Hearing my sweetheart laugh is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Fox’s “hidden camera” show is fantastic, too by the way.. if anything, it’s too short. They need to put on two-hour specials.

Relaxing now, unwinding before heading off to sleep.

Puttering around the web…

Licensed variants of Monopoly. In Monopoly, you buy properties and then charge people increasingly exorbitant amounts of money when they stay there. As board games go, it’s a workable metaphor. It doesn’t apply to everything though. I mean, you can’t build a hotel on Bulbasaur. It just doesn’t work.

True porn clerk stories… I wonder if christin can relate? This is an utterly fascinating journal about working in a porn shop. The author stays away from the usual “my wacky job” clichés, and instead writes with great humor and insight about not only the unusual customers and politics of renting porn, but also about the effects on herself, and how the experience has changed her. It’s a long set of entries, all remarkable and entertaining.

the Phobia list.

The Ace Doubles Paperback Image Library – ignore the ugly website design and savor the art of cheezy vintage paperbacks. Great illustrations, nifty titles, breathless story descriptions, crazy hand lettering … it’s all there.

100 Years of Jell-O ads.

nighty-night dear journal.

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