D’oh! I left my camera at work! How’d I do that? It must’ve been because I had my handspring in my pocket. Looks like Bonbon spawn#2 got a talking to for drag racing on company time…not to mention Buddha, Sissy-Greg, and Buddha2 got in trouble for sleeping on the job. Second time in two days. I’m *very* surprised they didn’t get fired… just a suspension for a day.

Wachovia now has my proof of residence… I’m probably going to get a call tomorrow, confirming that I can open the account.

One of my dollars made it to Scottsdale Arizona! Ito only took 2 yrs, 238 days, 22 hrs, 19 min to get there… traveled 1963 miles (or an average of 2 miles a day)

I registered years ago with Where’s George, and forgot about it about six months later. I registered maybe a dozen bills, and grew bored when none came back. Now that I’ve finally gotten some confirmation, I’ll start registering more, just to see where it goes. I think that I first found out about Where’s George via Ana cam, just like I found LiveJournal, though I haven’t really been to Ana cam in ages. Danny still has a T-shirt from her site somewhere… it’s a great shirt.

I’ve just found an interesting element of the magic levitation rules…Dave’s going to get it, next time we play.

The Wording, verbatim- bold is the special part

This warrior can move another figure up to 10 inches. (Optional) Give this warrior a move action, but do not move him. Select a target figure that was in base contact with this warrior at the beginning of the turn. Pick up the target figure and move it up to 10 inches in any direction, ignoring terrain and figure bases. You decide its facing. The target figure may not be placed in blocking terrain. The target figure may not be given an action for the remainder of the turn.

That means…The target figure has to be in base contact with the levitator at the start of the turn; it does not need to be in base contact with the levitator at the time of the levitation. Therefore…If I have four guys touching a battering ram or the like and four actions available, I can toss it 40″ around the board! (Considering the play area is 36″ by 36″, that opens the whole thing up. or if I want to get tricky…I can send it out up to 20″, put it in base contact with an enemy, and reel him in like a yo-yo, back where he started at the beginning of the turn, to repeat the process again and again. Major artillery… that might serve well vs. his giant.

Ten New Wallace and Gromit Episodes are coming! As is the Day of the dead.

This big German boy made little pizzas in a Japanese toaster oven on English muffins, and used jalapenos and Mexican seasoning for din din tonight… There’s a multicultural dish for you! Makes up for the blah-ness of my lunch. I’m also having a killian’s red… I think that this is the first beer in the new apartment. Only one, however. If I need more to drink after finishing it, I’ll have water.

Dan’s a go for calling in sick a week from Friday… good. We’ll get to goof off, post-Halloween. He’s got blood sugar troubles, and his wife has other dietary issues…so I claim his candy in the name of Yetis everywhere! (If he gets any.)

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