change of plans

I’m just going to read, snuggle with the kitty, and meditate. Not sleep.

Oh, forgot to mention… last night I was tech support Scotto… three different people chatted with me for the sole purpose of LJ aide… I never hear from them otherwise. Sort of rude, but I assisted them anyhow..and they were thankful for the help.

Cyndi Lauper was excellent… when I have more time, I’ll unload the camera’s better piccies to here. Karen and Doug both made it, too. Apparently Cathi and Dave were there, but couldn’t get to my front-row location by the time they got there. It was an acoustic set, and she rocks with the dulcimer and recorder too! Very spiffy.

Respectable turnout. Maybe 200 people. If I had to guess. I’d say that it was and even 50/50 male/female audience… though I suspect that there was a disproportionately high percentage of homosexuals to heteros. Instead of the usual 1 in 10… I’d put the flamboyantly gay population at maybe 3 or 4 in ten, primarily male. Any straight girls looking for a straight guy would have to activate major hunting skills. The one with best odds would be a bisexual male.

I got a signed CD… She seems quite nice in person, and has only a hint of that wacky new-yorky accent that she talked with during the 80’s… Her son was there, too, and is a cool kid. I may be appearing on deco drive Monday night on wsvn at 7pm. we’ll see what happens.

After the concert, I went with Karen and Doug to the mall next door to shoot the breeze and grab a bite to eat (Nathan’s french fries, and lemonade… good tasting), and then quick little stops at Kay-bee toys, the discovery store, and the Barnes and noble… just lookie-looing, no purchases for me today, aside from the new Lauper music.

Last night, I finished my new computer desk…it’s nice, but the tower doesn’t fit in the elevated bay with the large drawer on top…. so I removed the drawer and runners to safe for when a smaller case is used, next go-round. The Desk is nice, though… a healthy-sized keyboard sliding-shelf now gives me a lot more desktop real estate to work with (or for Newt to rest on, as he’s doing now.)

The things you find on the Internet, looking for zombies…Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels

Synopsis: A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles. When a bodacious female biker and her muscular henchman, both bent on ridding the world’s human population of pesky body hair move into town it’s up to the town’s lingerie shop owner, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend to battle hairlessness for the sake of Planet Earth.

Tonight, at about 8, I’m going to visit with Dave, while his wife and her buddies go out for ladies’ night. I don’t expect that evening to last too long, though…. maybe two hours or so.

I’m looking most forward to spending some time relaxing on my own and with my sweetheart… we’ve both been busy-bunnies!

Finn pissed off Kev today. Dumb dumb dumb. He’s her only strong supporter….burning bridges, she is. Fury is short, memories are long.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day…. Cyndi lauper and the bookstore in the morning, art fair in the afternoon, and hanging out with Dave at night…. keeping him company while his wife and her pals have a girls’ night out. I’m glad it’s a long weekend ahead, so I have time to do some resting up afterwards… I want to spend some nice quality time with my sweetheart, too, on Sunday or Monday… (or both! 🙂 )

Neat… photos from an area near my town.… small world, LJ!

My brother said that someone came by my house today when I wasn’t home… no note on the door.. I wonder if Mio accepted a package for me? I’ll find out tomorrow, I guess.

I got my computer desk home tonight, so I’ll assemble that sometime this weekend… maybe tonight?

Heeeeeeere I come to save the dayyyyyy…. (again)….

another “emergency”. Heck, I know that I’m earning my keep, anyhow.

Dale called in with a migraine, and Kev’s not in to work yet, so they’re coming so I can get there early. Early being between 45 and 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Dingalings…it’s not like we traffic in organs or anything that’s *THAT* time-sensitive. I don’t mind, though… free ride to work and I’ll bug out a half-hour or so early today. Hopefully that’ll translate into a half-hour more time with my sweetie before tucking her in… I suspect she’s going to be sleepy after her busy day today.

See you later, dear journal!

scotophobia.... not to be confused with scottophobia. Click for a definition to pop up in a new window I suspect it was a spider.
It’s getting dark extra early… the glare was so bright that I couldn’t discern the bus from any of the other assorted miscellaneous trucks on the road until it had practically passed me by. In addition, I got a little tickly sensation on my ankle waiting.. it went away after I’d adjusted my pant leg, but I’m not sure what it was… I have my suspicions, though.

oh, by the way, I beat Dan in combat both times yesterday. I don’t think that’ll happen again… I only have successful tactics vs. him once, and then he learns form his mistakes… fortunately, he keeps me on my toes, forcing me to think up new methods each time. it’s a good opponent who does that.

this is your brain on vb, sql, and c# I had rather a scattered day at work… I had a very real need to just goof off, but had too much work on my plate to do so…even so, I caught my mind wandering quite a little bit. Flights of fancy about the coming Halloween, and plans for this weekend. Some cool happenings this go-round… Las Olas Art Fair (supposedly on of the top 100 in the country.) Though I’m not looking to get any art, the food will be tasty, and the people-watching exquisite… plus all manner of nifty craft window-shopping. I'll be taking my bike... like the picture? I drew it without looking at the palm tablet at all!

Cyndi Lauper free show Saturday 12:30-2pm at the Barnes and Noble by the Galleria…. I’m going to make a point of being there early to get a good seat, and hopefully find a few nice books too while I’m there. It’s going to be an all-acoustic set… I hope that the turnout is of a respectable size, but small. It’d be neato to perhaps get an autograph… I really dug her when I was younger, though I’ve not heard much of her work in recent years… plus, I liked The Goonies and Vibes.

Finally, a woman I saw on the bus… just to polish off my palm piccies. 😉 I don’t think she knew I was doodling her.
she was old, and had a hoodie on... she had a friendly face, though

Mission accomplished… Dan and I had a nice time, quiznos for lunch and an afternoon of miniatures combat. Newt was very well behaved and quite lovey to Dan. And was good about not getting on the table while we were playing.

Good food and good company… no complaints, right?

I don’t envy Dan’s surgery this morning. The final size of the two bits they took… a 1-inch diameter circle and a slightly smaller bit from the side of his nose. He’s going to have to clean and redress it fairly often… the final close on it was decent, though. I suspect it’ll heal with a very minimum of noticeable scars.

He brought me butterfinger bites, and a few new figs.. Very nice! Blizzard and quicksilver, along with some shield grunts.

He had a turkey sub, and water… I had veggie and gatorade… the pretzels were never opened, but he liked the peanuts.

like the ol’ days when we gamed all the time pic

Well, looks like they’ve gone in for another look. Danny’s got to wait again on this dig.

I’m back, got some pretzels, baby carrots and dill dip, diet coke, Gatorade, and dropped off the mail that needed to go out today.

I’m looking at my heroclix, and thinking that I could custom do a few different figures… it seems a bit rough, but I think that kingpin will be the simplest one to start with for myself…because he’s bald and broad. I may modify a Hercules, too, just to have a kilt. 🙂 Depending on what outfit my sweetie picks, I’m guessing jean grey, or scarlet witch will do the trick for her. I feel that thug will be a good one for my brother, again, because he’s bald, and easy to make a long-haired male figure from. quicksilver is closer to his body-type, though… maybe I’ll use that one, or hydra operative.… I’m going to use the operative for Danny, too… shave off the gun, and paint it more domestic.

For Newton and Blackie.. I’m going to have to get some o-scale cats, or make ’em out of femo. still debating giving Blackie a little mouse or bird on his stand. (Newt’ll have a teeny version of his stuffed tick toy)

Or… I may say the heck with it, after painting the first one.

Some cool props, here.… I really like the pizza boxes… a good prop for the bro. 🙂 and Chinese takeout, for me.

I was delighted to see the Halloween promotions already in full swing… thoughts of cooler nights, happy children, costumes and candy…. that brings a smile to my face.

Autumn’s on it’s way… less than a month to go!

Newt’s wake up patty-pats found me in good humor when I awoke… and we kitty-wrestled for about a half hour before I managed to wear him out. He’s a goof… purrs like a lawnmower when we duke it out.

I need to get a lint brush to pick up his fuzz-droppage off of the futon, though. orange and cream, while complimentary to the forest green of the upholstery, has a high contrast.

Danny just called, and is still at the doctor’s… they’re going to section what they removed, and decide if they need to take more. Meantime, I’m going to make a refreshment run, and get a few minor chores done before he calls back (expected in about an hour.)

interesting development –

one in four employees spend more than an entire workday online each week surfing non-work-related web sites

Until later, dear journal!