Ah, wonderful. A scalding hot shower makes everything feel all right. Everything clarifies… the nose clears, my eyes are open wider afterwards, and it’s like some sort of thermal-energy transfer has recharged me. I think my shoulders are still steaming. Newton complained when I took him off of the windowsill, and waited in the sink for me to take care of the act of being clean. (He took the easy way out, and did the same with his sandpaper tongue on his paws as I dried off.

Onko has your best interests at heart – which, by extension, means your brains. Zombie Alert is guaranteed to warn of impending zombie attacks. The statistics Onko presents are frightening, but the company has a million-dollar guarantee on its products. Protect your family today, or just get a head start on them.

Dictionary of beekeeping terms, in four languages. Think of the global beekeeping troubles that this will cure! I think it’s pretty cool that the Italian word for ant is formica. (I suppose that’s from formic acid, and such… not the hi-tech countertop material) Also… I think “American foul brood” is a great name for a street gang, or a band.

I wonder what folks picture when they think of “the boogie man”? If you like, please write in the comments (I know polls don’t let some people vote… and perhaps I’ve not left enough room)

I almost forgot!

I saw Ray (not Colina, but Gaming Locksmith Ray) on the way to work this morning. I smiled and waved, after he caught my attention with his horn. (I was cycling to the terminal). He’s looking pretty good. It’s probably terrible of me to say this, but I’m glad that he’s not married to Heather anymore. He surely deserves better than to have her in his life. I’ve got very little bad to say about Ray… he’s a friendly goofus, who delights in a little creative storytelling now and then. I wonder if he and Rose are still going out? She seemed to be a good cohort for him.

Current fun toy… RISK clone for the palmtop… called “Worldwar” very addictive, and quite challenging. My skill is at me vs three medium, one hard opponent… I’ll win about half the time. one more easy opponent thrown in as a wildcard will cause me to win more often, as I leave him to the sharks players.

Work was thick today… I managed to get through it, though Island boy didn’t check his documentation as thoroughly as he might’ve before going on a trip. No sweat, I got through the roughest patch, but a couple hours of my time were wasted relearning and adjusting to how things worked, rather than how they were (or were not) written down.

Monday and Tuesday will be better, unless some other goofy curveball comes my way. I hope not. My poor sweetheart has been trapped in a work vortex lately too… I hope we both pull out of ’em soon!

I want a magic pebble to wash all of my clothes, and clean my apartment for me. I’m too shucky-darn tired to do it tonight and I’m not going to want to do it tomorrow, either. (but I will… gots to have the clean clothes.)

Also, sort of old, but worth putting in here…for posterity.

Latest custom…A quickie easy one after how tricky my sweetheart was.

Quicksilver, before customizingCustom Danny Fig.... hmm, I hope he still likes it, even though he dislikes heroclix, now. Got a little lazy... He's got Jean shorts the same color as QS's leggings.

Sort of hard to see Dan’s signature black shoes, but I like how he came out. I think he’ll be tweaked to have longer pants, though. More Danny’s style. I’m glad he’s got a grape knee-brace, instead of a blue one. blue’d be tough to contrast vs. jeans.