The bookstore had a couple of really nice deals… I dashed away from there with a bag of ten, purchased for about $20. I picked up a nice collection of Edgar Allen Poe… an old one, so it’s extra neat and pre-creepified, for midnight readings of The Raven and Murders in the Rue Morgue … good to read aloud.

It was a nice enough day, though I bussed the distance rather than cycling (Mainly because I didn’t know what sort of massive book load I might be bringing home.)

Riding on the bus means… more doodles. Mousing over ’em may give you some insight as to where each drawing came from.

Someone has a peanut butter snickers fetish. On the way out today, I found my third wrapper of said candy on the ground. I wonder if it's my brother or one of my other neighbors?

Punkin! More Holiday spirit starting to show through... Same Punkin after 2 seconds of coloring. I may come back to him and add shading, or a Jack-o-lantern face, later... just for the heck of it.

When I think of October, horror and the old west... Boot Hill comes to mind. It was an old west paper and pencil RPG / wargame that I really enjoyed a lot as a kid... six-guns shooting… all sorts of old west archetypes there. I still prefer the term boot hill to graveyard. (However, I use terms like bone yard or necropolis more frequently these days)The Lady in front of me had a *huge* stack of freaky books about grays. Something like 30. I think she was going to start a freaky UFO library at her house...either that, or maybe she was buying them all up to burn 'em as a gesture of defiance.... I don't know. She was twitchy, and I didn't want to ask.

Also, the coolest T-shirt I’ve seen lately-

If you're really a goth, where were you when we sacked rome?

Looking in my cupboard this morning… the day after getting groceries. There’s a secure feeling that comes over me, knowing that I won’t have to forage for a time. I’m very pleased at the almost comedy of wealth there.

I dreamt last night that I was told not to have any telephone communication with the dead. I got a notice on my bill for extended calls into the afterlife and that I was allowed only one hour a month to talk to the deceased. I couldn’t remember talking to any dead folks on the phone, but I paid the bill, uncontested… because I didn’t want to offend anyone dead that I’d forgotten about. I remember that he bill didn’t seem any more expensive than usual.

if you have a aim name… (or more than one…) you’ve got 20 megs of hosty-data available to you. it’s at [update, a year later – netscape no longer hosts remotely to LJ)

Example from my biglug account
(fixed after netscape opted to not remote host here)

I still think the browser is stinky and behind the times…. but this is a nice offering from aol. I prefer it to the landfill of CD’s they send me.

Another pic or two from my Newton-bot account, test

Mickey One – Best movie I’ve ever seen Warren Beatty in (Including Bonnie and Clyde). Great Soundtrack, too. Lots of fun symbolism, and I really like the junk man.

Why didn’t I know about this movie until today? Most excellent! On the local cable access channel. If I had half a brain, I’d have taped it, but who knew it’d be so good? the VHS is out of print at the moment. It could certainly stand to be dropped onto DVD. It looks like AMC shows it now and then. I’ll sic my spiders on it, and make a point of taping it next go-’round.

Holy cow… it’s after midnight! This day has just gone by like a blink. A little Zucker on the tube while I read before bed will end the day nicely.

Until later, dear journal.