Oh, man. I had a nightmare this morning about Newtie dying… and then read all about a bunch of humans and animals dying today. Three LJ entries, another person in Maryland shot…

I feel for anyone who loses a loved one or neighbor, regardless of how many legs they walk on. I had a giant taste of grief waking up this morning, and though it left quickly, it’s a thing that’s easily recalled.

I know that this sort of thing happens every day…but I don’t think about it daily. Who could, and be sensitive and thoughtful about the whole thing?

I only hope that when those that I love depart, they go knowing that they’re loved and will be remembered with good thoughts.

Tell someone that you care for how you feel today. Even if they know, I’m sure they won’t mind being reminded. I tell my sweetheart, my brother and Newt that I love them as often as I can.

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