Dear Newton,

… Stop stealing Sabretooth, and hiding him behind the litter box. This is the third time.

Your loving mother.

Thing learned today-

In 388 BC, Plato went to the court of Dionysius, ruler of Syracuse, hoping to be taken on as philosopher-in-residence. From The Essential Plato by Paul Strathern:

Dionysius was not the kind of man to let himself be cowed by some philosophic nob who was trying to cadge a job at his court. When he and Plato turned to discussing philosophy, the sparks soon began to fly. At one point Plato found himself forced to point out a flaw in Dionysius’ thinking.

‘You speak like a geriatric fool,’ exclaimed Dionysius in disgust.

‘And you speak like a tyrant,’ replied Plato.

Whereupon Dionysius decided to live up to the philosopher’s observations and had Plato clapped in irons. Plato was placed on a Spartan ship bound for Aegina, where the captain was instructed to sell Plato as a slave. ‘Don’t worry, he’s so much of a philosopher he won’t even notice,’ remarked Dionysius… And it wasn’t long before Plato was spotted in the slave market at Aegina by his well-heeled old friend Anniceris the Cyrenaic, who bought him for the bargain price of twenty mina. Anniceris was so pleased with his cut-price philosopher that he sent him back to Athens with enough money to set up a school.

I never knew that.

Until later, dear journal… off to work. Hmm… upon this morning’s shave, I was doing a dopey “flock of seagulls” dance in front of the mirror…and I came to realize that after the 80s, the 90s and now must have been a terrible blow to the hair-care industry. Sure, folks still shampoo, dye and such, but all that gel, spray and stuff for both sexes in the hair-band & punk music prime time… demand must’ve plummeted.

Sakes…like in So I Married an Axe Murderer… the hair is “Like Sputnik…spherical, but quite pointy in parts.”

Bush by the Numbers, as Told by a Diligent Scorekeeper Nifty statistics.

I hope an Indian summer isn’t coming. I wonder if it’ll happen. I guess baseball didn’t strike… I find myself not wanting to bother to look up the reasons why or why not…I do have a gut-urge that they had, though.

potty-mouthed art that I approve of