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danny’s issues with the time-travelling, dimension-hopping show – Primeval.

In episode 1, when Steven is letting the monster chase him through the
halls of the elementary school, he pulls down the bookshelves that line
the hall to impede the monster’s pursuit of him.

This is very unrealistic. Those bookshelves must be secured to the
wall. That is an OSHA requirement in the United States! Even in
England I’m sure there is the equivalent-to-OSHA requirement to secure
tall book selves to the wall for safety. Unsecured tall bookshelves
could fall on a child.

I just want to go on record as saying that it is too unrealistic for
Steven to be able to easily topple the tall hallway bookshelves in the
elementary school.


10,067 – Monday

Hey! Today is a palindrome! 011110 !

A panoramic pic of the bay iced over from yesterday (bigger here)

4263588273_4eeceb72dc_o - 4264343410_fc95771676_o - 4684x1522 - SCUL-Smartblend

BHK made me a wonderful breakfast of veggie omelets and English muffin – nice dose of protein to begin the day solidly.

Bad news technology-wise… BHK’s laptop seems to have taken a nap from which it won’t awake. I suspect the internal power supply. Looking into cracking it open soon, if the alternate cable doesn’t fix her up.

Shadow of the Vampire this evening, while we strip the tree of it’s ornaments and lights – rather a counterpoint too last year’s Kolchak festival while putting on the goodies.

Started watching sanctuary tonight, but the allure of Big Kahuna took it over. We’ve made it to 94 of 99 levels complete, and all but one tropical fish unlocked.

Dinner of tasty twisty pasta and unchicken strips in a tomato-cream sauce, with lots of tasty garlic!

Janet sent me a pic of Danny from his Birthday on Los Olas – BHK thinks he looks cuter sans moustache.


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9767 – Monday

Danny sent me a solar powered robot frog, and a game –  infernal contraption.

BHK is currently making some awesome-smelling supper – something involving tortilla wrappers,  hot sauce, potatoes, zucchini, teriyaki sauce, and vegetarian meat called “veat”

Tomorrow – going to a job fair

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9704 – Tuesday –

Cinco De Mayo… Cheers! We had ratatouille and baked potato for supper. (But the bagel I ate had jalapenos on it!)

Contemplating going to Bengie’s Drive-in this weekend. Triple feature of Fanboys, Monsters vs. Aliens and Star Trek a fun, dorky night.
I’m not sure though – I’d prefer to see MvsA in 3-d.

Talked to Danny on the phone tonight – he might be jumping into a game of Champions at his local game store this summer. 150 points – the store used to be the Dragon’s Lair, but it’s now Adventure something or another.

Bro sent me a text from his new phone – I’ll call him tomorrow and see how he sounds. I’m sure he’s happy to be out and about.

No Franklin again this morning – I noticed that the lawn was treated with chemicals – hopefully that kept him away, along with the cold, drizzly rain.

Pull in your tum,
stick out your tush,
wiggle your hips,
now give ’em a push

Godspeed, Captain Chaos

As I was starting to say, I’m glad it’s staying a bit rainy and cool outside… I’m probably the only one who is loving a little soft, cool rain over sun and heat. I’m a hairy, big beast… hm, an excuse for another old Ditko picture, I think, dear journal.


Freeware Eurorails game  –  Thanks, Rock, paper, shotgun!

also discovered OpenTTD for a freeware version of Transport Tycoon, and SimuTrans .

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9568 – Friday.

Only 360ish days until 2010. I wonder what people will do for crazy new years glasses for 2011? no more double zero years for eye holes until 2020!

Danny’s Birthday Today… and one month until I turn 40. Kat’s Birthday is speeding up in about a week or so, too, and Duncan-Dad Shaun’s B’day is the end of this month.

Lets see – today – Early Morning – Amy heads home – the dog bite on her arm is too infected, and she’s worried about properly treating it. I think it’ll be ok, but I can understand having concerns.

I get an emergency visit to the dentist – turns out my earache was the result of my crown – too high, and my jaw was adjusting to make it fit properly while I slept. TMJ turned into an ear infection. warm compresses and antibiotics should fix it soon. (I hope!)

After the dentist, I hit the doc’s – got some ear drops to relieve the head pain, and looked into some treatment for some of the other issues I’ve been having. Got some new meds for that, and a consult to see some specialists in the area. We’ll see how it goes, I’m hopeful. I should’ve just done my allergy shots today… but I guess that doesn’t matter, since I’m to every other week now.

Jaw is painful, but not terrible. I guess that’s one way to prevent overindulgence during the holidays!

Unique hits to my journal, by country – 30,998 total in the last 6 months – slightly down.

Running total of visits to scottobear.livejournal.com since 12 Jun 2006: 460,758

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9524 – Saturday

leftover goodies from halloween – visits with poes gravesite, and baltimore in general. clicks embiggen.


After allergy shots (and a chit-chat with Kendall’s Mom) BHK and I went to Gina’s Cantina for lunch and  took an extended walk around annapolis today – despite Britney chiding us for not seeing "Twilight" the sparkly vampire yet, we skipped hitting the movies.

I got a lot of christmas shopping done, but BHK didn’t have my luck. Despite our having gone to a little computer show, I couldn’t see any really amazing deals.

Spoke briefly with Danny this afternoon while on the road – apparently the new tolkien calendar isn’t so great, just landscapes. I figues we can get him a better calendar than that for the holidays. BHK commented on hobbits in bikinis. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were such a thing.

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9394 – Monday

Dan sent us a pile of stuff after cleaning out his guest room. A boatload of books, a few dvd’s:Batman Begins, King Kong – the newest one, Quest for Fire, Razor’s Edge, Life aquatic – and a copy of Valley of the Mammoths – looks to be a good game, but he couldn’t play it at the school’s game/SciFi club due to some of the caroon cavemen having visible genitalia. (He offered to draw clothes on them with a sharpie, but the students prefer Catan and Aquarius anyway.

His loss is our gain!

To me, tabletop games are a form of entertainment; I play to play, not play to win. I prefer light games that are amusing in and of themselves, games that are pleasing to play and offer something besides the chance to earn victory. Sometimes I’m in the mood to sit back and watch math at work, sometimes I just want to push pawns around and chuck some dice, and sometimes I want to claw my way to the top of the heap. Abstracts, beer-and-pretzels, RPG, wargames… I’m not picky, so long as it’s a fun ride.

I just found out that x1650 is the bare minimum of game cards for the next generation of goodies coming out this year. I gout rid of the x1600 just in the nick of time, it seems! I don’t want anything to make it hard to run spore or fallout 3. (Or ghostbusters, when it someday comes out. )

Random Scotto factoid – I can chug soda or beer at an alarming rate. That is part of why I don’t drink beer with any regularity.. it takes more than one to even begin to quench my thirst.

I sorta-kinda want to live in a styrofoam dome home. (at least as a little place or cabin out in the wilderness somewhere as a second home.)

Singer Isaac Hayes has died at age 65. He will be laid in his grave as soon as they find someone who can dig it. *badoom-ching*

John McCain: Enthusiastic supporter of spam.

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9356 – Sunday.

Opened the morning with Pancakes at the in-laws. I helped Larry remove the awning from the upstairs bedroom, to make room for french doors. I suspect the awning will be relocated to the bottom floor.

We all hung out and gabbed most of the day – I scoped out Larry’s 30-30 and .22 pistol, and the model of the U.S.S. Constitution. I think that I’d like to head toward Baltimore sometime for a walking tour of the actual ship. (Hm, I may have to wait until 2010 for an underway demonstration with the restoration taking place, but walking tours are still good.)

Came home to rest and relax together for a bit – got a call from Danny – Janet has a gig! Working there for 2 weeks now, doing graphic design for an advertising company that produces campground maps (surrounded by business-card style adverts). I’m glad she found something, and hope that it’s profitable, challenging and fun for her.

He liked Get Smart and Evan Almighty – Both of which he saw this weekend though he’s not a bit Steven Carrell fan. I suspect that Get Smart will be something I enjoy – he does the “idiot in charge” role well… but I don’t imagine I’ll bother with Evan Almighty, unless something comes along to further interest me about it. He really liked Wall-E, too, but I imagine that goes without saying fro me.

BHK and I watched Cloverfield today. I’ll say it from the get go…. it wasn’t my thing. The shaky-cam didn’t bother me at all, but the movie itself was pretty stinky, in my opinion. I’m glad I waited for netflix, and didn’t bother catching it in the theater. The synopsis of the film reads better than the movie played out.

The viral marketing of Cloverfield was excellent – but I just wasn’t engaged by the film. The characters bored me, and the monster seemed unimpressive both in design and implementation, even for a “giant beast”. It made 78% on rotten tomatoes, or 5.8 out of 10 on metacritic, which makes me think that I must be in the minority for disliking it so much. It seems that the movie critics liked it more than the bulk of “civilian” viewers.

In my opinion, if you want a good, fun horror movie with monsters and a sense of fun – Skip Cloverfield, and get your hands on Swarm of the Snakehead, instead. If you want a cool *giant* monster movie, try The Host. Cloverfield just didn’t have what it takes to impress me.

In other movie news – Hancock is rated 35% at rottentomatoes. I wonder what’s killing it for most folks – I haven’t seen it yet. That’s less than Get Smart and Harold & Kumar, which I’d figure were worse.

Flicks out now that I want to see:

Wall-E (wins over any other item showing right now.)

In no particular order – (except that of my memory)

Hellboy 2
Take Out
Dark Knight (ok, I’m tired of making links – cut and paste as needed, dear journal.)
Space Chimps
Indiana Jones 4
The Fall – (has it gone out of theaters yet?)
Gonzo – (Hunter Thompson pic, not the muppet)
Visitor (has that left?)

Is there something I missed? I imagine BHK wants to see the Sex in the City and The American Girl flicks, both of which are ok by me too.

We had Dagwoods at home for dinner with the in-laws…sat around and watched Oxford Blues, which really did nothing for me. I avoided seeing it in my high school years, so I guess a 25 year reprieve is about the most I could ask for. The sammiches were delicious – I made a stack of zucchini and cheese on fresh bread that was fantastic. sweet bread and butter pickles, some honey mustard, and lettuce from the garden made for a monster sammich, but the corn was the clear winner. Certainly the freshest and most tasty of the year thus far. I went through 3 ears.

The local neighbor (the one that was looking for $11 a week or so ago) came by again, looking for garlic to make chicken alfredo, but we didn’t have any for her.

Abba will ‘never’ perform again – Swedish supergroup Abba will “never” perform on stage again, two of the band’s members have said.

Random thought – If I were invulnerable and professional superhero, I’d never wear shoes unless I was someplace that they were required by law.

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9243 – Thursdsay

Presents sent in the mail, when taxes were launched on Tuesday – Eryx’s Christmas Prezzie is only about 4 months late! Ah well, we got it sent out.. .and Danny’s treat will get to him shortly too. hopefully the loot will brighten their days.

Sending good thoughts to all friends in the dumps, too. If you’re not feeling so hot… cheery thoughts to you.

I’m tempted to get BHK and / or Chris Pink T-shirts that read “HYPERBOLE IS THE BEST THING EVER!”

BHK made tasty, tasty meatball-type substance in bbq sauce, with sides of garlic-y yum broccoli.

The Tiki Bar in Solomons Island will be opening this weekend for 2008. I guess pope traffic wasn’t enough! I guess we’ll stick to less congested realms… maybe we can hit the eastern shore and lurk around the marine museum after my shots on Saturday.

Maybe check out some local farmers markets? (now that it’s season.. thanks for the hint, DCist!)

I just remembered to look this up – Sarcastic vs Sardonic

sarcastic = a cutting or ironic remark
sardonic = scornful or mocking

Trees– Vandalised trees reoriented, creating new landscapes and giving the trees a new reality.

Speaking of DCist – want to see the pope’s snappy red shoes ? ( I also dig the “We Love Our German Shepherd” sign.)

I didn’t realise that the rerelease of Tally Hall’s album has a few new tracks on it – I’ll have to see if I can chase down Mucka Blucka and Dream as MP3s, or snag ’em from Itunes.

[edit – THANK YOU for the drop of the music! :D]

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Two 19th century rhino horns stolen from a South African museum could be deadly if sold as a popular aphrodisiac because they are drenched in poison, a museum official said on Monday.

The “priceless” horns were snatched from a display at the historic mammal gallery in Cape Town on Saturday evening, said Jatti Bredekamp, chief executive of Iziko Museums.

“Unknowingly, the thieves have exposed themselves to more than the danger of arrest and prosecution,” Bredekamp said in a statement.

“Before the mid-twentieth century, taxidermy mounts were prepared by being soaked in arsenic and preserved from insect infestation through regular applications of DDT, both highly toxic poisons that retain their toxicity over time,” he said.

Bredekamp said the horns were deliberately targeted in a carefully planned robbery, and might be destined for Asia, where ground rhino horns are a prized aphrodisiac.

“This could have unforeseen consequences,” he said.

Rhino populations have fallen dramatically over the last few decades as poaching decimated the animals across Africa.

Bredekamp said museums worldwide were being targeted by organized crime to help supply lucrative markets with a wide range of artifacts. After a previous robbery attempt, South African museum officials removed several other specimens of rhino horn from public display, he said.

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