Busy day at work… but nice. No distractions or annoying pests. I’d say I’m 3/4 done with the website…. just a matter of taking a couple of pictures with the digicam, and getting a little copy from sales.

This week is random employee vanishment week… Finn and Santie will be gone until Thursday, the island boy is taking off Friday through the following Wednesday. Sappho and Riker have postponed the Peace River trip until November, though, because the water’s risen recently. I’m still planning on taking Halloween and 11/1 off, just for the halibut.

My brother bawled out some of his friends big time, right before I got home for ditching him at 7-11. he called and left a message apologizing, in case I heard him. Sakes… he must’ve been outraged.

Dick Cheney has a scary face all the time. He needs to learn to smile for the cameras more often.

Dave showed me the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

I’m sending positive and happy thoughts to my sweetheart tonight and tomorrow. (As always!) I got to talk to her for a while today… she’s being worked pretty hard too. I think that Wednesday will mark a comfort point for her, though, if she can squeak through tomorrow with a minimum of stress or annoyance.

Random Scotto factoid – I have a few free email addresses I never use, except to register my name in drawings or to fight Spam. If you want to send me a letter I may well never see, scotto@evildeadclowns.com is one of them. My yahoo addy is really the only one I check with any regularity.

hmm… brother got a GPS from a shady character he knows for $20. (I really think that it’s $20 he should’ve saved for other things, but the gizmo is neat.)

I’m going to set it up for him… put some rechargeable batteries in there, set up some maps. looks like a fun toy to take on trips… maybe I can get him into geocaching. I think he’d enjoy that.

These are the ones that are local to us... maybe we can plan a little expedition for some weekend.

The general rule of thumb is, “take an item, leave an item, write in the logbook.” Some caches are themed, so make sure to read the description before going on a hunt.

this is the place I want to hit. a local park.

Off to work for now. See you later, Dear journal.