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Sisto looks over my lunch

Sisto forgot to mention the carrot shreds and basmati rice to the cauliflower, broccoli and tofu simmer, it was butter chicken sauce, but no chicken. I think it was more of a very mild curry, but I kicked it up just a little with some hot sauce. Leftover dinner from a night or two ago, very yummy. Perfect late lunch to warm the tummy on a cold winter day.

Harold behind the scenes holding the phone steady, and munching on a bit of rice.

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I still prefer pale green pants.

What Was I Scared Of?

by Dr. Seuss

I was walking in the night

And I saw nothing scary.

For I have never been afraid

Of anything. Not very.

Then I was deep within the woods                                      

When, suddenly, I spied them.

I saw a pair of pale green pants

With nobody inside them!

I wasn’t scared. But, yet, I stopped

What could those pants be there for?

What could a pair of pants at night

Be standing in the air for?

And then they moved? Those empty pants!

They kind of started jumping.

And then my heart, I must admit,

It kind of started thumping.


So I got out. I got out fast

As fast as I could go, sir.

I wasn’t scared. But pants like that

I did not care for. No, sir.

After that a week went by.

Then one dark night in Grin-itch

(I had to do an errand there

And fetch some Grin-itch spinach)


Well, I had fetched the spinach.

I was starting back through town

When those pants raced around a corner

And they almost knocked me down!


I lost my Grin-itch spinach

But I didn’t even care.

I ran for home! Believe me,

I had really had a scare!

Now, bicycles were never made

For pale green pants to ride ‘em, 

Especially spooky pale green pants

With nobody inside ‘em!

And the NEXT night, I was fishing

For Doubt-trout on Roover River

When those pants came rowing toward me!

Well, I started in to shiver.

And by now I was SO frightened

That, I’ll tell you, but I hate to

I screamed and rowed away and lost

my hook and line and bait, too!


I ran and found a Brickle bush

I hid myself away.

I got brickles in my britches

But I stayed there anyway.


I stayed all night. The next night, too

I’d be there still, no doubt,

But I had to do an errand

So, the next night, I went out.


I had to do an errand,

Had to pick a peck of Snide

In a dark and gloomy Snide-field

That was almost nine miles wide.


I said, “I do not fear those pants

With nobody inside them.”

I said, and said, and said those words.

I said them. But I lied them.


Then I reached inside a Snide bush

And the next thing that I knew,

I felt my hand touch someone!

And I’ll bet that you know who.

And there I was! Caught in the Snide!

And in that dreadful place

Those spooky, empty pants and I

were standing face to face!


I yelled for help. I screamed. I shrieked.

I howled. I yowled. I cried,




But then a strange thing happened.

Why, those pants began to cry!

Those pants began to tremble.

They were just as scared as I!

I never heard such whimpering

And I began to see

That I was just as strange to them

As they were strange to me!



I put my arm around their waist

And sat right down beside them.

I calmed them down.

Poor empty pants

With nobody inside them.


And now, we meet quite often,

Those empty pants and I,

And we never shake or tremble,

We both smile and we say…”Hi!”

Journal update

Social isolation day #672

(March 13, 2020 – January 14, 2022)

Simple observation: it is hard to believe that it has been approximately two years since we have eaten any takeout or dine in restaurant food. We used to go out for Sushi, Pizza, Thai, or Chinese at least once a week pretty much since I moved here and married my sweetheart.

Without hyperbole, I seriously wonder when (or if) we will ever dine somewhere that isn’t our house or the in-laws. I am thankful that the four of us are passable (me) to superior (mrs) cooks.

Current mood has been up and down. Squirrel cam and swampwalks have helped a great deal.

Please be careful.

The U.S. has reported a record single-day number of daily Covid cases, with more than 1 million new infections.

A total of 1,082,549 new coronavirus cases were reported Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as the highly infectious omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country and beyond.

The U.S. also has the highest seven-day average of daily new cases in any country tracked by Johns Hopkins.

Christmas haul 2021

Sark doll
WWII superhero cartoon DVD

Nice card from bro
letter from DC and JCGift card for Chesapeake’s Bounty (local farm grocery)
Moose munch
Partners boardgame
KawfeeChoc covered Oreos
Choc covered pretzels
Bourbon pecansBurger time tiny arcade!
Kolchak vs zuni sticker
Animal crossing hello kitty amiibo cards
Spinch switch game
Mega construx motu roton vs battle cat
Mystic market boardgame
Big brain academy switch
Pourable silicone rubber for molds
New battery 2pack

Homemade Stuffed mothman
Bigfoot under glass
Hand Knitted Afghan, and pattern!
Lubbers lens disappearing lens!Kolchak tshirt
Amazon gift cart
Special dark candy bar

Nex illumi led light strip

Pikmin 3 switch
Turnip boy commits tax evasion for switch
Mix and pour liquid plastic
Nosferatu 8″ action figure
Bear Water bottle
Power works  wx240L screwdriver

DC and JC are harming people with their beliefs

Devastated to learn a friend that is a teacher of math at a private school and mostly left-leaning has fallen hook line, and sinker for the anti-vax movement lead by RFK Jr. Both he and his wife have always been susceptible to nonsense of that sort, and I fear that he s suffering in no small part from being in an information bubble. I would only be saddened if it were just them, but seeing as he teaches hundreds of high school kids in person.

Vaccine deniers aren’t just a problem by the uneducated or MAGA crowd. They are a part of it, but there are folks like over the political and social spectrum who are problematic as we enter our third year of dealing with this situation, and I want to know what we can do differently to handle those who are actively acting to hurt the rest of our population.

Love and Miss you, Newt and Pye

If Christmas is hard,
If you’ve lost someone dear.
Just look in your heart,
And you’ll know they’re still here.

The star in the sky,
The light falling snow.
The robin outside,
It seems like they know.

If this is a time,
When you’re struggling through.
Just do what you can,
For what matters, is you.

There’s no need to be merry,
There’s no need to be bright.
Just do what you can,
It will all be alright.

Rest in Peace, Paula

Paula M. von Berg
July 24, 1968 – December 3, 2021


Paula M. von Berg of Plymouth, passed away unexpectedly at home on December 3, 2021 at the age of fifty-three. She was the beloved daughter of William and Carolynn (Meal) von Berg; loving fiancé of David Boucher; cherished sister of William von Berg, Jr. of Cambridge, David von Berg and his wife Karen of Maryland and Christina von Berg and her fiancé Andrew Guarino of Plymouth; aunt of Darby, Katelyn and Evangeline. She leaves her aunt Valerie Nelligan and her husband Robert.

Paula was born on July 24, 1968 in Quincy. She attended Plymouth schools and was a 1986 graduate of Plymouth-Carver High School. She enjoyed reading, crossword puzzles and watching westerns. She was an immense fan of Clint Walker and James Arness who starred as cowboys in in her favorite movies such as Gunsmoke and Wagon Train. Paula had a soft spot for all animals but she especially loved rabbits and her beloved dogs; “Bandit” and “Chewie”. She always looked forward to the Christmas season when she could drive around and look at all light displays. Paula had a good heart and will be dearly missed by all who loved her.

A period of visitation will be held on Saturday, December 11, 2021, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Cartmell Life Celebration Funeral Home, 150 Court Street, Plymouth. In lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations be made to the Town of Plymouth Animal Shelter, 2199 State Road, Plymouth, MA 02360. For more information or to sign the online guestbook please visit

My cousin Paula passed away last night.

She was about six months my senior, and I haven’t spoken with her in ages. Apparently she had numerous medical issues that caused her pain, both physical and mental.

We were great friends when I was a kid, I loved her and David to pieces, but when we moved away, we lost touch. Cousin David is fairly close to where I live now, we need to get together when it is safe to do so.

Rest in peace, Paula. I will always remember you fondly.