weeping cherry tree
Made a new icon today, for tales of travelling and general outings.

Today has been gentle… took it off from work, and it has been a lovely day to do so. Soft rains coming down, comfortable atmosphere… poring over these old letters are fun.. contained in a small leather packet, there are some that have ben partially lost due to folding, or having been written in pencil, years ago.

My beloved gifted me with a poem that she wrote last night…from beauty comes beauty… like flame begetting flame. I’m still delighted, and have had warm fuzzies all day long because of it.

Reflecting on all the good things today… I’m really surrounded by so many blessings…I’m well fed, shod, loved, and loving. I have a job that helps to provide for my financial needs… disease free, literate and on the whole quite healthy. My only complaints are trivial, developmental or philosophical… I’m quite comfortable where I am now, and things are getting better daily.

I’ve reaffirmed something to myself recently…this is my journal, not one that belongs to anyone else on my friend’s list. Folks are welcome to come and go, and post what they please, as long as they keep a civil tongue… and if they are critical, they keep a civil, constructive tongue in their head. I’m quite happy with my new policy of “the people I read are like magazines (with a few exceptions)…I’m more than happy to cancel a subscription at any time, with no obligation”.

according to http://www.livejournal.com/stats.bml There are over 300,000 journals in here now, with about 1/4 of that updating at least once a week. I can hardly keep up with the 80 on my list now…I wonder how many excellent, intelligent writers out there I’m missing? (I can only guess at how many not so excellent, not-so-intelligent ones I’m missing… the random journal feature for me is officially marked lemon now. Interests seems to be the search feature of choice for me now.

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