s off to a good start.

Later, Chris and Larry came back over, and we grilled, as is our thing lately… meat burgers for the in-laws, veggie-burgs for BHK and me. Baked beans, cole slaw, some of the most awesome corn on the cob of the season, and tasty mac & cheese. It’s hard to diet with this much good food nearby.

BHK made key lime pie for dessert, and we watched the end of The Last Templar – it started strong, but petered out – I can’t recommend it. I do recommend BHK’s key lime pie, though.


I spent a little time working on the computer – we’re having connectivity issues- it seems like comcast has trouble after rainstorms, especially.

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9585 – Sunday

Slow, lazy day today. We slept extra late, napped while watching Pick of Destiny, went to Aardvark’s, said hi to Shaun, Margaret, and Mike, picked up a few video tapes for 4 bits apiece, I had a bit of a blackout/tunnel vision event that I’m chalking up to low blood sugar for now (recovered after swigging a coke) , and then headed off to Mexico for a bite of supper.

When we got home, we snuggled up again like happy little bugs in a rug and watched the inauguration concert on the boob tube.

Misc doodle done – groundhog, BHK’s backache, metro bus, dandilion, me teaching the boys to dance, zombie snowman and so on.


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9522 – Thursday, continued.

A quick lunchtime fill-in.

More Flurries this morning – I’ve been having a rough time lately with my back and the cold, but it’s getting a bit better as I go.

Moodwise,  I’ve been feeling pretty down here and there for the last month or so – Stress, back issues, and some poor gut-level stuff. I’m working on feeling better about things – I just have to remind myself that there is a positive destination in sight. I’m glad that BHK and the kitties are on my team, and that my teeth are all fixed.

Some good things ahead – 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, Computer seems to be working well.

BHK and I have made some headway with new friends – The Manspergers and Shaun W. It’s always nice to meet nice people and goof with them. Alice came out of the woodwork, and we spent the day with her at the museum after a spot of lunch at papermoon.

One or two of our other friends have dwindled into the mists recently – Who knows if we’ll get a chance to hang out for the holiday(s) in the next month or so? I haven’t really seen hide nor hair of Tina or Cyn – maybe BHK and I can lure some folks (new or old) up to Gina’s Cantina for some snackies sometime soon.

Speaking of snackies – BHK made some pea soup, with a side of boca burger sammich (replay of yesterday’s foodies)…. good stuff, just right for the weather today. I’d best get on that.

In other news –
I still have no beard.

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paint me a pumpkin, please?


Here’s a pumpkin I doodled, ages ago. If you’d like, please make a jack-o-lantern out of it, and post it in the comments?

Thanks, and happy Halloween, a bit early!

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Really? 9th grade? I think that kids could appreciate most of my posts.