ok… I’ve got a new A/C unit. Let’s hope that it has a repair duty cycle a little more reasonable than once a month. Spent some lovely time this afternoon with my sweetie, gabbin’ about vampires, alligators, the O’Hairs, school religion, murder…and more. I love that head she’s got on her shoulders… (and the rest of her is equally adored.)

Hmm.. internet at work is down, if I left at three (next available transport) I could be there at four thirty…, if I foobar, five. Is it worth the trip in? I’ll have to shave… right now my jaw whiskers are long enough to be considered a beard, though my goatee is much more full.

I’ll call and see if they need me at all. I dropped , at least for a time, because someone prefers not to put giant images behind a lj-cut. Maybe I’ll go back to it later, probably, I won’t. I have so many other lovely image journals that I read now… edbook, photosphere, , all have fascinating images with courteous members (or single artists)… not to mention the occasional photography and art that peppers sporadically elsewhere. (like juliabee and meredith)

While I wait for a callback, I’m going to relax.

p.s. you can download audio books with peer-to-peer sharing too… it’s not just first run movies and music! I’m grabbing the audio to Ann Rice’s Memnoch, the Devil and a few others.

Landlord didn’t call me… I rang him up at 9:20. He said that he was ten minutes away, and he was good as his word there. He picked up the unit, and took it with him just now. I showed him the best buy flyer, and informed him that 3 repairs in as many months is unacceptable, and that it was time for a new unit. He said that the current one is under warranty… I don’t know how, the thing is as old as the hills.

I’m going to have to demand a new unit if they say it’s going to take more than a couple of hours to repair.. I don’t need to miss any more work or have any more sleepless nights as a result of this.

Time for a quick shower to take some of the yuck off, now that he’s gone.