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10,084 – Thursday

BHK has a new(ish) laptop – Windows 2000 machine, runs well, and quick – now we just have to bring all of the data over to it. (about 6 dvds)

Went to the job fair in Rockville- lots of good potential there… unfortunately, Sean was unable to make it – he’s sick with a bad cold. I really hope that he’s feeling better now, though.

After the fair, we sniffed around town – visited La Madeline and World Market. We picked up a number of goodies for valentines day gifts, and a few bowls and treats for ourselves.

0128001434.jpg  0128001434a.jpg  0128001435a.jpg  0128001435b.jpg  0128001436.jpg  0128001436a.jpg  0128001436b.jpg  0128001436c.jpg  

0128001642.jpg  0128001435.jpg

Tiles from the restroom at La Madeline – learn French while you urinate! Also seen, an Element with a decepticon logo!

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9989 – Monday.

Well, it’s a little over a year since Obama has taken office.

I haven’t looked for a while, but I looked at the Obameter just to see where he stands. Off the 500 promises being tracked…. see below.

Promise Kept 54
Compromise 14
Promise Broken 7
Stalled 17
In the Works 149
Not yet rated 274

Two of my touchpoints, the use of torture and closing guantanamo are both listed as "in the works", more detail at the links.

far too many pictures from yesterday’s walkabout – lots of fun with Larry, Chris, and BHK on a lovely autumn hike. Did a bit of geocaching, too – dropped off the meagan and paris bugs.

We also met Aaron Greene at the Cypress Swamp… he’s a very talented photographer!

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9863 – Thursday

Started the day off with an early morning walk with Chris – Pictures previous and below. Also updated the newtcam archive – a few images here for reference.

Fw: Pics from today.. Thought I would share them with ya.Fw: Pics from today.. Thought I would share them with ya.Fw: Pics from today.. Thought I would share them with ya.newtcam (44).
newtcam (82).newtcam (45).newtcam (34).newtcam (24).
newtcam (43).newtcam (29).newtcam (23).newtcam (22).newtcam (21).

The flowers were from the neighbor up the road a few blocks – he’s got a colossal garden that is really well maintained.

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9788 – ugh.

Ugh… really feeling out of it today. Not sure if it’s medicine, combination of aches, or just having a "hormonal" day, but I think I’m being overly stressed out and hypersensitive.

Pictures from this afternoon’s walk – trying to stop back or noggin from bugging me.

Quest for Kitties, Froggies, Cute Kids, Bunnies and Flowers! Mission Accomplished!

Below is the neighborhood rabbit, a frog found in the bottom of our swimming pool, Pumpkin the cat, the north beach boardwalk pov of the bay, many flowers, a cat that looks a lot like a brown version of Pyewacket, Neighborhood Kitties of all sorts – tuxedo, tabby, kitten and adult.

BHK cheered me up with the walk, her very presence, and just letting me rest today.

.S6304005.S6304004.0705091250.0705091246.0705091245.S6304003.S6304002.S6304001.S6304000.S6303999.S6303998.north beach on walkabout pano.S6303997.S6303996.S6303995.S6303994.S6303993.S6303992.S6303991.S6303990.S6303989.S6303988.S6303987.S6303986.S6303985.S6303984 yellow .

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