If Zombies walked the earth, I’d wear a helmet.

Erica came by tonight with Bailey, so that he and Dexter could run around and play, while she caught us up on what’s new in her life… work/school/dance pretty much. She mentioned that she’s looking for an after-hours job…I don’t know how she can handle that sort of workload… you’d think that she’d like four free hours a week to rest and recover. I suspect that she’s tight for money right now, though.

Picture of Dexter And Bailey tonight, after hours

Rather cool out this morning…. quite nice, really. Tomorrow, I’m going to remember the GPS, and measure my downhill speed over the drawbridge. I suspect that I’m hitting 25ish mph there. (But I could be vastly overestimating) Note to big-breasted women with too-small bras… the “split-boobie foursome” look isn’t good. Find a top that fits, please. I worry that a too-tight brassiere is cutting off circulation, or is painful in some way.

This weekend I’m swinging by PPF to pick up a bag of 100 glow in the dark zombies, and the Zombies!!! game… a friend there is giving me an employee discount, where he’s throwing in the extra zombie-bag for free! I’ve got to make a point to send a few zombies to friends and family.

Some maintenance guys doing yard work out back… Newt’s fascinated. It’s impressive to me that he’s not frightened of the noise. I think that if he got near a blower, he’d take off, though.

A pic of newt from a few months ago... I'm thinking of submitting it to kittypix or color theory

Spiky, sporadic dreams last night… I don’t remember them too well, because I neglected to commit them to memory right as I woke. I do remember that they were pleasant for the most part, but some adrenaline in there, too.

I’m air?