Good news… We’re switching insurance companies at last…and the dental is staying as is. I got a refund on my aflack I discontinued the service, but they never stopped pulling it from my paycheck. All better now! Posted an update to the automatic writing thing in the original entry… I heartily recommend anyone being a member there leave before the association is made. (well, perhaps that’s too harsh. I just think that the moderator there is a bee-itch.)

Picture of my bike on the front of the route 60 cut because of friend’s list deformation

Reflections from the semi-moist

CNN has a weird news section now. Pretty, because they have higher production values than Reuter’s “Oddly Enough” which is my other fun wacky news source.

Playing with the eviltron Rubik’s cube,while my hair dries from the shower. I really like the astronauts. I still have a tiny keychain cube around here somewhere, too. Rubik’s too calm and placid? Go run over pedestrians, then. Especially with the groovy soundtrack it has. My best score there to date is 105 little dead German senior citizens.

Also see bookworm… scrabble meets bejeweled. if it becomes available for the palm, I’m in trouble.

Randomly placed Pirate ghost with space-laser sword  - ARrr! He Has nothing to do with any of the text in this entry. The moon was beautiful last night, as was the quiet chirping of crickets in accompaniment. my thoughts were pleasant as I drifted off to sleep, thinking of her nestled close… a peaceful, blissful time to be sure. Awake and in the daylight now, some overflow remains…I’m going to keep and hold that seed of calm, and mentally try to get it to bloom over me today. Things at work have been a little pesky lately, and I carry thoughts of her as a touchstone to keep me happy and tranquil. I want to give her cow tales, hold her in my arms, and tell her how much I love her.

Work has begun on my second variation of my beloved in miniature… still in the planning stages. I wonder if cellophane will work as the more transparent aspects of the new costume? This one may take a while to develop properly.

Had a moment of stupidity yesterday, but I think that I’ve successfully squelched it. it hasn’t reared it’s ugly head today, much to my relief

There’s some sort of flu-bug going around work, making folks icky-sicky here and there. It’s tagged Island Boy, Chupa, Kev and I’m not sure who else. My eyes were burning a little yesterday, but that seems to have faded. I’ll be happy if it bypasses the rest of the gang… a few people going on vacation in the next week or two… (Myself included) they don’t need boogie-snots to mess it up. A Good Cough Mixture. – Reprinted from ~90 years ago