idea swiped wholesale from sweetalyssm …a good one, because I’ve been feeling a bit dark lately. I’m feeling lighter now.

Things about this day that gladdens the heart –

  1. Waking up slowly & feeling the world around me start to begin to live
  2. Hot shower
  3. Email from my sweetheart/ my hearing her voice in my mind as a result
  4. Popcorn scent
  5. Sounds of Newt licking a fresh ice cube
  6. Work Clothes coming off at the end of the day
  7. Nag champa smoke ribbons
  8. Cheddar Corn-curls

Yup… my g: drive is just about toast. It keeps saying that it’s been removed. It could be the cable, but I doubt it as the machine hasn’t been moved very much. Next time it comes back up, I’m mirroring it over to f… I hope that it snaps back long enough to do so. Fortunately, I’ve only been using it primarily for just kazaa and temporary games.

The G: was the last remaining part from Astley’s old “gray market” machine, short of the case. It was only a matter of time. I’ll replace it with a bigger HD as a self-gift this coming holiday.

Poor Dave is banned from getting any more toy soldiers to play mage knight with me, at least for the time being…which I think is fine. We both have more than enough pieces to play a big honking battle, plus we’ve been trading amongst ourselves to our mutual benefit. (I’m not planning on getting any more myself, unless something really amazing comes out in the next expansion… like pirate ships or something.)

Little knot on my skull seems to be ok… sore to the touch, but the swelling has gone mostly down, and I don’t notice it unless I run a finger over it.

I’ve discovered that whenever ER is on, it’s always about the abandoned little Russian girl. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any other episode, though I’ve run over this one about five times.

The Accexpo is coming soon…I thought it was thanksgiving weekend, but it looks like it’s the weekend before now. It looks like they need volunteers.. maybe I’ll take on a shift for free tickets. Security or door monitor is easy work, and you get some lovely perqs… free t-shirt and all. The gaming schedule has very little listed…the Marvel heroclix and mage knight head to head looks like the only things there that tickle my fancy, thus far.

Ok, enough lollygagging…off to work. See you later, dear journal.