I never noticed before, but each major chattie has it’s own color. Yellow aim, green icq, blue msn, red yahoo. The new version of trillian has little colored circles rather than logos for each active. Pretty neat to me, for some reason. My connection to all of them comes on like a little drag-racer pole position light up… “Prepare to qualify”.

Jerry Falwell — yes, he’s flapping his yap again — has concluded from “reading Muslim and non-Muslim writers” that Muhammad was a terrorist. Which is kind of interesting, because from reading interviews with Jerry Falwell a lot of people have concluded that Jesus was a redneck, right-wing bigot. Holy men: Great ideas, bad PR representation. Why do the dumbasses seem to often get the loudest voices?

Slow day for the homepage…


Those of you who own Internet domain names, or are just computer geeks, have undoubtedly heard the VeriSign horror stories. Deceptive business practices, locking out domains, and the subsequent investigation into their operations.

You can transfer to get far cheaper, more reputable and reliable service at GoDaddy or Dotster. ~$8 a year, as opposed to Verisign’s ~$23 yearly fee.. And they’re not bastards.

1/3 the price, and not the creeps that verisign seem to be, in my opinion…(as far as I know, anyhow)

Now, back to the party.

Ah, back, and ready for the weekend.

Groceries, including lots of goodies for Newt and comfort food for me.

New mask, more comfortable than the old mask.. price was reasonable, $84. I’ll submit the bill to my insurance company (har-dee-har- har) and see if I can get any compensation for it. Even if I don’t, it’s well worth it.

Playing paper wad fetch with the birthday boy… he loves his presents. Paper wads galore, and two fresh cardboard crates for him to play in, and gnaw on. He likes the stinky tuna treats, too. a happy boy indeed… he’s also quite digging the Publix bags. Where does he get all of his energy?

My CPAP mask finally broke for good last night, right as I put it on to go to bed. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, so I tucked in and went without. This morning, I have the good ol’ swollen uvula, but it’s not as bad as it might be, because I made a point of sleeping mostly on my side.

I need to see if Sur-Med is open today, and swing by to pick up a replacement…not in the mood to aggravate the situation any more.

In better news-

*Happy 3rd Birthday, Newt!*

The Birthday Boy!!

I love my little orange boy!

my MSN piccies are back! Only took a week or two… I wonder what the die-lemma was?

Well, off to get my mask, and a spare in case it happens again. Then to return and play Newtie-party games. Until later, dear journal!