Well.. voting tomorrow… first time with the touch screen system.

Nifty flash gizmo…Need to draw up a building, quickly, but don’t have a house design/cad/etc. program available?

So far, it just draws walls, windows, and doors, but for a quick building or set of rooms, it isn’t bad at all. You can move any object you create, change their sizes, or drag them off the plan to make them disappear. It has a basic grid, and snap-to functionality, so your walls always line up along the gridlines…plus it prints, does an isometric view, and you can walk through it.

Very basic, yes. Potentially useful, especially if you don’t have layout software with you? Definitely.

Raisin cinnamon swirl oatmeal is yummy! It is indeed a tasty way to start the day. (I do confess, I made 2 packets) … 1/5 of my calories of the day, give or take.

I’m shopping for a good multi-vitamin. I’m guessing Walgreen’s or Eckerd’s will have one, but I’m going to research it a bit. (Anyone reading want to offer a recommendation?)

Two hundred years ago, the human race got, on average, 30cm taller. Now, on average, the human race is obese. A researcher from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine claims that the obesity pandemic is a new fundamental shift in the shape of human bodies, brought on by the same kinds of technological changes that made us taller.

“Pandemic” obesity was the result of an abundance of high-energy, aggressively marketed foods, and sedentary lifestyles induced by television and computers, said Professor Prentice.

I forgot to mention on Friday… People at work are telling me how to mourn. “Drive with your lights on. Wear Black, Wear Red White and Blue”… etc etc etc.

I imagine your heart’s in the right place, but stop, ok? I don’t need to hear “Scotto wore green and khaki on the big day! Is he supporting terrorists? Does he hate America? ”

No. I’m just not making it a friggin’ Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Fourth of July. I don’ t dress up for December 7, or Memorial Day, either. I’ll wear what’s in my closet and clean that day, and hopefully it’ll match.

I save colors for festive holidays. Halloween… Christmas… Valentines Day. You’ll see me in costume dress then, or at least colors. I do feel bad about the tragedy of lost life and our lost security… but I’m not going to buy a “Memorial black armband” to wear on Sept 11 every year from now on. Come on…I’m not going to not make this a hallmark moment. I hope that I just have a few office busybodies, and that this isn’t a national annoyance.

On a lighter note – Forget the sheep jokes. Scottish men are taking to a new form of kinkiness: sex with traffic cones. Yes, these nubile, rubber beauties with their come-hither looks and wanton, orange attire are all the rage in Scotland for a midday shag.

With that, I’m off to work. Until later, dear journal.

No nightgown under my clothes, by gum. 😉