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9665 – Monday

Tasty spaghetti for supper tonight – BHK stopped off for scratchers and soda pop – $2, no prize. Listened to Life of Riley on the way home, and just took it slow.

Info on conficker – more straightforward than a lot of the misinformation out there.

There’s a ton of stories this morning about some bright flashes of light and booming noises coming from the skies over eastern Virginia, parts of Maryland and North Carolina. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the National Weather Service’s Wakefield station’s phone was "ringing off the hook" last night after around 9:45 p.m., as residents frantically called in to report flashing, bright lights and in some places, an explosion-like sound. No immediate explanation came from the NWS, but a team is now investigating what might have caused the fiery flashes. WTOP has a report that suggests that the phenomenon was most likely a fireball, which can occur when a piece of meteor rock enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

SWAT in Maryland update – via Cheye Calvo –


I am very pleased to announce that, on Saturday, the Maryland House of Delegates passed HB 1267, the SWAT team oversight legislation, by a 126-9 vote.  The bill will require law enforcement agencies with SWAT teams to report every six months to civilian authorities on the number, general location, purpose, authorization, and results of SWAT deployments.  It also directs the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention to analyze the information and issue an annual report on SWAT team deployments in the state.


The Senate passed a companion bill 43-0 on March 19.  In both cases, lawmakers took strong action following emotional testimony in committee by numerous victims of careless or inappropriate SWAT deployments.  The point was clearly made that what happened to my family was not an anomaly, nor is the problem limited to Prince George’s County.
Differences between the two bills about whether to include a sunset provision and the start date of the legislation will need to be resolved in a conference committee over the next couple weeks before the General Assembly convenes.  However, it is looking quite likely that we will be able to send a bill requiring monitoring of SWAT team deployments to the Governor for his signature within the next few weeks.
The House of Delegates passed the legislation on Saturday, which happened to be my 38th birthday.  This is truly the best birthday present I could have asked for!  
P.S.  If you’re not receiving these updates yourself and would like to in the future, please sign up at www.protectourliberties.com


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9655 – Friday

At last!

Springtime… the weekend!

I’d like to take BHK to Annapolis this weekend, do a little walkies and just enjoy each others company. That’s the plan, anyhow!

BHK got this recently, regarding Prince George’s County SWAT issue back in August. I feel that it’s worth sharing, dear journal.

I write these many months later to thank you for reaching out to comfort my family and I after last summer’s terrifying SWAT attack of our home.  The tremendous outpouring of support that we received from our friends, neighbors, and so many complete strangers sustained us through the worst of it, and I continued to find comfort in the kind words as I read the emails well into the fall.

Trinity and I continue to heal, and we always will miss Payton and Chase terribly.  One thing that has helped is that we’ve adopted another black Labrador, Marshall.  As you can see from the picture, Marshall has brought incredible joy to our lives.

After the incident drew international attention and outrage, Prince George’s County police finally exonerated my family and me of any wrong doing.  However, they have refused to apologize and continue to defend their actions in my case.

Over the last several months, I have undergone a personal journey to try to understand how this terrible incident could happen.  My initial reaction was that it was a terrible mistake.  However, as I have learned more, I have come to understand that what my family and I experienced is part of a growing and troubling trend where law enforcement is relying on SWAT teams to perform duties once handled by ordinary police officers.

In our case, the police deployed a SWAT team without performing basic investigatory work and apparently without considering more measured approaches.  Prince George’s County recently has acknowledged that it indiscriminately deploys SWAT teams to serve drug warrants.  Preliminary estimates suggest that the county deployed SWAT teams as many as 700 times a year – that is twice a day!  Other counties in Maryland also report hundreds of SWAT team deployments a year, and we have uncovered numerous other stories of botched and inappropriate raids, innocent families terrorized, and family dogs killed.

In fact, the inappropriate use of SWAT teams seems to be a national problem.  The number of SWAT team deployments nationwide has grown exponentially from about 2,500 per year in the early 1980s to over 50,000 in 2005.  SWAT teams used to be reserved for unusually dangerous situations such as the arrest of major criminals known to have hig h-powered weapons or hostage situations.  However, many police forces are using them today against people they suspect of recreational drug use and other much smaller crimes.

The more I have learned, the more I feel obligated to do everything I can to rein in over-aggressive policing.  I am working with Maryland lawmakers to pass legislation requiring the number of SWAT deployments and their outcomes to be regularly reported to civilian authorities.  By shining a light on paramilitary police activities, law enforcement agencies should find it in their best interests to change their practices and limit the use of SWAT teams to situations where the charges are grave and a violent response can be reasonably anticipated.  The Senate passed SB 447 unanimously yesterday, but we expect to run into more resistance in the House of Delegates.  As soon as we enact this legislation in Maryland, I intend to work with lawmakers in other states to pass similar legislation. We are also considering actions that can be taken on a federal level.

To help in this effort, we have created a web site, www.protectourliberties.com, which tells the stories of a number of innocent victims of traumatizing SWAT raids.  It also contains media clips of the coverage we’ve received and information about our legislative work.  If you are interested in staying informed about this issue, please sign up for updates that I’ll send every month or so.  Also, if you could volunteer for citizen advocacy or policy development work, I would really appreciate your help.  Our next citizen advocacy project is a Lobby Night on Monday, March 23rd at the Maryland Capital.

Thank you, again, for your support and encouragement!  
Warm regards,
Make Maryland Great, Inc.
P. O. Box 4343
Annapolis, MD  21403
(410) 757-2811

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9644 – Tuesday –

Newton slept on my hands – must’ve been seeking bonus warmth, or he was jealous of my rubbing BHK’s arm.

meme-time – snagged from Sean

Think of 15 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world. When you finish, tag 15 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good. Tag, you’re it!

Here is my list, narrowed to 15. (Scotto isn’t tagging anyone, but is happy to see any other entries)

Let’s see… this could be fairly tricky – I’m not sure of music that changed me forever… I’ve never really been one of those folks to play the same album over and over again… a few that come to mind –

Stuff that was significant to me, and I still dig –

1. Beach boys – I went through a major Beach Boys phase as a kid – Pet Sounds was something that got a lot of play both in my home and on my walkman. The album still cheers me up quite a lot.

2. Beatles – Yellow Submarine / Octopus’s Garden (not really an album, but the first music I had as a kid.. that I remember. It wasn’t even the Beatles, it was the Sesame Street Version) If I had to pick an actual Beatles  album, I really liked Rubber Soul.

3. Talking Heads – Little Creatures Great album – started me on that Band, and despite the "art student snob" aspect, I really like ’em.
4. Tubes – Outside Inside Got this form a yard sale – I was very pleasantly surprised. (Wild Women of Wongo is what got me to drop 25¢ for it. ) I figure I’ve gotten well worth my penny a play just for that track.
5. ELO – Time – first Album bought with my own money, played a *lot*

6. Steve Martin – A Wild And Crazy Guy Not really a music album, though it had banjo and The KingTut single.

7. B-52s – Whammy Discovered them late – mostly via gaming with Ray & Kat. (Specifically for Trism)

8. Zombies – Odessey and Oracle This one keeps coming back, and I love it every time. (Most recently for "This will be our year")

9. XTC – Oranges and Lemons  So Sue me… I like Mayor of Simpleton.

10. They Might Be Giants – Lincoln I first heard them on Dr. Demento when I was in High School – I’ve been hooked since. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years+

11. Genesis – Selling England by the Pound Very different stuff than the Phil Collins-centric bits in later years. It may be my all-time fave Genesis Album.

12. Chuck Mangione – Chase the Clouds Away – One of the five 8-track tapes I had for my first car, the blue bomber. played repeatedly, because we only had 5 albums, and eventually the AC/DC and Beach Boys tapes wore out.

13. Rusted root – When I Woke – first really fun time with the hippies – post concert. I like them quite a lot.

14. Poi Dog Pondering – Poi Dog Pondering – "and I said YEAH!" – discovered by accident. Thanks, tape-traders in college!

15. Queen – Flash Gordon Soundtrack – FLASH ! AHAHHHHH! HE’LL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US!


This site could contain the Ultimate List of software created by Microsoft for Office 2007.

Free Office 2007 Software from Microsoft

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9638 – Thursday – repairing internet connection on the eee

See entry comments for mysql code snips in use. Saving on j:/uiia/qmysql/

"modem wont work, on msn it says DNS and key ports with an ‘!’ but the internet in general wont’ work"

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

For these commands, Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Also try –

ok, go to your start menu, click run, in the box type:
ipconfig /release

hopefully that fixes it.. it worked for me!

Tonight in brief – – Last Restaurant Standing (I think the Cheerful Soul is going to win LRS. ),

BHK picked me up from work, Frozen pizza for dinner, hysteria at bedtime..laughing turned to crying, and lots of itching – allergy meds?

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9627 – Monday

Workitty work work. Workitty work. Workitty workitty workitty work. Sounds a bit like a train on the track, clackitty clack.

Solid Day today – So much so that I snoozed a bit on the train ride home. I got a little extra time, as they were single-tracking on the green line heading toward Suitland station. I guess one was down for repairs.

Things I listened to today as I worked: Jean Shepherd (the guy that did a christmas story) , Phil Harris (Bandleader for Ol’ Jack Benny) I like that Archive.org has a built-in streaming player – I can listen on my laptop in the background while I do my thing. I should listen to Jack too, while I’m at it, but I really Like Ol’ Phil and Alice’s wedding dynamic.

Found out that a coworker of Sean’s got canned for having a wireless device (an ipod touch, I think) – The price you pay for working with certain levels of security clearances. I’ve been some places that forbid cell phones and flash drives, too – just to protect proprietary info. (In my case, it was the courthouse.) Not sure what Sean’s going to do about his entertainment, now… I guess a walkman will have to do the trick, rather than an ipod? Seems sort of stone-age given the technology corridor here.

BHK and I swung by Jerry’s for supper tonight – I got onion and green pepper pizza, she got the chicken "cheese steak" sammich. While we waited for it to cook, we swung by Giant to pick up some goodies for next supper – green beans, peas, broccoli for the noodle dish she’s got in mind… not to mention the chocolate covered bunny grahams (Easter goodies out already?? What about St. Patty’s??) and Old Bay Cheese-crackers, shaped like little crabs. Nom nom Nom.

Smoking dulls the effects of caffeine. As in, you need 3-4 times as much caffeine as a non-smoker to get the same effect. It also has the same effect on some antipsychotics – meaning smokers need a much bigger dose, and if you quit smoking while on them you’ll be overdosing. And if you start smoking while on them, you’ll be underdosing.

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9617 – Saturday

Valentine’s Day! BHK got peanut butter chocolates and a couple of cards from me… I got a wonderful couple of cards, a dragon kite with a wingspan is as wide as I am tall, [edit- added a spiffy sea monster video game for the wii] and some very spiffy coupons.

BHK and I curled up on the couch and played a little lego indiana jones on the wii (checked out form the library), but then the in-laws rang us up – No time for love, Dr. Jones!

We went with the in-laws to get a spot of lunch at Clarke’s Landing (Great view, and the best seafood place we’ve been to – plus, it was free – Valentine’s gift from the in-laws)  and then onward to Leonardtown (home of ol’ Witches Rock ), and visited a local gallery and used bookstore before heading back to headquarters. BHK got a couple of cookbooks, a pair of green cylindrical earrings, black-eyed susan seeds and some Chick-lit. We got Larry a book on Southern Pacific Railroad, and a Lou Reid CD. I just enjoyed roaming aorund with my sweetie, drinking a hot cup of Earl Gray tea and taking in some nifty stenciled graffiti.


When we (in-laws and all) got home, we watched the Nancy Drew Movie (BHK loved it, and I thought it was cute, too.)

Now we’re watching the Lost in Austen miniseries, and I’m about ready for bed. BHK and Larry are already out cold, and Chris is not long to follow.

So, Yelp sells review placement?

"Stoppelman said Yelp doesn’t strong-arm merchants and that the site’s sponsorship program — its main source of revenue — doesn’t offer "pay for play" to advertisers.

Tell that to Tom Mulvihill, owner of Thai Issan restaurant in Cerritos. He received a letter from Yelp last summer informing him that his business had earned a rating of four stars out of five.

Shortly afterward, Mulvihill said he received a call from a Yelp saleswoman urging him to pay a minimum of $150 a month for sponsorship.

"She said sponsorship would allow us to hide the negative reviews and elevate the positive ones," he recalled.

Well, if that’s the case, how can they be considered even remotely valid? I’ve removed links from my site, and am considering what my alternatives are in the review arena.

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9612 – Tuesday

Reading Booster Gold on the EEE on the ride home and listening to Free Audio books .

BHK made TVP with Mac & Cheese – Tasty stuff!

We relaxed quite a bit, watched TV, read and snuggled the night away. My kind of evening.

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9600 – Saturday

Went to The Narrows with the in-laws and BHK for birthday lunch. Crab cake was great, possibly the best I’ve had – and the desserts were fantastic.

White chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate bag – Butterfly and raspberry sauce.

Bread pudding… seems awful fancy for a simple treat!

Also, taken yesterday – looks like the 80s are back in fashion, at least at Target.

We picked up my EEE at target too and upon finding it was the version with less memory and no camera, took it back today. I ordered the 904HA online (in black), due to arrive on or about 2/9 – the new one will have better battery life and the goodies I was hoping for.]

Was feeling pretty sick on the ride home – I went to bed at about 5 pm, woke up a little while ago, but will be going back to sleep soon.

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9509 – Tuesday

Does someone ruin a hand or at least lose fingers in *EVERY* one of Tim Powers‘ books?

Stress of Her Regard – Yup (still reading)
Declare – mm-hmm.
Earthquake weather – yup
On Stranger tides – yes
Last call – yup.

Those are just the ones I’ve read.
bro has a tri-rail ticked on file for 10/31. neat trick, since he has been in jail since june. someone using his ID, or just a really slow process?
The spawn of the XM Sirius fusion emerges tomorrow, and Orbitcast has picked up the complete channel listing for XM subscribers that goes into effect in less than 24 hours. It’s fairly grim for some diehard XM fans—a lot of stations have been erased (bye bye punk channel) or are being replaced by Sirius pseudo-equivalents.

No more upop? lucy? fred? ethel? high standards? soul street? Doesn’t look good, kids.

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9508 – just a psa for AVG & Windows users –

The popular virus scanner AVG released an update yesterday that caused their software to mark user32.dll as a virus.

Since this is a rather critical file, AVG’s suggestion to remove it caused problems for users around the world who are now advised to restore the file through the Windows Recovery Console.

AVG just posted an update about this (FAQ item 1574) in the support section of their site.

Hopefully unconnected – NASA says its Phoenix lander on the surface of Mars has gone silent and is almost certainly dead. Engineers have not heard from the craft since Sunday 2 November when it made a brief communication with Earth. Phoenix, which landed on the planet’s northern plains in May, had been struggling in the increasing cold and dark of an advancing winter. The US space agency says it will continue to try to contact the craft but does not expect to hear from it.

Both via /.

Seventh Day Adventists against Proposition 8

Adventists Against Prop 8″ is an initiative started by a group of Adventist pastors, teachers and students in California who decided, out of their commitment to the historic Adventist principle of the separation of church and state, to voice their concerns about (1) the Seventh-day Adventist Church State Councils public support of California Proposition 8, the proposition that would amend the state constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, and (2) the imposition of a fundamentally religious definition of marriage that this Proposition represents. Hundreds of Adventists from a broad range of backgrounds have joined this cause and signed a public petition asking the Church State Council to rescind its support of the proposition.

Please share this video with friends and family members. Visit http://AdventistsAgainstProp8.org to learn more.

Hm. good for them.

9419 – Wednesday

Midweek, already? Not much happened tonight, save for burgers on the grill with the in-laws – hung out, and tv caused bhk to fall asleep – I’ll be trotting her off to bedski shortly.

The monetary density of things…or what substances are worth their weight in gold, including $50 bills, LSD, and antimatter.

People have been saying that the new industrial grade swimsuits like the LZR Racer are worth their weight in gold. As you can see, this is clearly inaccurate. But such a suit is worth its weight in marijuana or industrial diamonds.

Here’s a reason creative folks might not want to use google chrome, at least for the time being –

From the EULA:

11. Content license from you

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights that you already hold in Content that you submit, post or display on or through the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content, you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive licence to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content that you submit, post or display on or through the Services. This licence is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services

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9416 – Sunday

Slept much of the day, but we did get some good walkies in.

Harvested some apples and grapes (BHK made pie, and inlaws made jelly) –  I just helped with long arm-reach.

Below are random shots from walkabout and the keys to the brown house. clicks embiggen, as usual.

We still have a few key-covers… just waiting to see what the next one will be.

S6302250.S6302249.S6302248 .S6302247.
S6302238 .S6302237.S6302236.S6302235.
S6302234my house key. woogity woogity!

"I’m in Your Google Docs, Reading Your Spreadsheets" from New York Times Blog – psa

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9407 – Friday

Hell of a long day at work, but BHK and I started to make her Birthday weekend roll with dinner out at Saigon Palace for dinner. We’d never been there before, so it was a bit of an adventure… Our traveler’s luck served us well this time:

0822082136.jpg. 0822082057.jpg

The place was pretty empty for a Friday night… food was delicious and our servers very attentive and friendly. I’ll happily go back there again and again – lots of veggie goodies to try, and the Pho will be super come colder months ahead. (I got the bird’s nest, bhk got the lemon tofu. I think she won, but mine was mighty tasty, too!)

Hopefully this puts us on a solid roll toward Birthday goodness!

Ray Bradbury is 88! Happy birthday, one time great writer, now crotchety old guy! Dandelion Wine is still my one of my all-time faves. Thanks for that… I wouldn’t have a lime-vanilla ice, otherwise.

In an online survey, 42 percent of Internet users admitted to logging into other people’s email and social networking accounts without their knowledge. The poll doesn’t ask if passwords were found, granted, or stolen — which would make for further interesting results. The write-up summarizing the results defines the respondents as part of an “educated tech-readership” and questions the ethics of logging onto someone else’s account, and whether those differ depending on the person and relationship.”

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