Glowie on left, standard on right... I think that I’ll take a night shot of the glowing one later, for better detail.Ok… I have Zombies… the game is great. Very simple to play, turns go quickly, and it’s something right out of any classic zombie movie. The figures are the same size as army men (or mage knight, sans bases) and now I have many many little glow in the dark undead shamblers. As an added rule, I think I might make the glowies a little tougher to beat than the nons.

Total count… 100 regular gray zombies, 106 glowies. (Zombies2 expansion came with six glowies… and more goodies too… I’ve not tried the expansion out yet), Very nice artwork and the pawns (figures? sculpts? whatever. the little men) are very nice… the only disappointment is that all the zombies have the same pose. Limping along, one arm outstretched…stomach has fallen out, and you can see the spinal column through the middle. Oh, heck, lemme take a picture. There, I slapped it on the left. Newt’s already fond of batting them around… but he still prefers the twist ties. Good thing, too. I have a way of distracting him from hopping on the table, and making off with play pieces.

a rerun of night of the living dead, featuring two gorgeous young lovers, just made for the screen. An additional upside of this is that now if I’d like to make a night of the living dead, I can use my custom figures of myself and my sweetie to fend off literally *hundreds* of incoming zombies. In addition, the customs are the right size to use as personal markers in the game. (Or any game really… it’d work for monopoly / candyland or whatnot too…) I can add my mage knight zombies for some variety in poses, too..

I also picked up some artillery, speaking of mage knight. I got a pack of cannons, a stone thrower, and ballista. That should make things a mite more interesting on the field, next combat with ol’ Dave. I’m thinking about painting a few of them, too… just to mix it up, and add some detail… maybe in just all black / white / gray paints, though, to keep it in theme…

In other news, I have all the ingrediants to make that tasty stir fry for supper, now. I may cheat and make it for lunch. 🙂 Also, my clicker rings finally came in the mail today!

Hitchhiking is dangerous… too dangerous. Cannibals, you know.

I’ve been described as “A huge, hulking creature, with thick drool gurgling through tremendous pearly white fangs…a thick, bristly hide of poisonous quills and razor-sharp, rotating spines, exhaling a noxious, flammable gas from dripping nostrils, and can fire a concentrated energy beam from squinky, red eyeballs.”

I don’t have rotating dorsal spines and electrical ray-gun eyeballs. I am kind of husky though, and the nose drip and eye redness is only when I hit something I’m allergic to. The Noxious, flammable gas doesn’t come from my nose, and that’s only when I have a lot of broccoli.

Dave is a go for Lost realms this morning. That’s good!

Newt’s a sweetie… i ran out of soft treats to give him, and instead just poured a few kibs into my palm for him to have. He ate them just as greedily. I think he just likes being hand-fed by his mamma.

Received a wrong number phone call this morning… I’ve had them call before. A 6:15 call wasn’t what I was wanting to start the day with, but it got me up and moving. I’m off to the quest… until later, dear journal!

continuing a headstone theme…

From earlier this year, dream of Newt at a graveyard, breaking a skellie…

Newt knocking the head off of a skeleton.

I’m going to hop into my amazing x-5 nitro-burning dyna-plunge® crust-crawler sedan, made in Austria (probably by hopping gnomes), designed for burrowing lithely through the earth and into dreamland, with my sweetie by my side. (I saw an ad for it in the back of Hammerhead Comics, right next to the one for X-ray specs:”Look at your friend’s head. Is that really the throbbing brain within?”) Hee-hee! After working all summer at the state fair’s pony-ride concession, I sent away, and six to eight weeks later, Hoo-Boy!

Off to dream Leopard-spotted dreams of comfort and rest.

Nighters, dear journal.