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HR Puffinstuff was likely not in HR

Dreamt last night that we were under attack by folks of the Winnebago tribe – they wanted to steal the Love Cube.

Showered while singing “Mr. Custer“.. no doubt a result of the aforementioned dream-stuff.

Last night went by like a blur. Got home, ordered pizza, BHK fell asleep on the couch.. I rudely awakened her, and we went to bedski. I awakened at 5 this morning, and headed off to work – without my wallet. Thankfully, I have tasty leftover dindin from the night before last. Brussels Sprouts, tasty rice and quorn cutlet.

NJR’s last day at work is tomorrow – He’s a good guy – I’d take him out for a drink with the guys if we didn’t have so many things going on. Hopefully he’ll be back when he’s between acting gigs – but for now, he’s off to Naples, FL.

I’m really digging the cooler weather – I can feel Christmas around the corner, and snow somewhen after that. There’s a good vibe walking to work from the metro in a bracing chill, wrapped in a homemade scarf.

Newt and Pye have been enjoying a nice bit of fun now that the leaves are spending more time being whirled about in the wind rather than stuck to branches – Newt had pretty much laid claim to the window ledge behind BHK’s work station upstairs… but now, Pye has taken to queuing up behind Newt for a spot to watch the leafy fallout. Later Newt got his seat back and Pye was on top of him to get another turn….at one point Newt started to fall asleep and look away and Pye gave him a healthy nudge in the head to remind him that someone else was waiting for a turn.

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10420 – Wednesday

Back pain is kicking up seriously today – Took some meds, and hopefully it will be more functional soon. Too ouchy to do stretches or the bike right now.

Walkies yesterday ended in BHK picking me up a block from home as I trudged in a torrent – lucky she came and got me – I was fearing for the DS and the phone’s survival.

Having trouble remembering my dreams lately – time to start keeping a notepad by the bed again. I think the morning shower washes memories all away.

Today is the 10th Birthday of Newtcam! (Means Newt’ll be 11 in a few months)

I’ve been wanting to play Martian chess a lot lately – time to teach BHK( and Amy for a 3-player version for when she visits?) , or go back to superdupergames.org (I haven’t logged in for over a year) Maybe I’ll write an application for smart phones or psn, if I can get permission from Looney Labs.

I think that the ad campaign with the Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is great, and that between his voice, build and humor, he’d be a perfect fit for a Luke Cage movie or tv series.

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10,098 – Saturday

As you can see by the pile o’ previous pix, it’s been snowing, dear journal. Supposedly a storm of epic proportions, 2012 come early, the great white wall o’doom.

First time in 30 years that the post office hasn’t delivered mail (from here to DC anyhow).

For my own future swift access – 


0206002020.jpg  0205001546.jpg  0205001549.jpg  downsized_0205001619.jpg  0205001620.jpg  0206001549.jpg  0206001722.jpg  0206001722a.jpg  0206001723.jpg  0206001723b.jpg  0206001723a.jpg  0206001727.jpg  snowy blizzard as seen from across the street  0206001419.jpg  0206001023.jpg  0206001012.jpg  downsized_0206001011.jpg

Eh, This is downright pleasant compared to a hurricane. Sure, the snow is two feet deep at the non-drifted points (as tall as me at the high end) – but we still have power and heat. BHK has shoveled a tunnel over to the Naille’s next door – I’m opting to stay inside with a pair of sweats on, and a couple of kitties to keep me warm while I type.

I’ve caught up my journal from the last couple of days, some are shorter than others, but at least I have the logs in place.

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10,086 – Saturday

Snow Day! a little nutshelling and some cat pics.


Newton and Pye love seeing all the flakes dropping from the sky.

in-laws skidded over for pancake breakfast, and I played a little Left 4 Dead while tiles got shifted.

William and Dylan came by in time for a slice of BHK’s homemade apple pie – I slipped and hit the ground knees first bringing a slice to the neighbor (bruised, but the pie was safe!)

Later, the Nailles and Phil next door came over and we played a little What’s Yours Like (BHK won by a hair)

About 6 inches of snow on the ground now… snowplow is tooling through regularly to keep things clear.

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