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Dice pet names from 7th grade, when i first started playing d&d

    • D4- Cal (trops)
    • D6 – Desi (he is Cuban)
    • D8 Beacon (was made of glow in the dark plastic)
    • D10 #1 (red) Doug
    • D10 #2 (blue) Bob (For the McKenzie brothers- lucky roll is the “culookoo” call, even if just in my head. I still mentally do that on occasion when calculating percentages)
    • D12 [dodeca-] Herman (dodecahedron)
    • D20 Death Star

    Geek and Sundry tabletop nerd block 2016

    Nerd block usually gets things right, but this was terrible.

    A lackluster t-shirt,2 pencils, a little note pad, a deck of cards, some character coins, MTG action figure, geek and sundry bumper sticker, dungeons and dragons comic book  and  a novelty die  (all ones d6 in a blister pack).

    Lots of filler, not a lot of “meat”. I’d say the only thing that will get much use is the notepad, because I use those things like potato chips.

    I have really no idea what the character coins are used for.

    No way in hell is that worth $50+shipping.

    Won’t be buying anything with the G&S brand again anytime soon, and I am sorely disappointed in nerd block for this sub-par offering.

    Did *anyone* like this block?

    So disappointed, I’m considering filing with BBB. Nerd Block is a bit notorious when it comes to customer service.


    Edit: Followup – 

     I was given the invoice for the “wholesale” prices of my items.

    • T-shirt $11.50
    •  Vinyl Toy – $4.00
    • Bumper Sticker – $2.00
    • Toy Tokens – $6.50
    • Toy Dice – $4.00
    • Notepad – $3.48
    • Comic Book – $4.50
    • Pencils – $4.05
    • Playing cards – $3.46

    According to NB that MTG figure, costs the same as two, very standard/simple, pencils. Wholesale. These are supposed to be wholesale prices!

    In what world do two pencils cost that much?  Or a novelty die that has all ones?



    10,813 – Wednesday

    Happy Midweek and Midmonth, Dear Journal. Another day, another 2¢.

    Glad to be on the rails home.  I’m chilly and tired, happy to be snuggled up in my homemade scarf. I’m feeling pretty good, though I am more than a little hungry… ready for dinner, for sure.

    I was chasing phantoms much of the day today – phone meetings, web searches and inventory taking up the bulk of it. All of it useful, but very time-consuming.  I’ve got more than a few meetings tomorrow morning, too – I have one user that is very itchy to get his version software in place – I get to teach him about repositories and more to the point, branching/merging. Ideally, this won’t be too much of a challenge, but I need to keep things focused and helpful.

    Drunk Octopus wants to fight you, but I think you’re AOK.

    Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You

    Ah well.. I’m going to get back to reading my documentation – until later, dear journal!

    On a semi-tangible tangent – I’ve got a feast of goodies landing on my PS3 and PC lately. Not sure when I’ll have time to play it all!

    • Beta for Little Big Planet 2
    • Beta for DC Universe Online
    • Sam & Max – Free! 🙂
    • Osmos
    • Revenge of the Titans HIB
    • Braid
    • Cortex Command

    The last 4 are via the humble bundle 2 – I got one for me, and another for Shaun W as Double-win Christmas Presents – Proceeds go to charity, and we get games!

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    weekend recap. post #10,809

    Let’s see… What has been up to since Cheeto (Justin) brought our Christmas tree over?

    I got my invite to the private beta for Little big planet 2!

    Poor Pyewacket hasn’t been feeling very well lately – he was logy and seems to be working on a great big hairball. BHK is getting some meds for him today – hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon.

    I was saddened to hear that Dr. D is now in assisted care – my best thoughts are going to his family.

    Saturday was BHK’s crafts / holiday party – just enough people arrived to fill every seat in the house. At the most critical of mass, I went into retreat – hit the man-cave and worked on the computer in there for a bit.  Amongst the guests were Amy R., Holly, In-laws, Mandy, Tara and Van (in alphabetical order, no less!) – There was more food than we could eat for a week, and the guests brought food too, despite our best entreaties. I fiddled with Goldeneye: Source and HIS (Heroes in the Sky) – I much preferred the former to the latter.

    Amy R. is the newest fan of Swarm of the Snakehead. Totally unrelated – Human Centipede is now availabe for netflix streaming. (I do not think I’ll bother with it, though, unless it’s to distress BHK)

    Quite a few passes by “Santa” and his pickup truck… has a lit up Reindeer and Santa dangling from the vehicle… and has been doing orbits around our town more than once or twice.

    Van stayed for a bit after closeup – he had never played Catan before, but that didn’t stop him from winning against us handily.

    Sunday, we rested up most of the morning, but the in-laws hijacked us to go to Men’s day at Maerten’s Jewelry… I snuck over to Play’n’trade to see what was up – 3 used games for 2 wasn’t a bad deal, but I’m still pretty well stocked for toys on both the wii and the ps3. I did look for family game night, seeing as James had mentioned it, and BHK loves to do boardgames – Catan on the ps3, or anything on Yucata.de is her vibe.

    Looking at the archives… looks like Pye and the tree are quite the habit this time of year.

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