Rather cool out this morning…. quite nice, really. Tomorrow, I’m going to remember the GPS, and measure my downhill speed over the drawbridge. I suspect that I’m hitting 25ish mph there. (But I could be vastly overestimating) Note to big-breasted women with too-small bras… the “split-boobie foursome” look isn’t good. Find a top that fits, please. I worry that a too-tight brassiere is cutting off circulation, or is painful in some way.

This weekend I’m swinging by PPF to pick up a bag of 100 glow in the dark zombies, and the Zombies!!! game… a friend there is giving me an employee discount, where he’s throwing in the extra zombie-bag for free! I’ve got to make a point to send a few zombies to friends and family.

Some maintenance guys doing yard work out back… Newt’s fascinated. It’s impressive to me that he’s not frightened of the noise. I think that if he got near a blower, he’d take off, though.

A pic of newt from a few months ago... I'm thinking of submitting it to kittypix or color theory

Spiky, sporadic dreams last night… I don’t remember them too well, because I neglected to commit them to memory right as I woke. I do remember that they were pleasant for the most part, but some adrenaline in there, too.

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Looks like I missed out on hanging out with the bro last night.. I didn’t get home until nine or so, and he was wanting to goof at about 7…I went off my day schedule a day too early! Ah well, hopefully we’ll play some jax and dexter this weekend, over a pizza.

moloko4 pointed out Operation Flashpoint to me… looks really nice from a dev and gaming point of view.

Hello Kitty Toasters!

They’ve updated the visual thesaurus… I could play with it for hours. or, if extra lazy, turn autopilot on under display options.

Latest Evil Messenger Spam – How’s your port 135 lookin’?

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