If you lived in my journal, you’d be home right now.

On waking up this morning, I’m feeling better. I wish it were Saturday, so I could run around and play all day, rather than go to work. Well… next Friday I can do that.

Dreamt about my sweetheart and I trick or treating. We brought the kitties with us and they had treat bags of their own, because someone said we were too big to get candy. She was dressed as a leopard and I was wearing a lion-tamer outfit. I wonder why I wasn’t dressed as a lion? Maybe it was too hot. A pith helmet, whip, and a chair.. not the Las Vegas Magician style.

Hmmm… reviewing ebay costs, the mind sifter like the one I want to get rid of is going for between $10-$20. I’ll hang on to it and try to sell it at the convention in November. I’d like to swap it for some other fun figures that I’d be more likely to use. (or even a painted version of him, and a friendly trade bait figure)

Random Scotto factoid – I really like the Dick van Dyke show. They make a great married couple, and can make me laugh without any shock-innuendo.

The Klan gets stylish, and oh, my gosh… Talk Dirty to Me – Things overheard at the STD clinic I’d like to see the whole list.

Speaking of the Klan…Google self-censors? I forget about other countries not having freedom of speech.

Note(s) to self:

  1. Talk about Charlie, the jerky white-supremacist cab driver sometime soon.
  2. Call and wish Grammy a Happy Birthday this weekend. (She’ll be 80) Handy rule of thumb…Grammy’s 25 years older than Mom, Mom’s 25 years older than Bro. If I can keep track of bro’s birthday in ’72, I’m set. Other Note to Self, Mom’s Birthday is a week from now.