ok… I’ve got a new A/C unit. Let’s hope that it has a repair duty cycle a little more reasonable than once a month. Spent some lovely time this afternoon with my sweetie, gabbin’ about vampires, alligators, the O’Hairs, school religion, murder…and more. I love that head she’s got on her shoulders… (and the rest of her is equally adored.)

Hmm.. internet at work is down, if I left at three (next available transport) I could be there at four thirty…, if I foobar, five. Is it worth the trip in? I’ll have to shave… right now my jaw whiskers are long enough to be considered a beard, though my goatee is much more full.

I’ll call and see if they need me at all. I dropped , at least for a time, because someone prefers not to put giant images behind a lj-cut. Maybe I’ll go back to it later, probably, I won’t. I have so many other lovely image journals that I read now… edbook, photosphere, , all have fascinating images with courteous members (or single artists)… not to mention the occasional photography and art that peppers sporadically elsewhere. (like juliabee and meredith)

While I wait for a callback, I’m going to relax.

p.s. you can download audio books with peer-to-peer sharing too… it’s not just first run movies and music! I’m grabbing the audio to Ann Rice’s Memnoch, the Devil and a few others.

Landlord didn’t call me… I rang him up at 9:20. He said that he was ten minutes away, and he was good as his word there. He picked up the unit, and took it with him just now. I showed him the best buy flyer, and informed him that 3 repairs in as many months is unacceptable, and that it was time for a new unit. He said that the current one is under warranty… I don’t know how, the thing is as old as the hills.

I’m going to have to demand a new unit if they say it’s going to take more than a couple of hours to repair.. I don’t need to miss any more work or have any more sleepless nights as a result of this.

Time for a quick shower to take some of the yuck off, now that he’s gone.

Random Scotto factoid –

I’ve hung out with a professionally tossed dwarf. He was a nice guy, too, named Jeff… We took Psychology together in ’92, and were part of a group project on biofeedback. He had nothing against the practice when I knew him (I imagine he still doesn’t) and made a decent living (as well as free drinks at the rathskeller) while in school.

Only two states in the union have dwarf-tossing bans, now, Florida and New York.

It’s about 5 degrees F warmer than it is outside.. it’s raining, and a good time to have windows open.

Thanks to Ariel for the head’s up!

Even if you had the old version, download the new ad-aware. The update caught 14 new components on my system, even though I just formatted it about a month ago.

Brilliant Digital is a “sleeper” program that “detonates” weeks after being installed. And uninstalling KaZaa doesn’t uninstall Brilliant Digital’s programs. E-vile.

in more fun news –

a cute lead in to the new tron movie “Tron 2.0, the killer App”

plus, the heat’s not so bad. Just “being outside” level.


Kitty food- check!
litter – check!
shampoo – check!
soap – check!
clean laundry – check!
Supplemental groceries – check!
Clean bathroom and kitchen – check!
take out the trash, sweep stoop – check!

Mail off goodies – Monday!
Washington Mutual – Eventually!
Web page – Eventually!

Survive in this fan-only environment – so far, so good. positive mental outlook is key. Along with minimal clothes and lots of ice water for me and Newtie. (it’s not like we’re in the desert or anything, just 15 degrees warmer than preferred. 86F outside, feels like 95.

Shower – Coming up now. Better way to stay cool!

Random Scotto Factoid – I will answer the door in my boxers (as long as I’ve got suitable coverage on my man-thing) but will find more coverage if I’ve got jockeys on.

later, dear journal!

Yup, the A/C compressor died. Nobody to fix it today, the landlord says he’ll call first thing tomorrow morning and let me know what time he’s coming over. I pressed for what time first thing was, and he said 8:30. I’ll be calling him at 9am sharp if I don’t hear from him, and if he can’t make it any sooner than 11am, I’m going to end up missing work. if he can’t get to it at a reasonable hour tomorrow, I’m going to tell him that I’ll go to Sears, buy another wall unit, and deduct it from rent. In that case, the upside is energy efficiency and that my utility bill will drop.

from msn groups-

Hello Scott,

Thank you for writing to MSN Groups regarding your photos.
We offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this have caused you. We
have not yet reproduced the problem and it may take several days for us to
gather additional information.

Thank you for your patience while we work to identify and resolve this problem.


MSN Groups Customer Support

Not a bad form letter. hopefully it means that someone’s on it.

Off to do laundry… until later, dear journal.

Kev’s get together went well… buds for supper, aliens vs predator 2 (my giftie to him) and then a viewing of “A Shot in the Dark“. A relaxing, humorous time. His sister’s doing well, only six more weeks of the colostomy bag, before she can go back to using her original plumbing.

ugh! why are my msn linked photos only showing up as thumbnails? as a side effect, my links also are not working.

TheAir conditioner’s compressor sounds funky… we’ll have to see if it makes it through the night. I suspect the LL is going to have to replace the unit.

ah well, time for bed… lots of chores to do tomorrow morn, before my playtime!

I need to be on the northbound tri-rail by 2:16.

Hm…after putting the in , we got another 10 or so members. I’m still delighted that it grew to well over 750 members by word of mouth.

Reflecting on the new Peter Gabriel album… Even though he doesn’t seem to be shooting for the high notes, he’s got the different voices going again from his more old school stuff. Much more sinister sounding, and it goes with his Anton LaVey look pretty darn well.

Random Scotto factoid – In the 80s, I found Mary Gross far more attractive than Rebecca De Mornay. I still hold that belief. Until this very moment, I didn’t know that she was the Sister to Michael Gross.

A moment of Floyd, before bed.


I want to tell you a story
About a little man
If I can.
A gnome named Grimble Grumble.
And little gnomes stay in their homes.
Eating, sleeping, drinking their wine.

He wore a scarlet tunic,
A blue green hood,
It looked quite good.
He had a big adventure
Amidst the grass
Fresh air at last.

Wining, dining, biding his time.
And then one day – hooray!
Another way for gnomes to say

Look at the sky, look at the river
Isn’t it good?
Look at the sky, look at the river
Isn’t it good?
Winding, finding places to go.
And then one day – hooray!
Another way for gnomes to say