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10,079 – Saturday

Out for some “fresh air” as we’ve been cooped up for quite a spell. Visited chnaka – BHK picked up some circular knitting supplies and I got a lovely replacement for my lost glass monkey bead at bag-o-beads.

Then, we did a quick stop at Wal-Mart and got some valentine supplies – chocolate hearts and some buttons to go with BHK’s knits.

Visited Ledo’s (back next door to chnaka again – found out that buy one / get one free calzone night is the same evening as the Wednesday Knitting Circle – While we ate, (and for a bit after) we chatted with Veronica and Bill Frostbutter in the booth next to us. I like to think BHK and I will be much like them (after another 40 years or so have gone by – Veronica is a little Chatty-Cathy like BHK, and Bill is a more quiet, but friendly cohort… not unlike myself.) I think that Veronica and Bill Frostbutter should be our aliases sometime… awesome name.

We got home, and went to take care of little Stormy next door- and we proceeded to lock ourselves out of the house. Thankfully, I had the Naille’s keys on us, so we called the in-laws to let us out, while we played with little Stormy for a bit.

Of note to literati – You may flip through Poe manuscripts digitally! – http://research.hrc.utexas.edu/poedc/results.cfm?cat=1  The Edgar Allan Poe Digital Collection

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10,076 – Wednesday

BHK and I both hit the doctor today – augmentin for both of us – me, for my chest and ear issues, BHK for her congestion and infection issues. Hopefully, that will knock out what’s been in BHK’s system since new year’s, and mine in the last week or so.

Making the most of our holiday gift cards – breakfast at starbucks courtesy of Dave & Cathy – the chocolate-chip banana bread is *very* good.

After that, we hit safeway to pick up our meds… and gamestop for a used copy of  boom blox bash party (the other game we got – octomania was horrible beyond keeping.)

Duncan looks adorable in the scarf BHK made for him! (he looks adorable anyhow)

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9792 – Thursday

I just realized I missed Artomatic again this year, dang it. Third Time’s a charm, I guess!

Pictures from today – BHK taking a roughhouse with Newton Break, and I take a walk to stretch out my back and see baby ducks.


Mostly an at home day today. Worked on the garden, cleaning up, and work search. Thanks to Sean, I discovered sugar on a stick, which I’ll install to the first cheap flash drive I find. Looks like cute fun!

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9753 – sunday

We went to "kids at the farm" day w/ jay, duncan, sean, and Jay’s sister & nephew.

Jay’s sister is basically Flip Wilson’s Geraldine incarnate. I kid you not, dear journal.

After visiting the baby animals, we swung by the Lusby Mexico – the food there is still great, and the cost is cheap. Thank goodness for buy one/get one coupons! I suspect that Lusby’s cook is a smidgen better than the closer one.

Seen below – security tricycle from last weekend, annapolis police, a plant we’re trying to ID, dolly-doggie, monty-doggie, misc flowers, Maize lawn darts (Indian style!), oyster shells and a spine in a food refuse pile, totem pole head thingie, assorted huts, (a pano interior photo), scarecrows, bunnies, engine of destruction, goats, tiny pony, more bunnies, duck, more horses, activity for being a pig or a sheep, duncan, pelts, tractors and cows.




Picture 077

Picture 075

Picture 074

Picture 073

Pano - Picture 071 - 3753x3012 - SLIN - Blended Layer


Picture 070

Picture 069

Picture 067

Pano - Picture 066 - 5588x3711 - SLIN - Blended Layer

Picture 065

Picture 064

Pano - Picture 053 - 9262x6677 - SLIN - Blended Layer

Picture 052

Pano - Picture 051 - 3461x2380 - SLIN - Blended Layer

Picture 051

Picture 050

Picture 049

Picture 048

Picture 047

Picture 046

Pano - Picture 045 - 3670x2418 - SLIN - Blended Layer

Picture 045

Picture 044

Picture 043

Picture 042

Picture 041

Picture 040

Picture 039

Picture 036

Picture 024

Picture 021

Picture 020

Picture 019

Picture 018

Pano - Picture 017 - 2122x1815 - SLIN - Blended Layer

Picture 016

Picture 015

Picture 007

Picture 005

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9673 – Tuesday

I forgot to show the latest update to Larry’s homemade guitar. It’s truly a thing of beauty. He wet-sanded it to a high gloss, and it really makes the wood grain pop. He’s practically finished with it… I’m going to have to see what good deeds I’ll have to do to get him to make me a bass guitar to jam along with him. For that matter, I need to pick up the guitar and practice my chords some more. I figure I’ll have time to do more practice this summer, while BHK is studying for her exams.

Fw: Fwd: (no subject)

Back bothering me some more – My left hip and knee are bugging me, as well as more sciatica issues. Took the bus this morning, and I suspect that didn’t help too much.

Best part about getting to work this morning was that I saw Franklin! No treats for him today, but gave him some nice head scritchies. He’s a total little lover… if I knew of anyone in the DC/MD/VA area looking for a sweet cat, he’d be adopted. I haven’t seen the scaredy-cat girl kitty lately, but I suspect that she hides out if Franklin is anywhere nearby.

Random thoughts – I’m amazed that gay marriage is legal in Iowa, but not in California. Given that Arnold is the Gov, maybe there is more Right-wing thought there than I perceive.

When BHK picked me up at the train station tonight, there was a moment of snow … didn’t last long, but was just momentary enough to be a little fun. BHK thought it was cherry blossoms in the wind, until they melted on the hood of the love cube.

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Friday – Out-of-whack

1115081732, originally uploaded by scottobear.

Forgotten image taken by BHK on our trip to the Baltimore museum with Alice. I actually rather enjoyed the giant magnetic poetry room.

Still feeling a bit out-of-whack, but getting there. Did walkies today, and we made it to the post office, goodie shop, and candy store – maybe not the most healthy way to go for a nice constitutional, but I do love the sponge candy.

see also –




out of whack (comparative more out of whack, superlative most out of whack)

1. (idiomatic) (generally) Wrong, broken; specifically:
1. Not in proper balance; unbalanced.

our priorities have gotten out of whack

2. Not in proper alignment.

the floor is so out of whack that the door hits it when opened

3. Not working or operating properly.

banged up left knee is out of whack

Alternative spellings

* out-of-whack

Usage notes

* The unhyphenated spelling is usually used predicatively, and the hyphenated spelling usually occurs when the phrase appears before the word it modifies.

Friday 9398 –

I neglected to mention that the love cube (our Honda element) is now repaired… they replaced the whole hood – BHK think that it may be from a different model, and she might be right. I haven’t seen any good photos of 2006 vs other element hoods online yet, but we’ll get to the bottom of it, if it requires us to go to a car lot somewhere and look in person.

Last night at about 5:30ish, there was a storm that knocked out power to both Chesapeake Beach and North Beach… not to mention the surrounding towns, too. No juice means no oven, and since I was still dressed from work, I figured it’d be nice to take BHK out to dinner, seeing as she’s been craving meatballs all day. We tried Ledos, Asia Cafe and Mama Lucia’s north to no avail.. apparently everyone else had the same idea about eating out… even mexico was too mobbed, so we continued onwards to Mama Lucia’s south – The service was a bit on the weak side until BHK politely asked the waitress (while I was washing my hands in the men’s room) . Service improved after that…. we got home and both towns were still dark, save for places with generators.

I used the flashlight on my key chain to get us inside, and we lit a few rechargeable candle-style lamps for some ambient light. We have access to a lot of battery-powered light – cell phones, pda, laptops, flashlights… I think we could go days without running totally out of lamp-juice. That said – I want to recharge the candle-lights, since we hadn’t done them fully beforehand.The emergency flashlight and radio lit up the bathroom area nicely as a night lite – we opened the bedroom windows and went to bed, hoping that the heat wouldn’t be too bad… it wasn’t… but poor BHK didn’t sleep very well… I was snoring big time, as the CPAP runs on juice, too. Next time, I’ll bring the UPS from the computer room in to run it.

So, power was restored at about 2am this morning, and we were all able to get an hour or two’s rest before it was time for me to get up and get rolling to work. I hope to catch a little nap sometime tomorrow in order to try and catch up.

See also – BHK’s version of what happened –


Today is Chris and Larry’s 33rd wedding anniversary, and plans are to hit Selby Sub Shop for a nice little nosh. We’ve got to pick up a lemon meringue pie and sneakily get it past the parental guards.

The longest service disruption in Netflix history has apparently been resolved, with normal service resuming today. The company will compensate affected customers by adding a 15% credit automatically to their next bill. via Physorg

Random pictures from the pyecam archive. of particular interest to me are the leaping/motion ones. No special preference is being given to Newt – he just goes on cam more.

pyecam (07.39 AM Aug 11, 2008). pyecam (09.03 AM Aug 10, 2008).pyecam (04.09 PM Aug 09, 2008).pyecam (04.37 PM Aug 10, 2008).

The above are all shots of the boys leaping to the top tier of the cat tower.

pyecam (05.49 PM Aug 11, 2008). pyecam (03.40 PM Jul 22, 2008). pyecam (11.15 AM Jul 26, 2008). pyecam (10.27 AM Aug 06, 2008).
Stetchy / yawny shots

pyecam (12.43 PM Aug 05, 2008).pyecamnewt squint.pyecam (06.48 AM Aug 14, 2008)pyecam (05.02 PM Aug 13, 2008).

pyecam (11.35 AM Aug 08, 2008).pyecam (11.45 AM Aug 08, 2008). pyecam (12.38 PM Aug 13, 2008).pyecam (04.10 PM Aug 06, 2008).

pyecam (08.09 AM Aug 11, 2008).

Sleepy Shots

pyecam (11.12 AM Aug 13, 2008).pyecam (11.15 AM Aug 13, 2008).pyecamclean2.pyecamclean.

pyecam (03.25 PM Aug 13, 2008).pyecam (01.28 PM Aug 13, 2008).pyecam (04.19 PM Aug 13, 2008).
Bath shots.

pyecamsleepy.pyecam (06.14 AM Aug 07, 2008).pyecam. pyecamear fluff.
pyecam (07.26 AM Aug 13, 2008).

pyecam (02.27 PM Jul 24, 2008). pyecam (02.33 PM Aug 02, 2008).pyecam (03.09 PM Aug 12, 2008).
peeky stuffs

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9392- Saturday –

Went to Aardvark and picked up Mosquito, Humans!!, and Toledo (BHK got comics – Archies 60’s and Archies 70s, to go with her 80’s book… and NYX.)

Mike kindly threw in a Zombie Fluxx flamethrower expansion pack… and we got a 1,2,5! card, too! I was surprised that we hadn’t gotten that promo in the mail from the Looney Labs directly yet.. I’m glad Aardvark is looking out for us! May hang out with Mike & Tara sometime – brought ’em veggies from the garden – pickle salad recipes.

Went to the other Mexico restaurant… *that’s* where the chef went! Food was great, and the decor was really sweet, too. It’s usually a 7-8 at the other place, it was maybe a 8-9 at this location – a little hard to find from the road… there’s another Mexican restaurant coming up on the corner – I fear that might mean trouble for Mexico’s Lusby site.

While we were there, we spotted a neat kit-tricycle vehicle – see photos below. click to embiggen.

S6302127. S6302126. S6302125. S6302124. S6302123

We got home, and crashed out.. both BHK and I have been really fatigued lately… summer heat? I’m sure I left something out – I’ll leave it to BHK to remind me.

Until Later, Dear journal.

Elephant painters!

A million decapitated Darth Vader heads, artistically decorated.

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9308 – Friday –

I haven’t been recalling my dreams lately. Less fitful sleep, but I wake up with a cough and some nausea most mornings. BHK made some yummy soup last night, but I wasn’t up to much eating for one reason or another. Maybe I’m getting a little cold or something?

Watched the last two episodes of house… the finale was pretty sad stuff… but I dn’t know how much I go in for the pseudo-surreal hypnoscapes and memory retrieval elements… and the fact that nobody checked out the jane doe was a pretty weak plot point, given the other in-depth review of the case.

Put an order in for Hive and the Mosquito expansion at Aardvark – it should be in by June 12 (a little under a week)! A little expensive, but the bakelite pieces will endure a long time.

Maybe I’ll make some out of glow in the dark fimo… or do variant pieces with other bugs. How would a ladybug move… or what might a lightning bug be able to do to switch up the game?

I already fear BHK will toast me at the game… she’s got a good mind for some of these logic puzzle hex territory things.. like hazienda.

Playing it online is fun, but I love the feedback of face to face and handling the game pieces. Plus, if the power goes out, you’re still set. (With the exception of pente and go I prefer most all games offline.) I first coded a version of pente for my good ol’ atari ST back in the day… the AI was weak, but not terrible. I think that I’ve learned a few more strategies since then, but there is no lack of humans to play with… and there are better AIs out there, too.

These free paper foldables are pretty keen. The cat in the vet collar is particularly inspired.

Bambi II: Oh yes… there will be blood. (thank [info]theweaselking)

L. Ron Hubbard’s 5 Most Impressive Lies (Besides Scientology)

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9302 – Monday

BHK and I may go see The Fall tonight… I also I really want to see Son of Rambow before it leaves the theaters, too. We’ll see how we feel after dinner.

So.. it’s June already! Second day and so far, so good. Maybe we’ll buy a bicycle today!

Walrus man sent me this, to add to the coloring book community



via robin laws

A bachelor in the Japanese town of Kasuya, concerned that he was the victim of serial burglary, installed security cameras in his home. Instead he discovered that a woman had been living on the top shelf of his closet for over a year.

An enormous Antarctic iceberg will be known as “Melting Bob” after being named by a Hampshire schoolboy.

From ABC News:

A University of Melbourne team has broken new ground, extracting genes from the extinct tasmanian tiger and bringing them back to life in another living creature.

The team put the thylacine DNA into a mouse embryo in what the university’s Dr Andrew Pask says is the first time DNA from an extinct species has been used “to induce a functional response in another living organism.”

The thylacine DNA reproduced in the mouse’s body and showed biological function, reviving hopes that the tiger may one day be successfully cloned.

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9274 – Saturday

Shots, and off to southern states to grab a couple of pepper plants – saw an adorable pair of kids. Little girl in riding pants and very friendly, and her little brother who reminded me of JD at 6 years old. We also picked up some thistle seed for the finches (so Pye and Newt have a little outside wildlife to watch)


After that a lovely church wine and craft show… We got a Christmas ornament with a pair of origami cranes (cherry blossom pattern paper) inside of a rounded cube…. and a lovely packet of bake sale goodies. Aggression cookies (oatmeal), molasses and chocolate chip.


Episcopal church had the following on the bulletin board:

The comedian Robin Williams is an Episcopalian, and he has created a funny “Top Ten” List of reasons to be an Episcopalian.


10. No snake handling.

9. You can believe in dinosaurs.

8. Male and female, God created them; male and female, we ordain them.

7. You don’t have to check your brains at the door.

6. Pew aerobics.

5. Church year is color coded!

4. Free wine on Sunday.

3. All of the pageantry, none of the guilt.

2. You don’t have to know how to swim to get baptized.

And the number one reason for being an Episcopalian:

1. No matter what you believe, there’s bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you.

I can dig that.


After the Church shindig, we Shakespeare on the Boardwalk – Much ado about nothing. TM’s neighbor Kevin was in it, as was Guppy (twin beach players )


after a bit of local and classic culture, we headed home to catch up with The Office and My Name is Earl.


Added a syndicated feed of BHK’s favorite meteorolgist – Kim Martucci – I should notify Kim that she’s being syndicated here, just so she knows to check. It’s not a full feed, just a clip and a link to the main site – which is *quite* active and colorful, if you follow my fonts. Her journal gave BHK a quickie girl-crush on Kim.

also via BHK –

Artist made a plastic whale skeleton from plastic deck chairs! Also made recreations of native ceremonial masks out of Nike shoes—-pretty cool art!”

Friday Five on a Saturday –

1. Who do you adore?
BHK, Newton and Pye

2. Who adores you?
BHK, Newton and Pye

3. What’s in your pockets?
Wallet holding a red thread, trinkets, petty cash and ID, inhaler, keys

4. Who can you talk with for hours?
BHK, Danny, GP and Kat (haven’t in a long time, though), Dave, Kev… most nice people with common interests, I guess!

5. What sounds great today?
Playtime with the family!

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