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Mending update,if%20cellulitis%20is%20more%20severe.

Mending time can take 7 – 10 days, or a few weeks, depending on severity .

Right now, the healing seems to be coming along at pace, I just didn’t know that it took as long as all that.

Meanwhile, pretty much in bed with leg elevated while I wait. Painful and pesky, but it could be a lot worse. Still keeping an eye on things just in case.,if%20cellulitis%20is%20more%20severe.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Orange icing is a favorite.

@maximillian_deersteak made cinnamon rolls with orange icing this morning! Always a welcome start to the day. ­čśŹ

Weather is cool enough to open the windows, about 72F. Pearl had a good time watching the blue jays squawk outside, tuckered herself out, and is now lounging on the papasan chair in the red room, having a little snooze.

Watched the first episode of taskmaster series 16 last night, and it’s off to a good start. Glad they put episodes on YouTube for folks in the USA a day after it airs on the BBC. It saves on having to resort to more nefarious methods.

Looking forward to getting back into 3d printing stuff once I am able, but glad that I can at least fingerpaint here and there in the meantime.

Off to take a Sunday nap to rest, until later dear journal.

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Leg update

So, went back to urgent care for a follow-up appointment, since the leg was mostly doing better, but the redness was extending up to my knee.

Got stronger antibiotics, and told that if it gets worse over the next two days head to ER. Right now, I am glad to continue on an outpatient basis. Keeping the leg elevated over heart, and going gently for now.

Mrs and Pearl are taking good care of me in the meantime.

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Quick update

Too sick to draw much more than this right now

Quick Scotto update –

Tl;dr-Had a rough couple of days, but things are getting better now.

More info- The day before yesterday, I had a bad case of the chills, couldn’t keep food down, and was as weak as a kitten. Yesterday, I went to urgent care to get my leg looked at, as I had a hot, tender, red band around my shin, just above my ankle, and extending about 1/3 the way to my knee.

By the time I left urgent care last night, it hurt to walk on that foot. Putting weight on it would be excruciating, and is probably the worst pain I have ever felt where I didn’t pass out. The pain increased along to midnight, and then started to decrease about 4am.

4 doses of antibiotics later, I am doing much better. Leg is still red, but applying ice helps, and keeping it elevated. I can get up and walk to use the restroom without screaming in agony now, which is a plus, especially for Mrs and Pearl.

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Slow Sunday, I disassembled shelving while Mrs Mermaid put my computer desk together and rearranged the boxes to make room for my workshop.

Aside from that, she made us some fantastic chick’n rice bowls, with Italian shaking peppers that were delicious.

Now, we are catching up w season 2 of surviving summer, after having shared a little chocolate ice cream or dessert

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