assorted ramble…linkies and stuff

eeeEEeeE I Arthur! I Arthur!The newest Microsoft Advert thingum is scary. Mothman meets MSN. I think he wants to extend a huge proboscis and suck out my brain fluid. If I saw him coming, I don’t know what my first reflex would be… possibly fight or flight. It’s not better with the butterfly! I think it’d have worked better if they’d made it a buxom female “fairy-butterfly” thingie. Sex appeal, and not so intimidating.

Marshall McLuhan: “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding…. I wonder how many people that are voting even know what all the issues are about. I’ll refrain from all the Florida voter jokes that might be out there. This is mostly for my own memories a few years down the line…

How I’d like to see the polls go this Monday

The Pokéthulhu Adventure Game third edition is free, and the free font of the month is ‘thulhuBats – A nice set of dingbats for the game.

rocky sleep last night… deep for two hours, then awake for about a half hour. I don’t remember my dreams, but I think the wake-ups were due to them. It was like flicking a switch…sleeping *snap* awake, then fade back to sleep again.

I’m running late, so I’ll have to make notes on the road. until later, dear journal!