Okie dokie… got up at 8:30 and got my primary chores done. Laundry, bathroom and kitchen are clean. I can take the rest of the day slow and easy.

I plan on chilling out most of the day… no thoughts of work past this one typed line. Newt’s behaving well… staying close and snuggly. He was digging the hanging “spider web” yarn earlier… I think he tuckered himself out batting and tugging earlier.

Gettin' Sleepy by my side.

Dave just called, and invited me over for dinner and some mage knight. I think I’ll take him up on that… It’ll be fun to play a little toy soldiers over veggie burgers and chicken… see the baby and Cathi, too. I think I’ll play orcs & trolls this go ’round… and maybe we’ll set up a 500 point game, just to see how things work on the seige level

Latest wacky cat animation… Elbow – Independent Woman Play that Xylophone, Newt!! sandstar pointed me to the link to that one.

Dad-gum it! Monday is Columbus Day… no postal delivery… fricka-fracka! Hmm.. some shipped on 10/9, and others shipped today….I wonder if at least batch 1 will make it there today?