Ok, tomorrow through Tuesday, I do the 9-5 gig, covering for Dale. I had to today, too… because he had to swing by the school and pick up his son for medical reasons… I don’t know how serious it is yet.

I’m going to be a busy little bee, doing my own gig and his, but it’s certainly not breaking rocks at Leavenworth. It’s good that we have redundant skill sets at work, or nobody could ever take a break.

I’ve finished part C of my sweetie’s birthday present…. I think she’ll like ’em.

Lazy Man supper tonight… junky comfort food. Irradiated bean and cheese burritos, with a gentle sprinkling of tobasco…just like the kind I ate back in college.

Hey, darktrain! Moon Pies are 100 years old! To celebrate, they’re having a Moon Pies memory contest, and the grand prize is a three day / 2 night trip to Chattanooga, TN, $1000 cash, and a tour of the factory…Heck, I’d just be happy to get a T-shirt.

100 words or less… maybe I’ll enter a couple of times, with different memories. I wonder how fanciful we can get? “The Year was 1908, and this is how my Grandma said that she used moon pies to get women the vote.” or maybe “I am Zarkon, a humble and simple time-traveler. My Memory of Moon Pies takes place four hundred years in your future, from which I have just arrived. Without your magnificent confection, the world would not exist as I know it.”

Oh, man. I had a nightmare this morning about Newtie dying… and then read all about a bunch of humans and animals dying today. Three LJ entries, another person in Maryland shot…

I feel for anyone who loses a loved one or neighbor, regardless of how many legs they walk on. I had a giant taste of grief waking up this morning, and though it left quickly, it’s a thing that’s easily recalled.

I know that this sort of thing happens every day…but I don’t think about it daily. Who could, and be sensitive and thoughtful about the whole thing?

I only hope that when those that I love depart, they go knowing that they’re loved and will be remembered with good thoughts.

Tell someone that you care for how you feel today. Even if they know, I’m sure they won’t mind being reminded. I tell my sweetheart, my brother and Newt that I love them as often as I can.

Personal entry with the most empty eye-sockets and unusual headwear, ever!

Frightening dreams last night. Newton (as he was as a kitten… no more than three pounds, tops) was running around the house (not any one I’ve ever lived in) and there was some sort of party going on… lots of food being prepared. Newt’s bouncing around, being generally nosy, and he touches an oven surface burner-coil with his paw. He’s okay, so I sweep him up, take him to another room and make him stay there, because I don’t want a potentially dangerous repeat performance. Somehow or another, he gets out, goes back to the oven, and gets electrocuted…I don’t know why, but he turns into a stack of steaming multicolored post-it notes. This doesn’t seem absurd in the dream… I’m stricken with grief until I wake up, and Newt’s there, snuggled close. Strange mixed feelings in that split second, of relief and confusion…. I feel good now, because I know he’s safe, sound, and not an electrocuted stack of lightly-glued paper.

Is it wrong of me to delight in a Zombie Abe Lincoln shredding the inside of his crypt… clawing his way free, in search of brains to devour? I bet my sweetie’d be quite adept at kicking zombie booty…The shotgun would take a zombie head right off. Minimum fuss.

Rustboy looks wonderful. I really dig low-budget cool-as-heck animation stuff like that.

The weather has become quite a bit cooler, overnight. Low of 73F… nice! Looks like my connection dropped at about 1am this morning. I hope my beloved remembered her jacket today!

Something I’d have done as a kid…(who am I kidding… or I’d do now) JC Penney is marketing a modified Barbie Dream House as a GI Joe “Forward Command Post.” Little boys can play house, so long as the house in question is part of an overall street-by-street urban combat scenario. (from boing boing)

More doodles…

Flying Carpet! My personal bias for flying carpets is for those that bend a little for lower back support, as shown here. Hooded Evil Cloak/bathrobe is optional.Cycling Jack O'Lanterns... I like the scary nighttime one the best.

One-eyed pirate skull... or.. Polly's revenge. Having one's eyes pecked out by birds. Owie. a monocular Viking and his ship. what's with sailors losing eyes? I think they should have protective goggles or something.
Newt wearing the cpap... not to scale... and no...he doesn't wear it.
The word of the day is sombrero. Why? It's a sombrero! It’s a cool word! Ole'!

Slightly Naughty…