Spellcheck thinks Chupa is Chapeau. I have a goatsucker for a hat!

An insanely cute collection of costumes for babies.… speaking of which, Mayah was in good form last night… she can push Cathi on the little kid scooter by putting weight into her toddles. Pretty good for a munchkin under a year old! Supper last night was veggie burger, salad and brownies for dessert. I fell asleep just about 5ish am, I estimate… and woke at about 9. I’ll probably take a midday nap to crank my juice back up a little. My sleep was a sound one… of the sort where it was an eye blink, and four hours had gone by. Took Luna and the baby for a walk, before dessert… Jack the evil dog was out there. I got to use my sonic boom authority voice on him.. “*GO HOME*”… he went to his yard and barked from there, after a few stern yells. I wonder where his owners were?

Went for a little bike ride with the bro this morn, and checked out a local yard sale. a couple of good items… a nice pup tent, bed rolls, an ancient laptop, lots of unusual tools… hatchet, crowbar, pickaxe… and a couple of books all looked good, but I abstained on all but two tomes… Chronicles of Robin Hood, and Great American Ghost Stories. I rather like yard sales, just because you get to look at all the loot… form a mental snapshot of the person selling the stuff. Did they get a new tent? Did the family member that liked to camp pass away? Was this stuff found left behind in the house?

I’d like to have psychometry. As long as I could turn it on or off at will. The last thing I need is to get readings off of my clothes and sheets’ last trip in the washing machine, let alone the scene of a violent crime or other off-putting act.

Chupaaaaa!!!The history channel’s doing a documentary on Bigfoot and Other Monsters –

The mermaid, Abominable Snowman, giant squid, and dragons are all parts of myths and mysteries. But are some real? The Komodo Dragon was merely the stuff of local legend–until the dinosaur-like, very real giant reptile with an orange tongue and a fierce disposition was tracked down. Giant squids, measuring as long as 100 feet, have been found to really exist. We’ll explore every possible explanation for these and other legendary creatures and find out if some might really exist. TV G

Current Flavor – Chupacabra!… a personal fave.

Speaking of mermaids… I’m thinking nice thoughts of my sweetheart… hoping that she’s digging her day and is feeling my admiration and love for her. She’s had an even more busy week than myself…here’s to her being able to sink into a warm, fragrant tub of bathwater, scented with exotic oils, and gentle unwinding.

Still awake… couldn’t sleep…restless. So I’ve tried a hot bath. After I dry more, I’ll hit the sack again.

Something weird about feeling the bathtub drain, and having gravity return to full.

It’s very comforting to have Newt follow me from bedroom to bath, with nary a complaint. He hangs out while I talk to him about the day’s events, or make up little stories for him, as he bats at my fingertips or mouth.

Brown is Green. A dung-fueled power station in the UK has won an environmental award from the Euro Solar educational charity. The £7M plant produces power for the national grid, and is capable of generating 1.4 megawatts of power at full tilt. Located in Devon, it runs on approximately 1.6 million tons of waste produced by local farmers. Apparently, this trend is pretty big in Germany and Denmark: both countries already have about 20 large-scale poo-poo-powered plants.

The First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra uses vegetable-based instruments to perform classical compositions (listen). Where necessary, additional kitchen utensils such as knives or mixers are employed.

Ok. Dry now. Night night.