D’oh! I left my camera at work! How’d I do that? It must’ve been because I had my handspring in my pocket. Looks like Bonbon spawn#2 got a talking to for drag racing on company time…not to mention Buddha, Sissy-Greg, and Buddha2 got in trouble for sleeping on the job. Second time in two days. I’m *very* surprised they didn’t get fired… just a suspension for a day.

Wachovia now has my proof of residence… I’m probably going to get a call tomorrow, confirming that I can open the account.

One of my dollars made it to Scottsdale Arizona! Ito only took 2 yrs, 238 days, 22 hrs, 19 min to get there… traveled 1963 miles (or an average of 2 miles a day)

I registered years ago with Where’s George, and forgot about it about six months later. I registered maybe a dozen bills, and grew bored when none came back. Now that I’ve finally gotten some confirmation, I’ll start registering more, just to see where it goes. I think that I first found out about Where’s George via Ana cam, just like I found LiveJournal, though I haven’t really been to Ana cam in ages. Danny still has a T-shirt from her site somewhere… it’s a great shirt.

I’ve just found an interesting element of the magic levitation rules…Dave’s going to get it, next time we play. Mage knight rules stuff

two years ago … painted desert dreams with my love / fun with virtual lite-brite

a year ago… crabwise, popinjay, colloidal silver, jim verillo in court, days of the dead, and remembering the painted desert again.

Paper airplane simulator is fun for a few tosses. My best distance is 102.3682 feet
Didn’t go for the morning cycle today… just wasn’t into it. I preferred to walk around my apartment building and the blocks surrounding. I want to get a more intimate knowledge of my region.

More free movies in my vicinity Young Frankenstein, Rocky Horror, Men in Black and Back to the Future… the weather’s getting nice, too. Python wasn’t bad, not too muggy… but the nights are much more pleasant now.

I look at the LJ logo of a pencil, and wonder if a broken record wouldn’t be a better one.

Hee… Dave picked this thing up to take on my big guns…I like the shoulder-turreted dwarves. The detail is *excellent*… I wonder how they get such good work on such an inexpensive product… like MacFarlane’s toys. I’ll be interested in seeing how well it stands up to cannon-fire.

Looks like ye olde Newtie webcamme is about kaput. He put in a good term of service… a few solid years. I’ll pick up a fresh one the next time I hit the office depot…they’re so cheap these days! It’s so old that Windows 2000 doesn’t have a support driver for it… sort of been fudging with a home-brew one I found online after the system was reformatted. I’d still like to grab a Lego cam to work with the rest of the mindstorm stuff.

In a similar vein, here’s an article about camera zapping with a laser pointer… neat! Temporary, too.

Newer Giant Rubber Monster Movies I plan on burning to VCD, over time.