Ok, tomorrow through Tuesday, I do the 9-5 gig, covering for Dale. I had to today, too… because he had to swing by the school and pick up his son for medical reasons… I don’t know how serious it is yet.

I’m going to be a busy little bee, doing my own gig and his, but it’s certainly not breaking rocks at Leavenworth. It’s good that we have redundant skill sets at work, or nobody could ever take a break.

I’ve finished part C of my sweetie’s birthday present…. I think she’ll like ’em.

Lazy Man supper tonight… junky comfort food. Irradiated bean and cheese burritos, with a gentle sprinkling of tobasco…just like the kind I ate back in college.

Hey, darktrain! Moon Pies are 100 years old! To celebrate, they’re having a Moon Pies memory contest, and the grand prize is a three day / 2 night trip to Chattanooga, TN, $1000 cash, and a tour of the factory…Heck, I’d just be happy to get a T-shirt.

100 words or less… maybe I’ll enter a couple of times, with different memories. I wonder how fanciful we can get? “The Year was 1908, and this is how my Grandma said that she used moon pies to get women the vote.” or maybe “I am Zarkon, a humble and simple time-traveler. My Memory of Moon Pies takes place four hundred years in your future, from which I have just arrived. Without your magnificent confection, the world would not exist as I know it.”

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