Trillian’s been pesky the last couple of times I’ve tried yahooing, so I’m going back to the original on this system.

Got to spend some giggle time talking to my sweetie this morning, before work…she makes me smile, but our time was too short. Drat my having to go in! I still have an image in my head of BB with bright red boots on. I really enjoy it when we synch up. It’s my feeling that the autumn surge of creativity and wisdom will continue… My thoughts are of us together, and it makes me smile.

After I finish the belly dancer, I think the boys’ll be next. I need to trade for the pictured figure, and I think I can make a Newtie and a Blackie. Either that, or find some panther toys and paint them up, and put on a stand instead. I rather like the latter, for the serene look that they have.

possible base sculpts

Woke up early early this morning, despite hitting the sack late… dreams are forgotten with my eyes fully opening. I was back home from my constitutional and out of the shower by 9. I wonder how beat I’ll be come the end of today?

My sweetheart is well in the forefront of my mind this morning… Pleasant, loving thoughts.

got this floating all over the net… Type your name in the right-hand side box, and then when the next page comes up, click ‘drawbacks’.

There are *no* drawbacks for Newton, though it does mention Newt as a Nickname. No Drawbacks on Prescott, but there were Drawbacks on Scott

Scotty Potty
Scooter (I think that this one is fairly innocuous, too)
Scottie Tissues
Scott Pot (Never seen)
Scott Tot (Dan’s Used That one)
Scotty Snotty
Scottie the Hottie (My Sweetheart’s used a variant… Not a drawback, in my opinion)
Squawty Scotty
Gotta go to the Potty Scotty
Scooter Pie
Scott Twat (That’s a new one!)


”Scotty” is a slang term for crack cocaine.
”Beam me up, Scotty,” a catchphrase from Star Trek, refers to transporting someone as a stream of matter.

The morning Newt… featuring a nice cat-loaf variant.. the tadpole.