Got a new set of sheets today… made of an oddball t-shirt sort of cotton. Comfy. Very suited to a tie-dye project, but for now, pristine white is nice too… typing of which, I’m rather enjoying the feel of socks, lately. Times change.

I want someone to take me out to buy some new birks…and maybe some canvas sneakers.

Rain off and on like a little kid flicking a switch all day… wet- dry-wet-thunder-dry thunder-wet.

I remember reading the rules to Dungeons and Dragons on the way home from church, circa 1978. I didn’t see a clash, then… nor do I now, really.

Spent much of the day playing mage knight with Dave… I picked up 20 random figs via starter kit… and what’s the first one I draw? A werebear, of course. 🙂

I also got – two shade, wood golem Living elemental (A good brother piece to the golem), amotep gunner, ranger (not nearly painted this well) Half-troll hacker, black powder boomer, leech medic , screeching terror, altem guardsman, and dwarven fuser (who looks like he has a spoon on his nose).

My least favorite piece- Amazon Blade mistress… because the paint job is awful, and the base is tough to click.

My Faves – Chaos Mage – I like his antlers, and he kicks butt…much neater looking in person. I also got his little brother, the Slasher, who looks nothing like his picture there. Deep Spawn is nifty, but mine is black, with a light green detail.

Most useful overall? The Chaos Mage, above, and the Grave Robbers (I got a red and a blue of those, too)… Kept me from losing my army very fast.

I had a nice time… Cathi seems to be sort of rough around the edges, these days, though. Weirdness… Mark Archila is working at the Lost Realms store, and recognized me right away. I may call ’em back and say hi… it’s weird seeing him with long hair and I guess he’s living on his own in west palm.Still a nice, friendly, genuine guy, though.

P.S… The twelve dragons store? It smells like pee. cat pee. a lot of it. my eyes burned. really. don’t go there, ever, unless you want your eyes to burn form a ton of cat-pee smell.

p.p.s…. and the gamers were ordering chinese food to eat there! in the cat-pee scented store. Ack. cute kittens, though.

going out this afternoon….spending midday with Dave.. He’s been bitten by the mage knight bug, so maybe we’ll play some of that over coffee. Who knows? maybe I’ll pick up a few figures and have a fantasy army to whomp on my supers?

I slept like a corpse last night. Long, deep, seemingly dreamless. Russian Sleep… the kind you wake up like rip van winkle, and see the world around you has changed by 300 years. Newt didn’t swab me this morn, or I didn’t feel it… when I did wake, my eyes snapped open, and my mind was clear… no grogginess at all. Very unusual for me.. usually I do a slow five or ten minute “fade in”.